The Asia Foundation-Sub-awards and Compliance Manager-CD 05 de Dezembro de 2014

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Job Advertisement

Title                            : Sub-awards and Compliance Manager

Program                     : Finance Unit

Unit                             : Timor-Leste Office

Supervises                  : Program Finance Staff

Reports to                  : Finance Manager

Contract Duration    : 1 year (full time), with possibility for extension based on funding


Summary of position

Under the direction of the Finance Manager, the Sub-awards and Compliance Manager (hereon after the “incumbent”) will manage an assigned portfolio of grants/sub-awards from proposal, post award to closeout; ensure full compliance of all grants/sub-awards with donor regulations; oversee monitoring and financial reporting of partners; oversee grant/sub-award payments; provide training and capacity building to partners; manage 4 program finance staff and coordinate with programs, grants, finance and management teams.


Internal Foundation Contacts

Daily contact with the Finance Manager, program finance staff and program staff.  Regular contact with relevant Foundation staff as needed.


External Contacts

Regular contact with local partners


Job responsibilities

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Casa Vida Timor Leste – Field Staff (Tetum Version) – CD 24 de Setembro de 2014

Casa Vida

Casa Vida

Vaga Servisu

Casa Vida Timor Leste

Field Staff


Casa Vida Timor-Leste mak  ONG lokál ida kompromisu no asaun ba protesaun, moris-di’ak no labarik nia diretu. Organizasaun ida nee servisu iha maneira integra ba tau matan no fornese vítima abuza labarik sira nia presiza.


Sumáriu Pozisaun

Casa Vida buka ba kandidatu ida ne’ebé serve ba pozisaun ida nu’udar Field Staff atu servisu bazeia iha Dili ho frekuente viajen ba distritu. Pozisaun ida nee responsabiliza atu hala’o no tau matan ba projetu foun ida atu realiza servisu ne’ebé di’ak liu ba vítima liu husi hametin rede protesaun hanesan promosaun suporte vítima ba sira nia habiit (podér) liu husi planu, implementasaun no monitorizasaun  ba project special ida nee iha area labarik nia moris-di’ak.


Títulu Pozisaun                 : Field staff

Programa                            : Protesaun Labarik

Títulu supervisór             : Advokasia Ofisiál

Períodu Kontratu             : Tinan 2 ho posivel estensaun

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Casa Vida Timor Leste – Field Staff – CD 24 de Setembro de 2014

Casa Vida

Casa Vida

Job Advertisement

Casa Vida Timor Leste

Field Staff


 Casa Vida Timor-Leste is a local not for profit organization committed to and acts for the protection, welfare and rights of children. The organization works in an integrated manner in caring for and meeting the needs of child victim of abuse.


Position summary              

Casa Vida is looking for a suitable candidate to fill a position as a Field staff to work, based in Dili with frequent travel to the districts. This role will be responsible to run and oversee a new project to achieve better service delivery to victims through strengthening protection networks thus promoting support of victims towards their empowerment and through the planning, implementation, and monitoring of this special project in the area of child well being.


Position title                         : Field staff

Program sector                    : Child Protection

Title of supervisor               : Advocacy Officer

Contract period                   : 2 Years with possible of extension

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PDHJ-UNDP-Information Technology Consultant – Website and Databases-CD 26 de Setembro de 2014

Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project

Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project


Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project

Provedoria de Direitos Humanos e Justiça

Rua de Caicoli—Dili, Timor-Leste

No.Ref.:        010  /PDHJ /2014


  1. Position Information



Job Code Title:                                Information Technology Consultant – website and databases

Pre-classified Grade:                      N/A            

Timeframe:                                    up to 30 working days (1 October – 31 December  2014)

Supervisor:                                     Director General of PDHJ and  UNDP Project Manager


II. Organizational Context



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is engaged in long term capacity development Project of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ). The PDHJ is the national human rights institution (NHRI) of Timor-Leste.


