MERCY CORPS – Duas Pocicoes – 23 de Junho de 2017


MERCY CORPS IS LOOKING FOR NATIONAL CANDIDATES FOR THE FOLLOWING 2 POSITIONS. Interested applicant can send CV and Cover Letter no later than 23 June 2017 to email or send it directly to Mercy Corps office at Rua deTravesa (next to NCBA/CCT Clinic), Bidau – Lecidere Dili, Timor-Leste.We strongly encourage women to apply.



Mercy Corps is a leading global humanitarian agency saving and improving lives in the world’s toughest places. With a network of experienced professionals in more than 40 countries, we partner with local communities to put bold ideas into action and help people recover, overcome hardship and build better lives – now, and for the future. In Timor-Leste, Mercy Corps works nationwide with communities ensuring a stable supply of food, better nutrition and higher incomes, increased access to financial services, and enabling those most vulnerable to withstand and recover from disasters.

1. Operations Manager


The Operations Department is responsible for all Procurement, Administration, and Logistic functions for Mercy Corps in Timor-Leste. Its primary function is to provide these services in an excellent and timely manner to our full portfolio of programs, ensuring Mercy Corps’ internal, as well as donor rules and regulations relating to procurement, administration and logistics are respected and adhered to. The Operations Department works closely with three other critical departments to make up the Support Team: the Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) Departments.


The Operations Manager oversees and is responsible for the Operations Department. Specifically, s/he is accountable for all procurement, administrative and logistics functions. The Operations Manager reports to the Country Director. S/he directly leads and supervises the Procurement, Logistics, and Administration officers and assistants as per the Operations Department organizational chart. The Operations Manager is part of the Senior Management Team (SMT) for Mercy Corps in Timor-Leste. As the most senior Operations Team Member, s/he is responsible for ensuring all operations functions executed across Mercy Corps in Timor-Leste are of the highest caliber, timely and adhere to relevant published organizational, donor and government of Timor-Leste rules and regulations, and good common sense.

The Operations Manager’s performance is directly measured against Mercy Corps compliance to these rules and regulations; the overall performance of the Operations Team in executing the above tasks in a timely, excellent and sensible manner; and the extent to which the Operations Manager successfully delegates responsibilities to other members of her/his team.


The Operations Manager:

Ensures timely, excellent, compliant and sensible procurement, administration and logistics systems and services are always available, accessible and designed to meet program needs;
Leads and supervises the Procurement, Logistics, and Administration team and individuals as per the Operations Department organizational chart;
Actively participates in and coordinates closely with the Senior Management Team (SMT) and Support Team ensuring that the collective Support Team are oriented to and meeting the needs of our full range and portfolio of programs;
Ensures all members of the Operations Team are continuously trained, understand and adhere to relevant published organizational, donor and government rules and regulations, and good common sense; and adapts or develops new trainings, systems, tools and templates when pertinent solutions are required but do not readily exist;
More broadly, ensures the capacity of the personnel of her/his department are continuously built through a combination of mentoring, coaching and feedback mechanisms, including a minimum of yearly performance evaluations, work plans and professional development plans;
Delegates responsibilities to team members as appropriate;
Ensures procurement systems and services are fully compliant with relevant Mercy Corps, donor and government of Timor-Leste rules and regulations, maximizing efficiency and common sense, and are always timely resulting in high caliber goods and services;
Ensures effective and timely oversight of all aspects of inventory management, including primary and secondary logistics and transportation, warehousing and similar storage management, stock control and detailed record keeping and reporting.
Ensures all facilities, offices, equipment and other assets are well looked after, always accounted for, kept in excellent working order, and when any issues are found, s/heensures they are reported and resolved in a timely and effective manner;
Ensures our fleet, generators and other equipment are tracked, well maintained and in excellent working order. S/he ensures documentation is kept orderly and well communicated to the SMT.
Ensures broken things get immediately fixed, and if a systemic problem is resulting in repeated damage or danger, s/he identifies, communicates, proposes and follows through until the issue is resolved or durable fix is implemented;
Ensures Mercy Corps and its interest are always prioritized and protected, especially concerning liability and leverage, when developing, reviewing and proposing contracts and agreements where Mercy Corps is a signing or otherwise obligated party;
Ensures any registrations, leases, contracts, insurances, etc are continuously tracked and their status communicated to the SMT. S/he ensures no unintended gaps in coverage occur;
Ensures a timely, efficient, accountable and well-communicated travel system is place at all times and in all offices;
As the Safety Focal Point, ensures potential risks and vulnerabilities to the organization, its staff and partners are identified, analyzed and mitigating measures proposed and put in place;
Ensures effective and timely liaising with embassies and government departments regarding visas, documents accreditation, customs clearances, and other services;
Ensures visitors to any Mercy Corps office, guest house, field set, etc are well informed and prepared for, looked after, and safe during their time under Mercy Corps’ care
Conducts him/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.
Other duties as assigned.
SUPERVISES: Team Members as set out in the Operations Department organizational chart
REPORTS TO: Country Director
WORKS WITH: Senior Management Team (Director of Programs, Finance, HR, MERL and Program Managers)

