Conservation International Timor Leste Program- Senior Program Manager – CD 16 de Outubro de 2015

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program


Conservation International, Timor-Leste Program


 Position Title: Senior Program Manager

Term:  Fixed-term

Location:   Dili

Position Description

The Senior Program Manager oversees all conservation-related projects in Timor-Leste for Conservation International (CI)They manage a diverse set of activities and work to ensure that the projects outcomes and goals further CI’s) human development and conservation priorities.  Duties include developing and implementing program and conservation strategies, project design and management, technical oversight, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building. The Senior Program Manager ensures compliance with CI policies, program and funding agreements, and local requirements.


The Senior Program Manger works across CI Timor-Leste to build strong relationships to advance program initiatives.  They represent CI and work to build alliances with the government, community, and external stakeholders who are critical to the project’s successes.


The Senior Program Manager supports the projects financial well-being by playing a role in identifying program funding sources, and developing and managing funding relationships with partners and prospects.  They works with country program, regional, and HQ staff on proposals and funding initiatives.


This position manages project staff, interdisciplinary teams, and/or outside partners and works under general direction. 


The Key Responsibilities for this position are:

·         Develop program strategies, objectives, work plans and metrics. Oversee and implement program activities and manage technical and project staff.  Monitor, measure, and provide periodic progress and metric reports. Ensure compliance with CI policies, funding agreements and local requirements.

·         Develop projects in compliance with government priorities, donor priorities, and CI priorities and strategies. Ensure government departments and agencies are fully informed on project progress and activities and new project developments.

·         Identify capacity building needs and support efforts to address capacity gaps. Promote information sharing.  Build stakeholder understanding and support by developing fact sheets, statistics, and related communication materials.  Hold conferences and other events to share best practices and lessons learned.  Effectively engage stakeholders including donors, government and NGOs, technical colleagues and other partners important to program success.  Represent the organization externally and serve as a trusted point of contact for CI. 

·         Identify opportunities for program growth and development. Support program financial sustainability by identifying funding opportunities. Partner with CI Timor-Leste, regional, and HQ staff on funding proposals and contribute to regional/global fundraising efforts.

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ANP-TL- Duas Pocicoes – CD 16 de Outubro de 2015



Vaga Serbisu

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo (ANP) mak orgaun ida ne’ebe responsabiliza ba maneja, regula, no kontrola atividade minarai iha Tasi Timor hanesan area konjunta ba desenvolvimentu petróleo no Tasi Timor Offshore nian. Agora dadaun ANP hakarak rekruta tan Profesional Timor Oan nain rua (2) ba pozisaun hanesan tuir mai ne’e:

Ba ita bo’ot sira ne’ebé interese ba pozisaun rua ne’e, bele haruka ita bo’ot sira nia dokumentu sira hanesan CV, inklui Cover Letter ne’ebé esplika ita bo’ot nia abilidade profesional ba pozisaun refere no iha kartaun identidade Timor-Leste hanesan kartaun eleitoral, Sertidaun moris RDTL no billete identidade (BI) haruka ba diresaun Rekursu Umanu ANP nian ka liu husi karta elektronika/email

Ita bo’ot sira nia aplikasaun no CV ka resumu tenki hakerek ho lian Ingles no inklui mos lista pesoal ba referensia ema nain tolu.

Ba informasaun klaru liu tan kona ba Termus Referensia ba Serbisu nian, ita bo’ot sira bele download /hasai hodi klik iha nee.

ka visita:

Edefisiu ANP nian iha Palacio do Governu iha dirasaun Rekursu Umanu nian, ka kontaktu liu husi numeru telefone: 332-4098 ka email ba

Vaga ne’e sei taka iha loron 16 Outubru 2015, tuku 05.00 loro kraik.

ANP sei kontaktu deit Kandidatu sira ne’ebé maka pasa ona prosesu short-listing hodi kontinua ho intervista.

ANP promove oportunidade serbisu hanesan ba jéneru hot-hotu iha Timor-Leste.
ANP mos investe iha Desenvolvimentu kapasitasaun ba Rekursu Umanu sira.

Dili, 1 Outubru 2015

Dores Vilanova
Ofisial Rekursu Umanu

PS: Favor baixa TOR ba pozisaun ruan nee hodi klik iha nee.



The Asia Foundation – Consultant CMCOP II – CD 14 de Outubro de 2015

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Improving Lives, Expanding Oportunities



TITLE: Consultant for Final Evaluation of Conflict Mitigation through Community Oriented Policing in Timor-Leste (CMCOP II) Project in Timor-Leste



In 2008, The Asia Foundation (“the Foundation”) began partnering with the Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL) on a pilot project to mitigate conflict through community oriented policing (COP). The Foundation received initial financial support for the pilot in 2009 from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In 2012 the Foundation received additional funding from USAID to launch a large-scale COP project entitled Conflict Mitigation through Community Oriented Policing in Timor- Leste (CMCOP II) in several districts of the country.  The USAID funding will end in January 2016.