Building upon the existing human rights knowledge and skills which have been developed through the implementation of the UNDP-OHCHR Capacity Building Project for the Provedoria (2007-2009), the current Project (2010-2014) continues to strengthen the PDHJ’s human rights mandate, the department of public assistance, the four new PDHJ regional offices and the development of the PDHJ’s legal capacity. The project also provides support to the PDHJ institutional planning and management which is seen as crucial to the effective fulfillment of the human rights mandate.


The Project has the following main outputs:

  1. PDHJ staff are able to conduct legal analysis, are knowledgeable about Human Rights concepts and understands how these concepts are applied in their work
  2. PDHJ has effective and efficient institutional structures and management systems
  3. PDHJ has effective information and knowledge management systems.


This role relates to outputs 2 (website) and 3 (knowledge management databases).


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CARE TL- Finance Officer-CD 15 de Agosto de 2014

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste – CITL


Department / Project                        : LAFAEK Project

Position                                                      : Finance Officer

Grade                                                            : E

Salary                                                           : From $365 per month plus benefits

Duty Station                                            : Dili, with frequent travel to districts

Report to                                                    : Finance Manager

Contract period                                     : One year with the possibility of extension (Until 15 June 2015)


CARE is an international humanitarian organization, with a vision of empowering women and girls to fight poverty and bring lasting change to their communities. We work in over 80 countries around the world. We work with partners to achieve lasting results for marginalized communities.

People are CARE’s greatest assets. CARE international in Timor –Leste (CITL) ha s a diverse team of dedicated, talented professionals who work together to make a lasting impact.

The position as Finance Officer is responsible for ensuring all finance documents submitted by the project comply with policies and procedure and donor requirement, uploading to system and presenting them in monthly project finance report with include:

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World Bank – Dili, Vaga Servisu Iha Timor – Leste

Recruitment for an experienced Health Specialist in Dili – Timor-Leste

The World Bank is searching for an experienced Health Specialist to join the team leading the ongoing health sector work in Timor-Leste. The person recruited will be joining the East Asia and Pacific Health, Nutrition and Population sector (EASHNP) and will be based in Dili. His/her main responsibility will be to provide continuous field support to project implementation, working jointly with other World Bank team members (including other health sector, financial management, procurement, and operations specialists), the MOH staff, AusAID and other development partners (DPs) that actively support the improvement of the country’s health sector performance. The position is initially being advertised as a two-year contract with a possible extension based on satisfactory performance and work program needs.

Specific duties of the referred health specialist include the following:

• Actively contribute with strategic policy and technical inputs and foster regular policy dialogue with government and key DPs in order to provide effective support through HSSP-SP to the implementation of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2011-2020.
• In coordination with other team members, provide day-to-day implementation support to the MoH for HSSP-SP and related activities. This includes actively identifying and resolving implementation bottlenecks and closely working with other World Bank colleagues (including financial management and procurement specialists in the WB’s offices in Timor, Sydney and headquarters) as well as with other technical advisors and counterparts working under HSSP-SP.
• Participate, as needed, in relevant analytical and technical work in the health sector in Timor-Leste and the region; as requested, provide technical input in sector and country strategies led by the CMU.
• Support the MoH’s Department of Partnership Management, Office of Cooperation of External Partner Funding and Directorate of Planning and Finance and DPs to improve sector wide working practices including joint planning, budgeting, policy dialogue, and sector monitoring and evaluation.
• Participate in and contribute to joint MoH / DPs technical and implementation support missions as appropriate, ensuring their successful progress; help identify the need for specialized consultants in conjunction with MoH and other team colleagues and partners, and follow their work for improved effectiveness.
• Assist in needed cross-sector coordination issues within the broader World Bank team and relevant DPs including, for example, public sector performance, financial management, environmental health, water and sanitation and education.
• Maintain at all moments solution-focused attitude and effective communication within the Bank, with government officials and with other DPs.


