Novo Turismo Timor – Leste – Varios Pocicoes – CD 30 de Novembro de 2016


4 stars Luxury Resort in Dili, Timor-Leste

with 71 rooms now inviting talented people and offering opportunity to grow with us in the following section:

  • Sous Chef
  • Assistant Chief Accounting
  • Bartender with Barista
  • Guest Service Agent (Reception)
  • Sales Admin
  • Dive Master
  • Spa Therapist


(Sous Chef)

  • Minimum D3 in Food Production from reputable Hotel Institute or University
  • At least 3 years working experience as Head Chef for higher position
  • Able to communicate English, Indonesia & Portuguese
  • Have leadership, self-starter, and high initiative
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • With maximal age 45 years old

(GSA & Reservation)

  • Education minimum from hotel school
  • 1 year working experience
  • Able to communicate English, Indonesia & Portuguese
  • Able to work in a team or individual, out going, pleasant personality and Mature
  • Additional language will be an additional advantages
  • Service & Hospitality Oriented
  • Young energetic and passionate person
  • Aged 20 – 30 years old

Special Note: This vacancy valid since the announcement was issued

or LAST DATE RECEIVED 30 November 2016



Please send your Application Letter, CV with Certificates and

 recent Photograph size: 3×4 ( 2 pcs ) to: ,


Direct to Human Resources NOVO TURISMO Resort & Spa

GfD – National Program Budgeting Specialists (several positions) – CD 7 de Novembro de 2016

Governance for Development Support Services

National Program Budgeting Specialists (several positions)


Cardno Emerging Markets is seeking Graduates in Public Sector Management, Public Administration, Public Policy or related fields to join the Governance for Development (GfD) program as National Program Budgeting Specialists.

GfD is assisting the Government of Timor-Leste to implement Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms that aim to establish a modern budgetary governance system, improve the overall effectiveness of Timor-Leste’s PFM system and improve delivery of services to the citizens of Timor-Leste.

The Program Budgeting Specialists will work under the direction of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (UPMA) of the Office of the Prime Minister to assist with implementation of the reforms by provide planning, monitoring, evaluation and performance/program budgeting training and support to line ministries and autonomous agencies. The Specialists may be out-posted to certain line ministries for short periods of time.

Applicants need not have prior knowledge of, or experience with, performance and program budgeting concepts, as UPMA and international PFM Specialists will provide the necessary training for the successful candidates.

Initial contracts will be until mid-2017, with the possibility of extension.

The full terms of reference, including further information about the requirements and background to the reform work, is available:


·         by contacting our recruitment team at

Applicants are requested to read the ToR and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Applications close at 23:55hrs Dili time, 7 November 2016.


Cardno is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Cardno encourages women to apply. Cardno recognizes the moral and legal responsibility to provide an equal opportunity workplace by ensuring that all recruitment and selection decisions are based on the best qualified and experienced candidate who can perform the genuine inherent requirements of the position.

Your privacy is important to Cardno.  It is the policy of Cardno to respect the confidentiality of information and privacy of individuals. Personal information provided by you as part of your application (whether oral, electronic, or written) will be collected and processed for the purpose of evaluating your application for employment.  In order to carry out this purpose, your information may be disclosed to appropriate persons in our offices.  Any information we hold will be governed by the most current version of the Cardno Privacy Policy. 

Cardno is committed to Child Protection, Anti-bribery and Fraud prevention in the delivery of our International Development project and programs.  Our recruitment and selection procedures reflect this commitment and will include police/criminal record checks.

An Australian aid project – managed by Cardno on behalf of the Australian Government


Governance for Development Support Services

Espesialistas ba Programasaun Osamentál Nasionál (Pozisaun balu)


Cardno Emerging Markets buka hela graduadu iha área Jestaun Setór Públiku, Administrasaun Públiku, Polítika Públiku nian ka áreas relevantes atu servisu hamutuk ho programa Governance for Development (GfD) hanesan Espesialistas ba Programa Orsamentál Nasionál.

Agora dadauk GfD tulun Governu Timor-Leste atu implementa reforma ba Jestuan Finanseira Públika (Public Financial Management – PFM) ho objetivu atu estabelese sistema governasaun orsamentál modern ida, hadiak liután efetividdades hotu ba Timor-Leste nia sistema PFM no hadiak liután prestasaun servisu ba sidadaun Timor-Leste.

Espesialistas Programa Orsamentál Nasionál sira sei serbisu ho dirasaun  husi UPMA hodi apoiu ba implementasaun ba referoma PFM liuhusi fornese treinamentu, monitorizasaun, avaliasaun no dezenpeñu/treinamentu ba orsaemntu bazeia ba programa no apoiu liña ministeriál no ajensia autónoma sira. Espesialista sira bele mós atu koloka ba iha liña ministerial sira ba tempu ruma karik presiza.