The Foundation was able to attract co-funding for the project from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), Australia’s Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID). This multi-donor project was rebranded in Tetun as Hametin Kooperasaun Hamutuk Polisia ho Komunidade (HAKOHAK). USAID committed a third tranche of funding in 2014 to further expand the project’s scope and geographic reach; the project is now operational in 11 out of Timor-Leste’s 13 districts and around 30% of the country’s sukus (villages). USAID’s funding for the CMCOP II project will come to an end in January 2016. In total, USAID awarded the Foundation $5,032,285 for support of the CMCOP pilot and CMCOP Phase II project from 2009-2015.


As citizens of the newest independent nation in Asia, the people of Timor-Leste have high hopes for the PNTL as a vanguard of peace, stability, and justice. However, the PNTL is still a nascent institution with limited resources, institutional knowledge, experience, and capacity to adequately address local security needs. Community-oriented policing aims to improve the performance of police and build public trust by fostering collaborative community-police partnerships that use a problem-solving approach to respond to the security needs and expectations of local communities. One of the main program interventions under CMCOPII/HAKOHAK has been the formation and training of multi-stakeholder suku (village) level Community Police Councils (CPCs) that discuss local problems, set local safety and security agendas, and coordinate efforts to resolve, refer and prevent security issues. CPCs aim to address community problems in a proactive rather than reactive manner.


The goal of the CMCOPII project is to improve security in Timor-Leste by strengthening collaboration between citizens and the police through the achievement of four objectives:

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The Asia Foundation – Consultant – CD 14 de Outubro de 2015

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Improving Lives, Expanding Oportunities



TITLE: Consultant for Close-Out of USAID funded Community Oriented Policing in Timor-Leste (CMCOP II) Project in Timor-Leste



In 2008, The Asia Foundation (“the Foundation”) began partnering with the Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL) on a pilot project to mitigate conflict through community oriented policing (COP). The Foundation received initial financial support for the pilot in 2009 from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through a Cooperative Agreement. In 2012 the Foundation received additional funding from USAID through this Cooperative Agreement to launch an expansion COP project entitled Conflict Mitigation through Community Oriented Policing in Timor-Leste (CMCOP II) in several districts of the country.


The Foundation was able to attract co-funding for the project from New Zealand’s Aid Programme. This multi-donor project was rebranded as HAKOHAK. USAID committed a third tranche of funding in 2014 to further expand the project’s scope and geographic reach; the project is now operational in 11 out of Timor-Leste’s 13 districts and around 30% of the country’s sukus (villages). USAID’s funding for the CMCOP II project will come to an end in January 2016. In total, USAID and the New Zealand Aid Programme awarded the Foundation $5,032,285 for support of the CMCOP pilot and CMCOP Phase II project from 2009-2015. Over the years the project has undergone seven Agreement Modifications.


The goal of the CMCOPII project is to improve security in Timor-Leste by strengthening collaboration between citizens and the police through the achievement of four objectives:


1)   Strengthen the technical capacity of the PNTL, civil society, and community leaders to implement effective community-oriented policing practices;

2)   Build community-police partnerships to reduce high-risk threats to security;

2a) Increase the capacity of the PNTL to more effectively prevent and respond to high priority security concerns, particularly the security needs of women and girls in Timor-Leste.

3)   Promote COP as a practical approach to policing within the PNTL, district administration, and local communities.

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The Asia Foundation – Program Officer, Nabilan (Ending Violence Against Women) Program – CD 16 de Outubro de 2015

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Improving Lives, Expanding Oportunities




Title                            : Program Officer, Nabilan (Ending Violence Against Women) Program

Unit                            : Timor-Leste Office

Report to                  : Organisational Strengthening/ Access to Justice Coordinator, Nabilan



The Program Officer will support the design and implementation of the Nabilan (Ending Violence Against Women) Program. The PO will assist the Partnerships Deputy Coordinator to manage the grants to Nabilan’s partner CSOs. The PO will also assist with implementation of specific program activities under the Access to Justice/Organisational Strengthening Pillar of Nabilan.