Qualifications Needed:

• Post graduate degree in health, economics/finance or a related sector discipline
• Minimum 5 years of experience in international health and development involving low income and/or low-middle income countries, including experience managing or participating in projects or programs in a timely and effective way
• Experience and commitment to applying agreed international principles for development/aid effectiveness
• Sound understanding of health system issues, particularly related to health financing, human resource management, health service provision, health information systems and health outcomes
• Experience working in politically sensitive environments with senior government officials and other organizations; ability to look ahead and identify issues that may arise, and to respond quickly and constructively to these
• Strong organizational and communication skills with proven ability to work in multi-donor settings, and effective written and oral communication skills
• Strong command of spoken and written English
• Broad understanding of monitoring and evaluation approaches in the health sector with an ability to manage for, and report on, progress and results
• Capacity to positively interact in teams

Desirable Selection Criteria
• Specific experience in post-conflict countries or countries with fragile operating environments
• Working knowledge of Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, and/or Tetun would be an asset.
• Experience working with World Bank project management and operations


The Health Specialist will report to the East Asia and Pacific Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Manager (based in Washington). Day-to-day reporting will be to the HNP team leader for Timor-Leste and to the World Bank Country Manager in Dili as need arises.

Application process/ Contact details/ Additional Information:

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender nationality, culture, and educational background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence

Enquiries: World Bank Building, Rua LEcidere Dili Timor-Leste





Program Manager ba Database Nasional ba Projeitu Humanitaria no Desenvolvimentu Komunidade – BELUN – ALOLA – TROCAIRE

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Database Nasional ba Projeitu Humanitaria no Desenvolvimentu Komunidade
Program Manager
Termos de Referencia


BELUN ho parceria rede servisu Database hamutuk Fundasaun Alola hala’o Database Nasional ba projeitu Humanitaria no Desenvolvimentu Komunidade ne’ebe parceria mos ho Centru ba Resolusaun Konflitu Internacionais-Universidade Columbia. Database nasional estabelese iha tinan 2002. Projeitu Database hetan fundus husi Trocaire Timor-Leste ho asistensia tekniku.

BELUN ho parceiros iha konfiansa boot ho esperansa hetan belun ida nudar “Maneja Prgrama Database” atu apoiu tomak ho dedikasaun husi matenek no esperiensia atu kontribui ba hadia no halo mudansa Database hodi produs Database ho kualidade no oferese benefisiu no impaktu, liu husi usa informasaun Database ba desenvolvimentu rai laran. Hametin kordenasaun no ligasaun ho Governu ho nia entidades, organizasaun sociedade civil inklui rede profesionalismu ne’ebe eziste hodi apoiu Database ba util informasaun hodi kumpleta servisu ba desenvolvimentu rai laran.


1. Hodi bele hametin publisidade no komprensaun organizasaun seluk-nian konaba Database Nasional no ni-nia objektivu
2. Hodi estabelese no kordena ho rede no grupu servisu iha sektor oi-oin hamutuk organizasaun seluk atu bele oferese dadus ne’ebe Database Nasional bele produs hodi bele hadia rede-nia koordenasaun
3. Hodi hadia kualidade no kuantidade dadus ne’ebe tama iha Database Nasional.
4. Hodi hadia kualidade sistema database teknikal no platform ne’ebe Database Nasional uja
5. Hodi fo asistensia ba procesu analiza dadus ba ekipa Database Nasional.
6. Hodi facilita ligasaun entre BELUN no organizasaun husi sociedade civil ne’ebe serviso iha 13 distritu no mos parceiros Database nian.
7. Hodi tau matan no manutensaun ba Website BELUN-nian no fahe infomasaun husi Database Nasional iha website.


1. Hodi hadia kualidade no kuantidade dadus ne’ebe tama iha Database Nasional:
• Halo revisaun ba Database ne’ebe existe ona hamutuk ho Ekipa Database hodi serteza Database iha kualidadu no kuantidade dadus.Desenvolve estrategia ida hodi foti dadus foun, verifika no hatama no halo revisaun ba informasaun hotu ne’ebe simu.
• Lidera/orienta ekipa hodi maneja no organiza folder dokumentus Database tantu iha folder elektronik no iha filling cabinet.