Aplikante sira ne’ebe seiduak iha kuñesmiemtu ba, ka esperiensia iha, dezenphu no konseitus ba orsamentu bazeia ba programa, sei hetan treinamentu husi Espesialista PFM internasional husi UPMA karik nesesáriu ba kandidatu hirak ne’ebé susesu.

Kontratu inisiál sei to’o meadus 2017, ho posibilidade ba estensaun.

Atu hetan termus referensia kompletu, inklui infromasaun detallu kona-ba rekerimentus no ba ámbitu servisu reforma ida ne’e, bele hetan husi:

·         Link:

·         Liuhusi kontatu ami nia ekipa rekrutamentu iha


Husu ba aplikante sira atu lee Termu Referénsia no haktuir instrusaun sira oinsá atu applika


Applikasaun taka iha 23:55 oras Dili nian, 7 Novembru 2016.


Cardno mak hanesan Empregadór Bazeia ba Opportunidade Iguál. Cardno enkorja feto atu applika. Cardno rekoñese iha responsabilidade morál no legál atu fornese opportunidade iguál iha servisu-fatin liuhusi garante katak desizaun hotu rekrutamentu no selesaun nian bazeia ba kandidatu sira ne’ebé iha kulalifikasaun no esperiénsia diak-liu, sira-ne’ebé bele dezenpeña rekerimentus husi provizaun pozisaun ne’e nian.

Ita-boot nia privasidade importante ba Cardno. Iha polítika/regulamentu ida katak Cardno atu respeitu konfidensialidade ba informsaun ne’ebé ita-boot fornese iha ita-boot nia applikasaun (iha formal orál, elektrónika, ka eskrita) sei kolekta/halibur no prosesa ho deit intensaun atu avalia ita-boot nia applikasaun ba empregu ne’e. Atu bele halo ida-ne’e, ita nia informsaun sei fó ba pesoal appropriadu balu iha ami nia eskritóriu. Informasaun sira ne’ebé ami hetan sei governa ho versaun mais atuál husi Polítika/Regulamentu Privasidade Cardno nian.

Cardno mos iha komprimissu ba Protesaun ba Labarik, Anti-Subornu no prevensaun ba Fráude iha ninia servisu hala’o projetu no programa Dezenvolvimentu Internasaional sira. Ami nia prosedimentu rekrutamentu no selesaun refleta komprimissu ne’e no sei inklúi verifikasaun husi polisia/dokumentasaun kriminál nian.

 Projetu Ajudasaun Australia nian – jere husi Cardno hodi Governu Australianu nia naran

Ministério do Planeamento e Investimento Estratégica – Quatro Pocicoes – CD 09 de Novembro de 2016



Ministério do Planeamento e Investimento Estratégica

Job Position Type Deadline TOR
Finance Assistant (National Only) National 09 de Novembro de 2016 tor_finance-assistant
Finance Treasury Officer National 09 de Novembro de 2016 tor_finance-treasury
Finance Accounting Officer (National Only) National 09 de Novembro de 2016 tor_finance-accounting


CARE TL – Junior Finance Officer – CD 04 de Novembro de 2016

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste (CITL)

Department / Project                    : Program Support Unit (PSU)

Position                                               : Junior Finance Officer

Supervisor                                          : Accountant

Grade                                                   : E1

Salary                                                    : From $ 390 per month plus benefits

Location of Work                             : Dili

Position Report To                          : Accountant

Job Description Prepared by      : Finance Manager

Contract period                                                : 1 year



CARE is an international development and humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities. As a non-religious and non-political organization, CARE works with communities to help overcome poverty by supporting development efforts and providing emergency assistance. We believe supporting women and girls is one of the most effective ways to create sustainable outcomes in poor communities.

CARE International in Timor Leste’s, long term program will focus on women and girls in rural disadvantage areas with four priority areas: SRM Health and Rights, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Women’s Voice and Education.


The Junior Finance Officer (JFO) is responsible for maintaining the day to day cash operation/banking process and data entry of vouchers into FinSun to record all transactions initiated by Country Office, following up the outstanding advances and payment, ensuring the systematic document filing system and providing supports on the matters relate to human resources that handled by Finance department such as the timesheet and leave management, preparing the tax payment, staff insurance and medical allowance. All shall be in compliance with CARE, donor and local rules and regulations.


The position reports directly to the Accountant.