The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) is implementing an Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program (Nabilan) in Timor-Leste under a Grant Agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The program will run from 15 April 2014 to 30 March 2018 (Phase 1) with an option to extend for an additional four years (Phase 2). The EVAW Program goal is to reduce the proportion of women who have experienced violence, and to better meet the needs of women and children affected by violence. The objective is to improve outcomes for women in prevention, support services, and access to justice by improving capacity in key ministries, reducing levels of violence, improving services, and strengthening judicial processes serving the needs of women survivors of violence.


The Nabilan program is being implemented based on the DFAT EVAW Design Document. It is informed by research conducted on the underlying causes and opportunities for EVAW in Timor-Leste relating to the core pillars of prevention, service provision, and access to justice.  For the prevention pillar, the program is seeking to involve the government, in particular the Secretary of State for the Support and Socio-Economic Promotion of Women, and civil society in designing, implementing and monitoring research based prevention projects. The Nabilan Program is working with the Ministry of Social Solidarity as the key government implementing agency for services to women and children who experienced violence. The primary mechanisms under this pillar are grants to CSO service providers, and institutional strengthening support to the Directorate of National Social Reinsertion (DNRS) within MSS which is the program’s primary counterpart. The access to justice pillar is supporting the provision of legal assistance to women and children affected by violence. Support to court and case monitoring, and research into alternative sentencing and rehabilitation programs intends to provide demand side pressure for service improvements, while contributing to identifying necessary specific supply side interventions.


Internal Foundation Contacts

Program, finance, and administrative staff in the Foundation’s Timor-Leste office on a regular basis; Foundation offices in San Francisco headquarters, Washington DC, and other field offices in Asia on an occasional basis.


External Contacts

Current East Timorese partner organizations, including CSOs and government agencies; Timorese civil society organizations, government organizations, international NGOs working in Timor-Leste; Australian Aid Program; other bilateral and multilateral donors in Timor-Leste.


All applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Previous relevant experience in development programs in Timor-Leste. The Foundation expects that those applying for the Program Officer will have at least two years of relevant professional experience including experience in implementation of international development programs.
  • Demonstrated work experience in supporting partners implementing grants and program activities.
  • A personal commitment to promoting gender equality and to modelling personal behaviours consistent with the program focus;
  • A willingness to pro-actively identify ways in which the program can better reach disadvantaged or marginalised groups, particularly people with disabilities;
  • A commitment to working respectfully and collaboratively with individuals and organisations at a range of levels;
  • A commitment to working in a multi-disciplinary team with a strong focus on research, evaluation, learning, and networking;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in English and Tetum.
  • Willingness to travel to the districts.


  1. Working within the Nabilan team, assist the Partnerships Deputy Coordinator and OIS/ATJ Coordinator to manage CSO grant partnerships, this includes:
  • Reviewing applications for grants, including workplans and budgets against assessment criteria
  • Working with the Partnerships Deputy Coordinator to develop annual Organisational Strengthening Matrixes for grant partners
  • Assisting to finalize Letters of Grants to successful grant applicants
  • Working with the grant finance team to ensure timely payments of tranche funding
  • Working with the Partnerships Deputy Coordinator and the partners to assist them on their capacity assessment tools
  • Maintaining grant files in a logical order, including printing and filing of all relevant documents
  1. Support engagement of relevant partners for the Nabilan program.
  1. Assist with review of narrative reports from CSO partners and data collection and analysis for six- monthly reports.
  1. Together with Partnerships Deputy Coordinator, conduct regular monitoring visits to CSOs and provide reports to the ATJ/OIS Coordinator.
  1. Assist with development of Community Based Approaches part of the Nabilan program.
  1. Assist with preparation of program reports as required.
  1. Comply with relevant donor and TAF grant regulations and procedures.
  1. Other duties as assigned.

The Asia Foundation strongly encourages women to apply. The position is open for Timorese national only.


All applications must include a cover letter, an updated CV and must address the selection criteria. Please include three contactable referees. They must be addressed to Odete Laranjinha Pinto –  HR Officer, and delivered by hand to the Asia Foundation’s office at Rua Praia dos Coqueiros, Bairo Metin Rua, Dili, Timor-Leste OR via email before or by Friday, 16 October 2015 at 05.00 PM,

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the interview

Plan International in Timor-Leste – Translator – CD 09 de Outubro de 2015

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste   

Vacancy Announcement: Translator


The translator will be responsible and maintaining the sponsored child communication document translation like WGC, FCR, FCC, SGR, OCC and others from English to Tetum or vice versa at the Country Office level. Responsible for quality check of communications coming from the field and identify training need where quality is not met and quality check of translation performed by external translator.

Typical Responsibilities – Key End Results of Position:

What does the job holder plan?

§  Translating the all child sponsorship document from children to the sponsors and from sponsors to the children.