2. Hodi estabelese no kordena ho rede hamutuk organizasaun seluk:
• Partisipa no sosializa informasaun ba rede hotu liu husi atividade enkontru, viajen distritu no ativu iha atividades organizasaun seluk ba promove Database.
• Hametin relasaun ho Governu, organizasaun seluk liu husi projeitu desemvolvimentu komunidade.

3. Hodi fó asistensia ba procesu analiza dadus ba Database Nasional:
• Serteza ba simu planu servisu ekipa ho oferese feedback iha fulan-fulan ho tau prioriedade ba analiza, rekoilha, verifika no hatama informasaun ba Database.
• Servisu hamutuk ho membrus ekipa Database hodi verifika dadus ne’ebe tama ona ba Database nasional.
• Hato’o feedback ba brosur, Database nia kuesionariu, no halo analiza ba dadus husi kuesioanriu ne’ebe simu husi individual no organizasaun sira.
• Produs sumariu no relatoriu husi analiza dadus iha kuesionariu no hato’o ba doadores (Trocaire).
• Ajuda ekipa Database hodi prepara relatorio dadus nian.
• Hamosu kreatividade ba promosaun Database ba organizasaun, Governu ho nia entidades hodi hatene diak liu tan funsaun Database ba impaktu desenvolvimentu.

4. Hodi fasilita ligasaun entre BELUN ho rede servisu Database nomos organizasaun husi sociedade civil ne’ebe servisu iha 13 distritu no mos parceiros Database nian:
• Maneja relasaun entre BELUN no organizasaun husi sociedade civil no ajuda sira hodi hetan acesu ba dadus liu husi ekipa database.
• Hasoru Parceiros rede Database fulan-fulan liu husi enkontru hodi update progresu informasaun (hanesan Fundasaun Alola, NGO Forum, Trocaire no rede parceiros sira seluk) hodi fahé relatoriu no responde ba necesidades ne’ebe mosu husi requerementu ba dadus.
• Desenvolve proposta ba doadores hodi hetan rekursu foun ba hatan necesidades Database.
• Hakerek relatoriu servisu no hato’o ba doadores.

• Hodi tau matan ba Programa BELUN no publika informasaun liu husi Website BELUN Update fulan-fulan informasaun Database ba mudansa ihaWebsite BELUN.
• Maneja no halo update informasaun foun iha website hanesan, brosur Database, mapa kada projeitu iha BELUN no organizasaun seluk nian.
• Akumula programa hotu iha BELUN hodi halo update ba website hanesan, progresu ba informasaun foun programa iha BELUN ho kopera hamutuk program manager ba programa ida-idak.
• Sosializa website update ba organizasaun ou instituisaun seluk hodi acesu iha website, liu husi enkontru hamutuk.

1. Desenvolve planu estrategiku ba foti, verifika no hatama dadus nomos planu ba distribuisaun infomasaun husi Database Nasional ba stakeholder no rede relevante.
2. Dadus husi organizasaun husi organizasaun sociedade civil kompleto no lo’los (dadus akurat)
3. Mantein relasaun didiak ho parceiros rede Database no ho organizasaun sociedade civil nian.
4. Dadus hatama didiak/akurat no bele usa hodi analiza situasaun iha rai laran.
5. Website BELUN lao diak no up to date ba informasaun tomak husi BELUN no promove ba organizasaun no Governu ho nia entidades tomak.

Tempo Servisu:
Hahú kedas ho fulan 3 no tuir evaluasaun bele kontinua to’o tinan ida.
Vaga loke to’o tempu ne’ebe hetan ema atu tama pozisaun.

Kriteria ba Posisaun:
1. Kapasidade diak hodi servisu hamutuk ho ema seluk, inklui komunikasaun interpersonal didiak no profesional.
2. Background edukasaun husi Informasaun teknologia (graduadu husi Universidade)
3. Kunhesementu konaba oinsa usa Ms Office 2007 (Excel, access, PowerPoint )no programa nebe relevansia ho database hanesan; MySqL, JAVA, iha esperensia ba Dezenhu WEBsite)
4. Bele fo atensaun ho diak ba dadus ho serteza produs kualidade ba template ou formatu tuir necesidades atual mudansa Database.
5. Hatene lori motor no iha kartaun kondisaun (driver license).
6. Diak liu iha kunhesementu ba lian Ingles, Portugúes.
7. Iha esperiensia minimal tinan 2 ho organizasaun seluk ba jestaun Database.
8. Iha esperiensia kona ba Programer.