1. Proven ability to effectively and efficiently solve problems
2. Excellent communicator.
3. Excellent writing and verbal communications skills in English. Fluent in
4. A minimum of four years’ experience in administrative or operational
support functions with a humanitarian non-governmental organization
and/or private company.
5. Experience managing administration, procurement, logistic, and/or
warehouse systems.
6. Demonstrated ability to be well organized, prioritize, meet deadlines and
generally deliver excellence under intense circumstances.
7. Excellent computers skills in Microsoft Office Suite, namely Word, Excel,
Outlook, database management experience a plus.
8. Demonstrated leadership working both independently and cooperatively in
team members.


Mature and strong desire to bring impactful and sustained development to the people of Timor-Leste through supporting challenging and innovative programs and program delivery, often under difficult conditions. Hungry to solve challenging problems and a burning desire to play a leading role in fixing broken things and maximizing performance of otherwise underperforming systems, no matter how small or big. Great communicator, broker and initiative taker. Wonderful and enduring sense of humor.


2. Human Resources Assistant


The Human Resources Department (HRD) is responsible for the management of human resources for Mercy Corps in Timor-Leste. The HRD is critical in the achievement of MC’s program objectives by facilitating the overall recruitment, remuneration, orientation and development of all national team members. The HRD is service-oriented and a strategic partner for the rest of the organization.


The Human Resources Assistant (HRA) reports to and assists the Human Resources Manager (HRM) ensuring Human Resources functions to support the staffing needs. S/he assists the HRM to ensure the HR department is able to properly implement HR procedures in country. S/he ensures compliance with donor regulations as well as Mercy Corps’ internal policies and procedures. S/he helps the HRM build the capacity of all team members across all offices. S/he supports the HRM to bring efficiency and the highest quality in HR procedures.


Recruitment, Selection and Placement.
Work with HRM to ensure all hiring requests are complete according to Recruiting Policies and Procedures of Mercy Corps;
Assists HRM recruit a diverse range of qualified applicants for all national position vacancies and internships in a timely and cost-effective manner following all required steps. Assists the HRM and other team members with advertisement, shortlisting of CVs and developing interview questionnaires;
Assist in the exit process for staff departing Mercy Corps is conducted in line with the HR policies and Mercy Corps requirements;

Assist HRM to organize and help with the onboarding process for new hires.
Assist the orientation for each newly hired national and expatriate staff with respect to HR policies and procedures, including remuneration, benefits, and the organizational “work ethic”;
Assist in the development and implementation of consistent systems of new staff induction and service requests between HR and other departments;
Assist HRM with providing new hires MC ID card, email and all relevant documents upon starting their positions. This includes signing of a Job Description, contract, policies and procedures especially the National Staff Handbook and Security Manual.
Assist training of new staff on timesheet procedures;

Human Resource Management
Maintains personnel and job files to the required level in line with Mercy Corps rules and regulations, including recruitment documents, CVs, valid contracts, Personnel Action Forms (PAFs), timesheets, leave days, employee data sheets, disciplinary papers and annual performance evaluations;
Assists in the performance review processes ensuring they are completed on time and with quality results, including supporting supervisors on how to properly conduct and track the evaluation processes;
Assists HRM to revise salary scale and participate in regular national salary surveys in order to ensure that that salaries and benefits are competitive within the market;
Work closely with the HRM making sure HR services are provided on time, with high quality and compliant with policies and manuals;
Responsible for facilitating visas and other legal documentation for Mercy Corps staff;
Assists HRM and program managers to make sure that org charts are updated on regular basis;
Assists the HR Manager, other Department Heads and Program Managers to identify and, if necessary, design internal staff trainings, pre-/post-tests, participant lists, etc for all internal trainings, including ensuring participant lists for all internal trainings are completed, added to Personnel Files and lists filed in the appropriate way;
Assist HRM distribute and collect completed employee timesheets as per organizational policy;
Responsible for maintaining supply of all HR documents, templates, etc and making them available for all MC Timor-Leste staff;
Maintain confidentiality of all staff personnel issues including disciplinary procedures and contracts/ pay rates;

Policies and Manuals
Assists the HRM to update the National Employee Handbook in line with latest Labor Law and clarify as necessary with staff;
Assists HRM to monitor HR related laws, policies and “best practices” to ensure that personnel policies, employment practices, and compensation packages are within the limits of established guidelines, procedures, and policies of Mercy Corps and national laws;
Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission;
Other duties as assigned.

Minimum 2 years experience with office administration; computer skills are required, must be an independent thinker and have strong organizational skills; demonstrated experience scheduling and managing staff from multiple departments; Fluency in English and Bahasa (written and spoken) is a benefit


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: No Supervisory Responsibility

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Human Resources Manager

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Operation, Finance, MERL and Program teams, Director of Programs, and the Country Director

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