§  Keep good  archive all child sponsorship document

§  Coordinate translation performed by external translators and quality check

§  Perform quality check for all communications coming from the field

§  Identify training needs based on weaknesses in communications received from the field

§  Help with refresher training delivery related to quality of communications

§  Perform scan, upload and transmission of translated communications to NOs

§  Support with WGC, SPC, ECO and OCC data entry in ChildData whenever required

§  Does other work required by immediate  supervisor

Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors, and Experience Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives:

Gained through education, training, & experience


Skills Specific to the Post

·         Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with people

·         Self-starter and at the same time team worker

·         Influencing

·         Communication skills (Able to communicate clearly and in logical order both in speaking and writing)


Qualifications and Experience

·       Degree or its equivalent on Development communications

·       Good command of English

·       Literate and  skilled on computer systems and  data processing  using MS office applications

·       Able to  work under pressure  and  within tight deadlines

·         Able to travel to  remote areas from time to time


  • We strongly encourage applications from women and from people with disabilities
  • Strong commitment to the equal rights and participation of girls and women is essential
  • Strong commitment to the Rights of the Child is essential
  • Plan does not tolerate child abuse. All Plan staff and consultants are selected and employed in line with the conditions of Plan’s Child Protection Policy. These include appropriate reference and background checks.
  • Applications will not be acknowledged. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No correspondence or telephone calls will be entered into.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to attend panel interviews and other selection procedures.




TO APPLY FOR POSTS …. Send resume/CV with cover letter and names and contact details of three referees, to or by hand to , Rua Bairo Dos Grilhos, no 20 near Xanana Sports Centre, opposite CNRT office), Dili, Timor-Leste

Timor – Plaza – Operations Supervisor – CD Open Until Filled

Timor-Plaza Dili Timor-Leste

Operations Supervisor

General Duties

.    Provides day to day support to Operations Manager.
.    Perform fit-out inspection and store inspection.
.    Perform spot and period inspection of the entire mall coordinate with the respective agencies as directed by the Operations Manager
.    Perform other duties as required by the management


.    Male not more that 28 years of age/Mature Personality.
.    Preferably with Supervisory exercise handling people not less than 10.
.    Can Command Responsibility and Accountability.

Please email your CV along with recent colour photo and references letter to the below Email address: open until filled.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CARE International in Timor Leste – Deputy Project Manager – CD 01 de Outubro de 2015

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste – CITL

Department / Project                    : HANDS

Position                                               : Deputy Project Manager

Supervision                                        : M&E Officer, Procurement Assistant, Field Officers and Temporary Drivers

Coordination Line                           :  LLM Project Manager, LLM Deputy Project Managers

Grade                                                   : C1

Salary                                                    : From $702 per month plus benefits

Duty Station                                       : Dili with frequent travel to the Project sites

Report to                                             : Program Coordinator (Education)

Contract period                                                : October 2, 2015- October 31, 2016


CARE is an international humanitarian organization, with a vision of empowering women and girls to fight poverty and bring lasting change to their communities. We work in over 80 countries around the world. We work with partners to achieve lasting results for marginalized communities.


People are CARE’s greatest assets. CARE international in Timor–Leste (CITL) has a diverse team of dedicated, talented professionals who work together to make a lasting impact.


The DPM manages all aspects of the project.  He/she is responsible to maintain project continuity and leadership. The DPM, together with the management team, will help all staff to develop ownership and responsibility for the project as a whole and create a team spirit among the project staff.


Project Management

  • Lead the development of the detailed procurement and distribution plans and the execution of these plans;
  • Coordinate with fleet, procurement, and logistics tasks with the relevant departments;
  • Provide ongoing supervision and support to the procurement and distribution teams;
  • Ensure proper and accurate filing and storage of the distribution receipts, waybills, photos, and other relevant reports forms;
  • Provide regular updates to the Program Coordinator regarding the progress of the distribution process;
  • Lead the HR management for the project including recruitment and training;
  • Prepare all required reports to be submitted to the donor;
  • Any other relevant task assigned by the supervisor

Financial Management

  • Responsible for budget control and reporting


Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Assist in the development and implementation of a monitoring plan for all project activities.
  • Conduct spot checks at the target schools
  • Any other relevant task as assigned by the supervisor.

Required Qualifications:

  • Master Degree in Education, Management, Social Science or equivalent;
  • At least three years of working experience logistic/distribution of materials to schools/communities
  • Proven strong report writing skills
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge through informal and formal trainings of staff
  • Proven strong participatory management and supervisory skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Ability to manage tight timelines and potentially stressful, handling multiple tasks, shifting priorities and deadlines
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Able to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Experience working with a budget
  • Ability to work well in a team


In return of your commitment you will benefit from ongoing professional development fostered within an innovative and forward thinking environment, plus a comprehensive benefits package.