Karik iha interese kandidatu sira bele haruka CV ba ou haruka dokumentus direitamente mai oficio BELUN-Farol (Eskola Primeira Farol nia kotuk) antes 31 de Janeiru 2011. BELUN fo couragem ba feto sira hodi aplika.

Kontaktu numeru telemovel +670 723 2968 ba hatene informasaun liu tan.


Vaga Servisu Iha Timor Leste – Jobs With The Asia Foundation


The Asia Foundation

Duty Station

All Areas

Position Description

PLEASE NOTE:  That the deadline is not listed but They would like to receive your applications as soon as poseble.

The Asia Foundation TL office is seeking for qualified candidates for the following SCOPE positions:

The Program Officer will work with the Foundations staff on Securing Communities through Outreach and Police Engagement (SCOPE) Program with primary responsibility for program management, implementation, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and grants administration.

The Program Assistant will support the Securing Communities through Outreach and Police Engagement (SCOPE) Program team in all logistical, administrative and financial aspects of program activities and grants management of the Foundation’s Access to Justice Program, including activities which civil society, police, and partner in the government.

The Program Manager will provide leadership and management of the SCOPE projects, including planning, hiring, logistics, representation, fiscal management, and grant management; provides direction, supervision and evaluation of project staff. The incumbent will also design implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of program activities as assigned. The Program Manager represents SCOPE among host government, donors, partners agencies, diplomatic missions, national and international institutions, and the media as assigned.


Application Deadline date Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Application process/ Contact details/ Additional Information

Joaquina da Fonseca
Office Manager
The Asia Foundation
Tel: +670 7230917 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +670 7230917      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Re-Advertise Financial Analyst



Duty Station


Position Description

This Position is locate within the Executive Officer of USAID/Timor-Leste. Under the guidance of the regional controller and the supervision of the Executive Officer, the incumbent serves as the financial managements expert of USAID/Timor-Leste. Incumbent provides advice on financial feasibility, adequacy of budget, alternative sources of financing total costs over life project and project financial reporting requirements of individual activities. Conduct pre-award surveys and limited financial reviews of partner organization accounting and administrative systems to ensure comformity with general accepted accounting principles and USAID requirements. Manages the audit program for local implementing partner and monitors follow up and resolution of audit recommendations. The incumbent evaluates risk of operational procedures and performs more intensive reviews based on the level of risk; makes recommendations for the improvements of Procedures. prepares quarterly financial status reports by implementing instruments for each portfolio and others ad hoc financial reports for the technical teams. Develop forecasting criteria and analyzes expected staffing level changes, procurements requirements and cost/expenditure trends. Provides guidance and interpretations on appropriate funding sources for administration expenses, and assures compliance with legal and regulatory provision and limitations. Alerts the Mission managements to problems, ends and needed changes to budget allowance level.


Application Deadline date Monday, February 28, 2011

Application process/ Contact details/ Additional Information

Human Resources Office
Attention: Recruitment
American Embassy, Rua Pria dos Coqueiros – Comoro, Dili, Timor-Leste
Fax: +670- 3313206

DO NOT ATTACH PHOTO Only short listed will be contacted.
No Phone inquiries please


Vaga Servisu Iha Timor-Leste

Information Specialist, Dili

Job # 110180
Job Title Information Specialist
Job Family Information Management and Technology
Location Dili, Timor-Leste
Appointment Local Hire
Job Posted 27-Jan-2011
Closing Date 12-Feb-2011
Language Requirements English [Essential]; Tetum [Essential]
Appointment Type 

