UNDP-Project Officer for Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Management in TL-CD 20/12/2012


Are you enthusiastic and committed to development in Timor-Leste and interested in a career within the UN system?  If so, UNDP is keen to hear from you.  We have a number of well paid positions with excellent benefits.  UNDP is committed to helping you develop your potential by providing great training and education opportunities for your future career advancement at national and international levels.

All application should be submitted together with completed P11 attached here.

 Vacancy Information  Closing Date Details
Project Officer for Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Management in Timor Leste Thursday, 20 December 2012 Liga-Me

Recruitment Principles

Five principles guide all recruitment and selection in UNDP:

  • Competition: a visible competitive process which aims to attract high quality candidates for all vacancies;
  • Fairness: all candidates, irrespective of gender, race and background, are assessed in the same manner;
  • Objectivity: all recruitment and selections are conducted with professional rigor, with candidates measured against clearly articulated criteria and job competencies;
  • Transparency: the selection criteria and process are transparent to all applicants;
  • Accountability: hiring managers and hiring units will have greater direct input into recruitment and selection decisions, matched by greater accountability for those decisions and the processes leading up to them.