To apply to this position, please email or submit your application letter and Curriculum Vitae with two references (Please DO NOT attached the other documents) to OR to HR Unit, CARE International Timor-Leste, Bairo Pitte, Dili, OR by email before or by deadline 1st October  2015. Only successful candidates will be contacted for the interview.

CARE is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.


CARE International Timor-Leste is committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work. CARE International Timor-Leste reserves the right to conduct screening procedures to ensure a child-safe environment.


Handicap International – Project Facilitator – CD 08 de Outubro de 2015

Handicap International


Handicap International, is a International NGO specialised in the field of disability and development with objective to support people in situations of disability or vulnerability, whatever may be the cause and the environment underlying that situation (extreme poverty, exclusion, deficient social and health systems, serious violation or denial of basic rights, natural disasters, violence and armed conflict). For more information on Handicap International please visit web site at

The disability movement in Timor Leste is mostly active at national level, including as a regular participant in social policy-development through national disabled people organizations (DPOs) and the ADTL (Timor-Leste Disability Association) platform. Strategic development and effective advocacy capacities remain limited to a few champions. DPOs remains mostly absent at sub-national level, with people with disabilities in districts lacking access to information and resources. Local activists and DPOs (where they exist) lack the capacities and resources to formalize and advocate at national level about the gaps in the implementation of the rights of people with disabilities.

Though Timor-Leste has not yet signed the UNCRPD, the government has publicly stated its intention to ratify it, tentatively in 2016. This preparation process of the UNCRPD ratification  includes adopting officially the National Action Plan on Disability and setting the related implementation and monitoring architecture (including setting up a National Disability Council), hence the strategic importance of the ‘Advocating for change’ phase II project. In addition, supporting Timor Leste to move forward and anticipate its further obligations under the UNCRPD, the proposed project builds upon the innovative pilot initiatives launched under the GIZ funded project (territorial assessment on the participation of people with disabilities in village/suco governance mechanisms), and supports the development of inclusive initiatives at village level (Liquica district), in line with the ongoing decentralization policy of Timor-Leste. The proposed project will also address the expressed need of people with disabilities to access employment opportunities by developing pilot initiatives and advocacy strategies on this specific issue.

A new project to support the strategy will be launched in October 2015. The project will last 23 months. Handicap International is currently looking for the following position for its office in Liquica, Timor-Leste:

Position Title     : Project Facilitator

Location               : Liquica, Timor-Leste

Closing date       : October 8, 2015



Under the line management of the Project Manager, the Project Facilitator will ensure the successful implementation of the Advocating for Changes project in Liquica. The tasks among other things are:

·         Present the project to local communities, partners and authorities

·         Facilitate with partners information sessions for parents of persons with disabilities, community and local leaders

·         Coordination with resources persons and facilitators in charge of providing training to partners

·         Identify the possible referral to services for persons with disabilities including rehabilitation centers and other relevant structures.

·         Support and follow-up referral of persons with disabilities

·         Co-supervise, in coordination with partners, SEFOPE and Ministry of Social Solidarity, the assessment of access of persons with disabilities to vocational training center and employment.

·         Monitor and report on the progress of the project to line manager (in monthly, quarterly and annual reports)

·         Assist the line manager in preparing quarterly and annual reports to donor

·         Carry out additional tasks relevant to the project and defined with the from the line manager

DUTY STATION: The Project Facilitator will be based Liquica, Timor-Leste



  • Diploma 3
  • Minimum of 2 years working on relevant issues
  • Having facilitating skill
  • Having skill and experience to manage trainings, seminars, workshops
  • Able to communicate in the local language (Liquica)
  • Master Tetum
  • Basic bahasa Indonesia or English is also required
  • Having experience working with communities and local authorities
  • Understand the local context
  • Flexible with long working hours
  • Legal, able and willing to ride a motor bike for official duty


  • Diploma 3 in any discipline related to the profile
  • Having knowledge in advocacy issues
  • Having knowledge of disability inclusion
  • Having experience working with persons with disability

Handicap International is an equal opportunity employer and

particularly encourages persons with disabilities to apply

Any interested candidates should send their motivation letter together with CV in English or bahasa Indonesia and references less than 200 KB and no later than October 8, 2015 to:

Administrator of Handicap-International

Email to :

(please put in reference: AFCPF for the subject)

Or to:

Handicap International office in Dili:

Rua Praia dos Coqueiros/Pantai Kelapa

Phone: +670 3311174

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Residents of Liquica will be highly appreciated.