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Ministerio das Financas

Ministerio das Financas

Employment Opportunities

All vacancies in the Ministry oF Finance
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Name: Type: Deadline: Downloads:
Investment Strategy Adviser (International) for Petroleum Fund Administration Unit N/A 30 April 2014 English |  Portuguese |  Tetum |  Indonesian
Deputy Coordinator,Major Project Secretariat (MPS) and Coordinator Public Finance Management Capacity Building Centre N/A 05 May 2014 English |  Portuguese |  Tetum |  Indonesian

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EIROS GROUP – Presija Urjenti – CD 19 de Abril de 2014

 Eiros Group

Eiros Group

Vagas Urjenti


Eiros Group nebe tinan 10 (sanulu) ona halao ninia misaun iha area kapasitasaun hanesan Education, Training, Recruiting no Consulting, loke vaga urujenti ba pozisaun mak hanesan tuir mai nee:

  1. Xefe Departamentu Administrasaun Jeral no Finansas (Re-Advertise) (Vaga ida)
  2. Formador ba MYOB no Software Kontabilidade Seluk (Re-Advertise) (Vaga ida)
  3. Eng. Architectura (Vaga ida)



  1. Nivel edukasaun minimu Diploma III, ba Pozisaun Formador.
  2. Feto ho Mane idade  minimu 25 anos ba leten.
  3. Iha Transporte Privadu no iha karta kondusaun ka SIM
  4. Esperensia servisu nebe relevante ba vagas, minimu tinan 2 (rua).
  5. Abilidade iha lian Ingles ho Portuguesa, koalia no hakerek ho diak.
  6. Prontu servisu iha presaun nia okos.




Data hatama dokumentus hahu dia, 14 de Abril  – 19 de April de 2014, oras servisu (08: 00 to’o 17:30)

Ba ita bo’ot sira nebe interesante bele hatama dokumentus hanesan Karta Aplikasaun, Curiculum Vitae (CV), inklui dokumentus nebe relevantes, ba iha:




Avenida Americo Thomas T120, Mandarin Dili, Timor-Leste

Telemovel : +670 77235838, 75478578, 73320885









CVTL iha planu atu hala’o konstruksaun ba Edifísiu Sede CVTL Filiál  nian iha Distritu Viqueque, Suco Carau-Balu, Aldeia Mamulac, no Planu konstruksaun fíziku sei hahú hosi fulan-Juñu 2014 nia laran.

Ba Kompañia sira ne’ebé mak rejístu ona iha Distritu Viqueque, atu partisipa no bele prienxe formatu konabá lista Pré-kualifikasaun ba tenderizasaun nian ne’ebé CVTL prepara tiha ona, no sei fó informasaun konabá tenderizasaun nian ba  Kontratór sira.


Ba Kontratór sira ne’ebé mak iha Interese bele mai foti Formuláriu Pré-kualifikasaun ida-ne’e, iha Sede Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) Filiál Viqueque.



Data / Loron hahu Foti Dokumentus :


Data                            : 10 Fulan-Abril  2014.

Horas                          : 09:00AM - 12 :00PM to’o 14 :00PM – 17 :00 PM


Data / Loron ikus hatama Dokumentus :


Data                            : 16 Fulan-Abril  2014.

Horas                          : 09:00AM – 12:00PM to’o 14:00PM – 17 :00 PM


Detallus dokumentu konabá kompañia nian CVTL sei la fó fila no ami sei rai iha Sede CVTL nian.


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PDHJ-UNDP-Technical Mentor (Data Analyst and Knowledge management for the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice)-CD 21 April 2013.