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Novo Turismo Timor – Leste – Guest Service Agent (Reception) – CD 01 de Novembro de 2016


4 stars Luxury Resort in Dili, Timor-Leste

with 71 rooms now inviting talented people and offering opportunity to grow with us in the following section:

Front Office:

  • Guest Service Agent (Reception)


  • Education minimum from hotel school
  • 1 year working experience
  • Able to communicate English, Indonesia & Portuguese
  • Able to work in a team or individual, out going, pleasant personality and Mature
  • Additional language will be an additional advantages
  • Service & Hospitality Oriented
  • Young energetic and passionate person
  • Aged 20 – 30 years old


Special Note: This vacancy valid since the announcement was issued

or LAST DATE RECEIVED ON Tuesday, 1st  November 2016




Please send your Application Letter, CV with Certificates and

 recent Photograph size: 3×4 ( 2 pcs ) to:


Direct to Human Resources NOVO TURISMO Resort & Spa

ChildFund International – Assurance Officer – CD 06 de Novembro de 2016

ChildFund Timor-Leste

ChildFund Timor-Leste

Job Description for

Assurance Officer

(Timorese national)

For over 20 years, ChildFund International has been serving Timor-Leste’s children and youth, and their families and communities. ChildFund is looking for a motivated, trustworthy, and experienced person to fill a key vacancy in the organization.

Title:                                                                     Assurance Officer

Department:                                                      Office of the National Director

Location:                                                             Dili, with travel to program and project areas

Reporting Relationship:                               National Director


Responsible for coordination of activities required to meet organizational quality standards, procedural policy requirements, statutory obligations, and internal control requirements


§  Responsible for implementation and monitoring the Enterprise Risk Management framework for the national office; ensure capacity building on control systems and processes, provide advice in the design and improvement of control systems, perform review of management’s internal controls and evaluation of effectiveness of risk management strategies; conduct investigative reviews involving whistleblower policy, as required

§  Evaluation/determination that national office staff are aware of and compliant with organizational policies, procedures and statutory regulations; ensure systems are developed for local compliance requirements; provide reviews/evaluations for identification of areas for continuous improvement; in collaboration with Regional Office and Global Assurance to ensure communication and dissemination of assurance-related information

§  Review the operations of the national office and implementing partners to ensure full compliance with the Letter of Agreement, Law, policies and procedures, donor agreements, and best business practices, and recommend improvements as required

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ChildFund International – Program Officer – Youth Development – CD 06 de Novembro de 2016

ChildFund Timor-Leste

ChildFund Timor-Leste

Job Description for

Program Officer – Youth Development

(Timorese national)

For over 20 years, ChildFund International has been serving Timor-Leste’s children and youth, and their families and communities. We are looking for a motivated, trustworthy, and experienced person to fill in a key national vacancy in the organization.

Title:                                                                     Program Officer – Youth Development

Department:                                                      Programs

Location:                                                             Dili

Reporting Relationship:                               Program Manager – Child Protection


The Program Officer – Youth Development ensures that developing and implementing youth-focused programs and projects by ChildFund’s partners are aligned with life stage program strategies. The Program Officer ensures that these programs and projects align with the prioritized domains of change:youth employed at a living wage in non-exploitative work, youth making choices to live a healthy reproductive life, and youth agency. The Program Officer provides technical support to implementing partners on systems and procedures for planning, designing, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of youth-focused programs and projects.

As a member of the Program Management Team (PMT), the staff works closely with Program Manager – Child Protection, who leads PMT, as well as Program Officer – Child Development and M&E Officer. As technical team, they build a network of strong partners that manage resources and implement programs and projects that result in strong outcomes for children and youth, and their families and communities. The role requires strong program management and organizational development skills, and deep understanding of, and experience in, Timor-Leste’s Child Protection situation and systems.



I.                    Strategic planning and direction-setting 

  1. Leads the development and/or review of long-term youth program strategy with implementing partners, and ensures that these are aligned with ChildFund’s strategy, impact, learning, and knowledge systems, as well as with Timor-Leste national and municipal strategic plans
  2. Ensures that implementing partners understand and apply Theories of Change in youth-focused programs, which are strengthened by integrating gender equity, persons with disability, or disaster risk reduction and climate change
  3. Contextualizes technical standards, indicators, tools, and program methodologies of youth program strategies, developed through Theories of Change process and based on the country’s socio-economic, cultural and political situation
  4. Ensures that the organization’s values, core intent, global strategic priorities, life stage program strategies, and Country Strategic Plan (CSP) are understood by all staff and partners, and reflected in program design and management