Background / General description

Information Specialist (IS) – This role will provide On-site IT support and limited training for clients, provide limited solutions using standard technology and implementation of IT systems. She/he can performs routine non-complex network administration services and provide limited IT training. Other services include inventory management, administration and coordination of IT services, web site maintenance support and development and collaboration with other Bank staff. Information Specialist located in World Bank Dili Office and may also be assigned limited information management functions. Information Specialist is supervised and supported on high-end IT work from higher level IT Staff from HQ and/or from another large World Bank country office in the region. Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year renewable term appointment.
Duties and Accountabilities
Job Purpose:  Works closely with system/network/Notes administrators, alerting them about any abnormal situations or security incidents. Diagnoses problems, and identifies the appropriate resource from ISG, IFC or regional IT staff to solve the problem if unable to resolve it him/herself  Performs routine non-complex network administration services (e.g. server, network communications and link)  Maintains IT facilities, such as desktop and laptop computers, printers, software applications, copiers, telephone systems, audio visual equipment including videoconferencing units, and other information/office technology within the work areas to ensure that all IT-dependent activities continue to function without disruption  Assists and makes recommendations to managers in determining training needs, equipment requirements and specifications  Provides technical supports to software applications that each WBG office adopts  Utilizes various training techniques to share knowledge and educate clients in IT improvements, changes, operational procedures/standards/policies, and best practices  Provides document management and distribution services such as digital imaging, various archive techniques, and electronic libraries, etc.  Manages equipment inventory which includes keeping complete and accurate inventory records, ensuring proper charges for hardware, software, network, maintenance, IT support, etc. and in close consultation and coordination with Resource Management staff in charge and/or the Managers  Ensures that Bank information and information systems are protected in a manner consistent with Bank information security policy, procedures and standards  Identifies, initiates, supports and documents procedures and guidelines to improve work processes and methods relating to client services delivery and effective team functioning Work implies frequent interaction with the following  Managers and staff of the WBG Dili country office including Dili Distance Learning Center (DDLC)  ISG (WB IT Dept.) and CBI (IFC IT Dept.) Technical Staff  Other Client Support Staff throughout the Bank Group  Vendors  IT Consultants and Contractors  World Bank Dili office visiting missions
Selection Criteria
ISN (IT Network) Competencies  Expresses thoughts and ideas effectively in oral and written communications  Works with technical materials and translates materials into layperson’s terms.  Ability to analyze information and draw accurate conclusions  Ability to apply problem solving strategies to evaluate and solve problems effectively  Copes effectively and is productive under work stress  Shows an understanding of other people’s concerns, motives, feelings, strengths, and limitations  Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively in a team-based environment  Ability to deal sensitively in multicultural environments and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues within and outside the Bank  Basic knowledge and understanding of effective practices for dealing with clients in a variety of situations  Basic knowledge of World Bank HQ and Country Office missions and functions.  Basic ability to gather, evaluate, organize, and maintain information/ documentation in a systematic fashion in compliance with the Bank’s information security policy  Thorough understanding of standard Microsoft OS and applications, Lotus Notes, etc.  Sufficient knowledge of IT network infrastructure and other communication tools including standard digital transmission formats and systems (E1, T1, etc.), PABX, etc.  Preferred background in web publishing with knowledge of standard web coding language such as HTML, etc. Essential Job Competencies  Ability to provide basic assistance and training to other staff members  Basic ability to determine and evaluate possible solutions to operating errors  Has basic understanding of the processes involved with installing and maintaining World Bank standard hardware and software  Familiarity with industry standards, controls and best practices on IT services management and information security  Good communication skills, patience and telephone manner  Good interpersonal skills. Ability to deal sensitively in multicultural environments and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues within and outside the Bank  Proven ability to work in a team environment.  Ability to work under pressure. Show courteous and tactful behavior, be prepared to work hard and sometimes long and irregular hours, and always be a team player with excellent interpersonal skills. Minimum Education/Experience/Requirements at recruitment/selection Excellent oral and writing skills both in local language and English  Minimum Education: AA, BS preferred  Minimum Years of Relevant Experience: 4 Years (prior WBG working experiences preferred)