Basic Position Information 
Job Title: Technical Mentor (Data Analyst and Knowledge management for the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice)Location: Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice, Dili, Timor Leste

Start Date : April 2014

Languages (essential) : Tetun English

Languages  (advantage): Portuguese


Organizational Background


The PDHJ was established through the National Parliament’s  Law No. 7/2004 in compliance with the 2002 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of East-Timor stipulating the establishment of an “an independent organ in charge of examining and seeking to settle citizens’ complaints against public bodies, preventing and initiating the whole process to remedy injustice”. The PDHJ is an independent national human rights institution which has a mandate to cover human rights, good governance / maladministration. The purpose of the PDHJ is to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms of natural and legal persons throughout the national territory and prevent maladministration.  The PDHJ serves therefore two different but linked mandates, namely as the National Human Rights Institution of Timor-Leste and the Ombudsman. Within its two areas, it discharges its mandate within a three activities-approach: education and promotion, prevention or monitoring and investigation (based on complaints or based on its own initiative).The competencies, powers and duties of the Provedor are set out in Chapter IV of the Statute. The PDHJ has the powers to receive complaints; investigate and inquire into matters under his or her competence; to visit any place of detention, treatment or care in order to inspect the conditions therein and conduct a confidential interview of the persons in detention; to refer a complaint to a competent jurisdiction or another recourse mechanism; seek leave of the National Parliament to appear before a court, arbitration tribunal or an administrative enquiry commission; act as a mediator or conciliator; make recommendations for redress in complaints brought before him or her, notably by proposing remedies and reparations; provide advice including opinions, proposals and recommendations for the purpose of improving respect for human rights and good governance by the entities within his or her jurisdiction; report to the National Parliament in relation to the findings of an investigation or in relation to his or her recommendations.


UNDP/OHCHR Capacity Development Project


The UNDP, together with OHCHR, has established a project that supports the institutional capacity building of the PDHJ to ensure its effectiveness in developing and implementing programmes in accordance with its mandate.  The project is a comprehensive and long-term capacity building effort, extending support to both substantive/technical and operational functions of the PDHJ, through the provision of training and mentoring support, the development of internal systems as well as the design of knowledge management products.  Project activities are carried out in close coordination with all stakeholders, under the guidance of the Project Steering Committee.


To support the design of its programme, the Project has already undertaken a capacity assessment of the PDHJ, including a specific capacity assessment of its good governance mandate and the role of the regional offices.


In implementing many of its activities, including training programmes, the Project has often searched for support from other development partners and peer institutions who have specific technical knowledge in the relevant area. Joint training programmes have already been implemented in partnership with UNICEF, ILO, IOM, international and national NGOs, and other development partners.


This umbrella capacity building project is expected to be concluded in the end of 2014. Efforts are being made to support the PDHJ in improving its capacity to design and implement its own capacity development efforts. Ad Hoc support from development partners will also be essential to ensure that the PDHJ has the ability to continue developing its capacities.


PDHJ Monitoring System


The Project has cooperated with the PDHJ this year in the design of a new monitoring system for use by both Human Rights and Good Governance Directorates. This system aims at ensuring that the PDHJ meets commitments made in the Strategic Plan 2011-2020, specifically that the PDHJ has the capacity and independence to implement its mandate as well as increasing state compliance with human rights and good governance principles.


The new system has been designed around 4 main stages; pre-monitoring, monitoring, post monitoring and follow-up monitoring. Each of these stages comprises several key activities that must be conducted before the Monitoring Team can proceed to the next stage of the process. The pre-monitoring stage consists of collecting relevant data, analysing it through the use of the PDHJ’s violations factsheets, developing relevant indicators and consulting with relevant institutions and civil society organisations to gather opinions on what focus the monitoring should take. Upon identification of possible violations to monitor for, the monitoring team creates a preliminary assessment of the issue as well as a monitoring plan which the Monitoring Management Committee (MCM) evaluates to decide whether field monitoring will take place or not.


PDHJ Knowledge Management systems


In 2011 the PDHJ, with the assistance of the Project, began work on improving the case and complaints management system within the PDHJ. This has led to the development of an electronic case management system (e-CMS) now in use by the Directorate of Public Assistance and the Human Rights and Good Governance Investigators Departments. Following the success of the e-CMS, the PDHJ asked the Project for assistance in developing a knowledge management system through which all PDHJ material such as reports, templates and internal and public documents will be stored. This system, as well as a new training and promotion database will complete the Project’s capacity development efforts covering the output of improved knowledge management systems to the PDHJ.  The training and promotion database has been designed already and is expected to be fully operation by May 2014 while the Knowledge Management system, based on open source software is in the initial stages of development after consultations between the PDHJ Library Department, Raoul Wallenberg Institution and UNDP/OHCHR Project. The deadline for the completion of the new Knowledge Management system is September 2014.