II.                  Program management

  1. Works proactively with PMT and Senior Management Team (SMT)in the development and/or review of ChildFund Timor-Leste’s CSP, and ensures that the youth program strategy is integrated in the CSP
  2. Strategizes with PMT to develop and ensure a programmatic transition between life stage programs
  3. Works closely with the M&E Officer to establish monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems with the implementing partners to help measure the organization’s progress towards its core outcomes. Monitors program standards and achievements through regular reporting, communications, and on-site visits, and provides guidance and oversees corrective action when needed.
  4. Works proactively with other departments such as Finance, Sponsor Relations, and Human Resources to build a network of strong partners (community-based organizations and national NGOs) working with ChildFund to deliver programs that contribute to strengthening an enabling environment, reduce risks of vulnerability, and provide children with opportunities to develop and thrive
  5. Responsible for management and technical leadership to improve and maintain program effectiveness of implementing partners for youth programs
  6. Ensures that implementing partners adhere to ChildFund’s terms and conditions for budget management to implement youth programs
  7. Reviews implementing partners’ reports and provides analytical feedback on delivering outputs and achieving outcomes
  8. Works with PMT to ensure that the annual operating plan and budget (AOPB) developed by implementing partners is aligned with the organizational funding model and policies, and all partners account for required funds to implement planned activities
  9. Together with PMT, develops programs aligned with strategic priorities of the national office supported by non-sponsorship program funds and gifts in kind

III.                Partnership-building and networking

  1. Works closely with PMT to review implementing partners’ performance, and provides feedback and support to improve partners’ accountability and effectiveness in program management
  2. Initiates scoping and evaluation of potential partners, involves PMT in the evaluation and planning process, and guides potential partners through the partnership process
  3. Represents ChildFund in network meetings related to youth development and employment, as well as disaster risk management, and contributes to advocacy with government, donor agencies, and development organizations for policy change on youth development
  4. Oversees collaboration of community-based implementing partners with local government
  5. Cultivates relationships with stakeholders and relevant networks that will build greater understanding of evidence-based practice for deprived, excluded, and vulnerable youth to support youth-focused program strategy


·         5 years’ experience in program management (planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation) in an NGO or INGO focused on child/youth agency and development

·         Strong written and oral communication skills in English and Tetun, with ability to write narrative and progress reports in English for ChildFund and donors

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CCI-TL – Communications & Technology Officer – CD 10 de Novembro de 2016





Communications & Technology Officer

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) is a membership organisation representing the private business sector to the Government.  We are involved in advocacy as well as providing training and support to the business community.  More information is available on and our Facebook page.


This new role of Communications & Technology Officer results from CCI-TL’s expansion and increasing capability.  As a direct report to the CEO, the person needs to be a self-starter to achieve objectives.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring CCI-TL members, stakeholders and the public are aware of CCI-TL activities and successes.
  • Website maintenance and content management.
  • Responsibility for all technology issues at CCI-TL.
  • Speech, PowerPoint and document writing.


The successful applicant will support some of Timor-Leste’s leading business people and be involved in activities at a high political level.  They will have:

  • A relevant university qualification.
  • Relevant communications work experience is essential.
  • Professional writing and readingfluency in Tetun and English, Portugese is also preferable
  • Proven technology skills.
  • A strong professional work ethic.


Applications should be in English, no longer than four pages in total.  Please contact Ms Filomena Tavares on +670 78592599 or +670 3321022, or by email: for a Position Description. Salary is based on local rates.


Applications should be in a sealed envelope and be delivered to:

Mr Nuno Trindade

Chief Executive Officer

Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Timor-Leste

Rua 30 de Agusto, No. 6

ACAIT, Dili.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 10 November 2016.

The Asia Foundation – Governance Advisor – National Position – CD 03 de Novembro de 2016

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Improving Lives, Expanding Opportunities




Title:                     Governance Advisor – National Position                          

Reports to:            Country Representative and Deputy Country Representative

Supervises:                      Program Officers and Program Assistants

Unit:                      Timor-Leste Office

Work Location:                Dili with frequent travel to all municipalities

Contract Period:    One year with possibility of extension


Summary of Position Responsibilities

The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) has a long history working in governance, policy, elections, and community engagement such as local development monitoring, suku governance support, and policy advocacy across Timor-Leste, with both civil society organizations (CSOs) and government stakeholders. These programs are designed to leverage and strengthen relationships and cooperation between communities and government line ministries at both the national and sub-national levels.


The Governance Adviser will work closely with the Country Representative, Deputy Country Representative, and program managers at the Foundation to coordinate and help ensure that all project activities relating to governance, policy, local development, and elections as described in the relevant program documents and program implementation plans are implemented in a well-organized manner and project outputs are met accordingly.


Internal Foundation Contacts                                          

Country Representative, Deputy Country Representative, program teams (local governance, public policy, and government accountability and various other Foundation programs), Program Support Unit, and finance and administrative staff in the Foundation’s Timor-Leste office.


External Contacts

Donors such as the Australian government, and European Union. Civil society partner organizations and community members at the local level. Relevant Government line ministries, local authorities, the Office of the Prime Minister, and other relevant stakeholders working on community engagement and good governance.




The Governance Advisor will:

  • Ensure that all program activities under the Governance Unit are operating and implemented effectively, in coordination with the relevant Foundation program managers;
  • Support the Foundation to ensure effective links between communities and government at suku, sub-national, and national levels;
  • Act as liaison with government line ministries and civil society in the areas of community-driven development, policy development, local governance, government accountability, and elections.

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Handicap International – Photographer Consultant – CD 30 de Outubro de 2016

Handicap International


Expression of Interest

Handicap International is a non-governmental organization, specialized in the field of international solidarity. Handicap International is working in over than 59 countries worldwide and a co-winner of 1997 Nobel Prize for Campaign against Land Mines. Handicap International has been working in Indonesia since 2005 to support health and social initiatives related to disability issues in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, and since 2012 in Timor-Leste in partnership with Ministry of Social Solidarity.


Position Title                     : Photographer Consultant

Location                               : Yogyakarta, NTT, Timor-Leste

Period of assignment :  2-3 weeks working period in November 2016

Consultancy rate                : IDR  6,550,000.00 – 11,135,000.00  lump sump*

*Based on experience and planning                                     

*Per diem, flight ticket, and accommodation will be provided by Handicap International

Closing date                       : 30 October 2016


Objective of the consultancy

Communications and knowledge management are important elements of Handicap International to share information and promote actions at national and international level but also to advocate about disability rights. Therefore, Handicap International Indonesia and Timor-Leste is seeking the services of a professional photographer to illustrate our actions and highlights our results for our stakeholders and beneficiaries and with the team in Indonesia (Yogyakarta Special Province –Yogyakarta and Guning Kidul) and NTT province – Kupang and Fatuleu Barat districts) and Timor Leste (Aileu, Liquica, Dili and Tibar districts)

Tasks / Responsibilities :

  • Capture high resolution pictures (RAW format) of Handicap International’s various actions on the field related to Inclusive education, vocational trainings, Promotion of Rights, Inclusive local development and local participation, accessibility, emergency response, inclusive disaster risk management. The pictures have to provide a story illustrating these actions.
  • Provide Handicap International with at least  350 high quality photographs on 2CD-roms or USB Flash Disk from all the projects in Indonesia with a selection of 30 to 50 best retouched pictures (RAW AND JPEG). The copyright for all these photographs will belong to Handicap International but the name of the photographer will be mentioned on each picture.

Skills, experience and qualifications required :

  • At least 4 years of experience as a photographer
  • Experience on taking photographs for INGOs or other relevant agencies making interventions in development or emergency settings will be an asset (proven with portfolio).
  • Previous experience of working as a documentary- photographer will be an asset.
  • High skills on photo retouching
  • Availability and willingness to travel outside Indonesia.
  • Respecting local cultures and people, mainly people with disabilities.
  • Able to work with minimum supervision but in close coordination with other team members.
  • A degree or diploma or training in photo journalism.
  • Ownership or possession of a high resolution state of the art  (SLR or mirrorless) digital camera/equipment is a MUST.


Payment will be made in two instalments of the following :

  • 30% upon signature of the contract;
  • 70% Final payment upon submission of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from Handicap International.


Application package :

  • A Job Proposal: A Letter of Interest stating he/she considers himself suitable for the assignment + a Technical proposal indicating:
    • A short presentation about the project (objective, results such as numbers of pictures, types of pictures, vision, approach and potential 20 scenarios for pictures.)
    • Adjusted schedule taking into consideration time for transportation and for retouching photographs
    • consultancy fee (lump sum fee)
    • Short explanation on the equipment that will be used (Camera brand and model, lenses, flash, etc).
  • Personal CV highlighting past experience in similar projects and relevant achievements Portfolios in soft copy with at least10 documentary photographs (either coloured or black-and-white background)
  • Work references – two contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees


Full Terms of Reference will be sent on demand

Any interested candidates should send their application package to:


Regional Logistics Deputy of Handicap International

Email :

(please put in reference in Subject: Name_Photographer Consultancy)

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Handicap International particularly encourages persons with disabilities to apply.