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CARE TL-HR Assistant-CD 15 April 2014

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste – CITL


Department                       : Human Resource Unit

Position                               : HR Assistant

Duty Station                     : Dili with travel to districts when required

Report to                             : HR Manager

Contract period               : 1 year with extension possibility


Position summary:

The Human Resources Assistant assists with the administration of day to day operation in the human resources function and duties. HR Assistant carries out the responsibilities in some or all of the following management areas: employee relation, administration, leave management, recruitment, payroll and orientation.


Specific duties and responsibilities:

  1. HR Management
  • Maintain the monthly staffing list.
  • Process the recruitment (advertisement, collect the CV etc).
  • Prepare the contract for the staff
  • Process the payroll include prepare the payroll reconciliation
  • Manage the leave entitlement
  • Process the Personal Accident Insurance to NITL
  • Monitoring  and update the tracking sheet for Health Allowance
  • Assist the staff to apply the HR Manual correctly and consistently
  • Maintain the personal file of the staff
  • Provide support to HR Manager as necessary.


  1. Others
  • Prepare the monthly time sheet for the International staff
  • Socialize and implement the HR Manual and any update
  • Facilitate the orientation to new staff if required
  • Filing the HR documents


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TUBA RAI METIN- Finance Manager (FM) Position



Kaebauk Investimentu no Finansa, SA (KIF) is a proposed entity of Tuba Rai Metin for its operations after ODTI permission. It is a Microfinance Organization that serves mainly Timorese women and small businesses and helping financial inclusion process much needed in the country.

Currently we are looking for the candidate for a Finance Manager (FM) Position, with the fallowing Job Responsibility, Qualification and Experience:

About the Job: S/he will be responsible for providing complete leadership for all aspects related managing financial and accounting aspects through team of over 20 persons.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Keeping track of all financial & accounting transactions and records & reports
  • Ensuring compliances of all policies relating to financial management, financial controls, and risk;
  • Supervise the accounting system and process;
  • Ensure compliance to regulators, auditors, liquidity risks, ALM , other financial risks etc
  • Ensuring following the international standards of accounting and                                    transparencies.
  • Consolidate daily cash closing statements and at least monthly branch general ledgers and loan portfolio reports with accuracy and according to deadlines.
  • Prepare and track annual budgets
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the CEO.

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Plan International in Timor-Leste-Human Resources Assistant-CD 25 April 2014

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste 


Vacancy Announcement: Human Resources Assistant



The Human Resources assistant assists with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the human resources functions and duties. The HR assistants carries out responsibilities such as recruitment and induction process of new hire, HR Administration and provide a quality HR service to the staff in accordance with Plan’s Standards and complying with Plan’s corporate policies and procedures.



Indicators for Success


Human Resource general management

  • Conduct the administrative work on the Human Resources management. Manage the filing of personnel information. Prepare the correspondence on the HR matters
  • Manage the local database for staff attendance and provide summary report to respective managers
  • Under the guidance of HR Coordinator, update the HR Information System (HRIS)
  • Prepare the contract of the consultant, casuals, temporary staff with the input from respective managers


Recruitment and induction of new staff

  • Process the recruitment of new staff, including advertisement, interview and contract preparation.
  • Arrange the induction process for new hire
  • Do the administration of the new hire in the HR Information System (HRIS). Facilitate HRIS training/induction to new hire

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Ministerio do Petroleo e Recursos Minerais (MPRM)-Bolso de Estudo – CD 30 de Abril de 2014

Ministério do Petróleo e Recursos Minerais (MPRM)

Ministério do Petróleo e Recursos Minerais (MPRM)




Ministério do Petróleo e Recursos Minerais (MPRM) oferese tan Bolsu Estudu ba Programa hasa’e kapasidade Lian Inglesh ba 4 etapa, iha St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore-India durante fulan 10.

Kriteriu ba programa ne’e presiza kandidatu ne’ebé akaba ona Lisensiatura (S1) ou Mestradu (S2) iha area Teknik Kimia, Geofisika, Hukum, Geologi, Teknik Perminyakan,Teknik Lingkungan,Teknik Pertambangan, Akuntansi, no mos Teknik Industri.

Dokumentus ne’ebé presiza mak hanesan tuir mai:

1. Curiculum Vitae (CV)

2. Sertifikadu Lisensiatura & Transkrip Nilai (Legalizadu)

3. Foto Kopia Kartaun Eleitoral

4. Atestádu Médiku

Ba sira ne’ebé iha interese bele lori dokumentus mai iha :

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PRADET-Manager Admin and Finance-CD 11 April 2014





PRADET provides psychosocial services to people experiencing mental illness, trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking. PRADET is currently seeking to recruit a Manager for Admin and Finance with the position summary as follows;

Assist the Director to plan, develop and manage PRADET’s programs by supporting the operational activities of the organization including oversight of Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Logistics. The role requires the ability to think systematically and make high level decisions and involves a high degree of coordination, including supervision of staff, liaison and consultation with key staff in PRADET, and participation in some external forums, committees and interagency coordination meetings representing PRADET.
Minimum Qualifications/other requirements;

* Tertiary qualification

* Proven skills in program planning and management

* Minimum 3 years experience in managing admin, finance and human resource work including supervising staff

* Excellent organisational, diplomatic and reporting skills

* Excellent liaison and negotiation skills;

* Strong communication skills (verbal and written) within a cross cultural environment;

* Excellent Tetum or Indonesian language skills essential. Demonstrated ability to speak and write in English


Please submit your Resume and Cover Letter to:


Please obtain position description through PRADET website; or you can obtain it directly from Human Resource Unit at the PRADET office in HNGV.

If you need any further information please contact to -332 1562 / 7725 4597

Deadline for submitting application is April 11th, 2014

International Labour Organization – Timor-Leste – 5 Positions – CD 17 April 2014

ILO-TL Office

ILO-TL Office

International Labour Organization – Timor-Leste

 Roads for Development Program (R4D)




Vacancy for 5 Positions of Assistant Regional Engineer (UN Salary Scale NOA)

As the received response to the original vacancy announcement of 25 March 2014 was only partially successful, the positions are herewith re-advertised. Interested candidates who already submitted their application are requested not to apply.


Duty Station: Dili (1), Baucau (1), Maliana (1), Same (1) and PanteMakasar (1)

Duration: Starting date 2nd June 2014, initially for a period of 12 months.


R4D is the Government of Timor Leste’s leading national Rural Roads Development and Capacity Building Program, implemented through the Ministry of Public Works, with financial assistance from the Australian Government and technical assistance from ILO.


To support its five international Regional Engineers, R4D intends to recruit five Timorese Assistant Regional Engineers to assist and support the international Regional Engineers in all the aspects of their work. This includes district-level coordination and planning, the implementation of surveys, the preparation of designs and costs estimates, tendering for works, the provision of training to local contractors and staff of the Ministry of Public Works, site supervision, quality control, monitoring and reporting.


Applicants should have a university degree in civil engineering and at least 5 years of relevant working experience, of which at least 3 years in the (rural) roads sector. Experience with the management of contractors is required. Experience as a trainer is an advantage. Candidates should have a good command of spoken and written English and should have good communication skills and knowledge of computer applications. Candidates should have a valid motorbike driving license and be able to drive a motorcycle in difficult terrain/road conditions. It is expected that the Assistant Roads Engineer will have to spend 60-80% in the field.


Interested candidates can contact Mrs. Irene Teresa Vicente da Cruz ( or Mrs. Elvia Mesquita ( to obtain the detailed Terms of Reference for the positions. Applications should be sent by email or in a sealed envelope to Mrs. Irene da Cruz or Mrs. Elvia Mesquita (ILO Office Caicoli, UN Obrigado Barracks, ( or, mentioning “Application for R4D Assistant Regional Engineer – Re-advertisement”. Applications should include a motivation letter, a detailed and updated Curriculum Vitae and the names and positions of at least three references. The deadline for the submission of applications is 17 April 2014, 5:00 pm. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview and a test.