Crossland Shipping Services – 3 Positions (ACCOUNTING STAFF, OPERATIONS STAFF, DOCUMENTATION STAFF) – CD 30 de Abril de 2015

Crossland_Shipping_Services Timor-Leste

Crossland_Shipping_Services Timor-Leste


We are inviting qualified individuals to join our company as we are in need of Local Timorese employees as per below job vacancy positions;




  • College Graduate (Preferably Accounting or Business Managementt course ).
  • Independent/ Flexible / Fast Learner and well verse in the accounting field.
  • With knowledge in Microsoft Office Programs (i.e . Excel / Word / Outlook )
  • Can speak and understand English Language.
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply.




  • At least senior high school or college graduate
  • Can speak and understand English Language.





  • College graduate.
  • Can speak and understand English Language.
  • With knowledge in Microsoft Office Programs (i.e . Excel / Word / Outlook )
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.


For those Interested applicants please submit  your Application/Detailed Resume’/Diploma/Transcript of Records/Previous Employment Certificates, etc. to below details;


The Manager

Crossland  Shipping  Services, Lda.

Palm Business and Trade Centre

Surik Mas, Fatumeta, Bairo Pite, Dom Alexio,

Dili, East Timor

Mobile No : 77112692

Or send your Resume’ and Applications thru this Email Add:


Deadline submission of CV/Resume on April 30, 2015

Paz y Desarrollo – Fasilitador – CD 18 de Abril de 2015

Paz y Desarrollo

Paz y Desarrollo


Programa: Programa regional atu Promove Igualdade Jéneru  ba partisipasaun politika iha Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Timor-Leste no Vietnam.

Posisaun: Fasilitador

Lokalizasaun servisu: Dili, Baucau, Manatuto, Viqueque no Lautem

Relatoriu ba: Asistente Koordenador Projetu

Durasaun kontratu: 28 Abril – 30 Setembru 2014 (fulan 5)


Konaba Paz y Desarrollo (PyD)

Paz y Desarrollo–Páz no Dezenvolvimentu ne’e nu’udar Organizasaun Dezenvolvimentu Naun Governamentál ne’ebé harii iha 1991 iha Córdoba, España. Durante iha ninia servisu maizumenus liu tinan 20 nian, Paz y Desarrollo estabelese ona maizumenus projetu Kooperasaun Internasionál 780 no programa sira  iha nasaun 35 iha Ázia tomak, Amérika Latina no Áfrika, buka atu hadi’ak feto no mane sira-nia kapasidade no atu garantia dezenvolvimentu komunidade sustentavel nian. Paz y Desarrollo ne’e nu’udar organizasaun sekulár, naun polítiku ne’ebé iha kompromisu atu promove igualdade jéneru no feto sira-nia hakbiit liu husi ninia área atividade sira.

Konaba projetu:

Programa regional hodi promove igualdade jéneru ba partisipasaun politika iha Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Timor-Leste no Vietnam ho nia objetivu atu  kontribui ba realiza direitus sivil politika feto sira nian liu husi apoiu inisiativa hodi promove partisipasaun hanesen entre feto no mane iha boa governasaun no  demokrasia. Projetu ida ne’e bazea ba matadalan prinsipal tolu mak hanesan: 1)  Apoiu inisiativa regional no nasional nebe’e servi liu husi forum debate no analiza   kona-ba feto hakonu knar (duty- bearer),  knar nain (rights – holder) no knar moral sira (moral bearer), 2) Haforsa boa governasaun, promove partisipasaun feto iha nivel diferente iha administrasaun publiku, no inkopera igualidade jéneru iha agenda politika, 3) Enkorajem inisiativa nebe’e hari’I ka forma husi sidadaun liu husi promove  direitus feto iha politika no partisipasaun sivil. PyD Timor-Leste servisu kolaborasaun  autor oi-oin mak hanesan: Governo, Sosiedade sivil no organizasaun internasional.  Projeitu ida ne’e  finansia husi AECID.

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Care-TL – Senior Finance Officer – CD 20 de Abril de 2015

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor- Leste – CITL


Department / Project                    : Finance Unit

Position                                               : Senior Finance Officer

Grade                                                   : C1

Salary                                                    : From $669.00 per month plus benefits

Duty Station                                       : Dili Base with regular travel to field Offices

Report to                                             : Finance Manager

Contract period                                 : One year with extension Possibility


CARE is an international humanitarian organization, with a vision of empowering women and girls to fight poverty and bring lasting change to their communities. We work in over 80 countries around the world. We work with partners to achieve lasting results for marginalized communities.


People are CARE’s greatest assets. CARE international in Timor –Leste (CITL) ha s a diverse team of dedicated, talented professionals who work together to make a lasting impact.

Key tasks:

  • Supervise Project Finance Officer (PFO) and Field office finance operation (FFO) to ensure the project accounting is done properly and timely
  • Assisting Finance Manager in Country Office Accounting
  • Taking a part in internal control function including fraud prevention
  • Support Field Office Operation
  • General Finance tasks: FM back up and SUN implementation


Position summary:

  • SFO is a senior position who responsible to supervise the PPO and FPO to ensure the project accounting is done properly in meeting the deadlines and project requirements in compliance with CARE, donor and local rules and regulations. SFO along with the accountant also provide assistance and back up of finance manager in completing country office accounting. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to management of project cycle, monthly and annually closeout procedures, general accounting and internal controls.

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Ministério da Educação de Timor-Leste – Translator of Mother Tongue (Tetum Speaker) for Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) program -CD 17 de Abril de 2015

Ministério da Educação de Timor-Leste

Ministério da Educação de Timor-Leste



Democratic Republic of East Timor

Management Strengthening Project

Grant Nos: TF012495


The Democratic Republic of East Timor has received financing administered by the World Bank under Global Partnership for Education Fund toward the cost of the Management Strengthening Project (MSP), and intends to hire Translator of Mother Tongue (Tetum Speaker) for Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) program.


  1. Translate Advocacy materials
  2. Translate and edit teacher daily lesson plans and teacher guides.
  3. Translate and edit stories of various kinds.
  4. Translate and edit children’s learning to read and activity books



  1. Make sure the translation follows the structure of Tetum language (INL standard)
  2. Make sure the translations are clear and understandable.
  3. Updating translated materials with/to the team.
  4. Be responsible for a filing system for the materials.
  5. Able to perform the tasks related to the translation work as required by the MTB- MLE National Coordinator.


Expected outputs;

  1. Translate dan dedited advocacy materials
  2. Edited teacher daily lesson plans and activity guides
  3. Editedchildren’slearning to read and activity books
  4. Edited story books of various kinds


The assignment is expected to commence ASAP or by Mid April 2015.


Ministry of Education of the Democratic Republic of East Timor now invites eligible applicants to indicate their interest in providing the services for this position. Interested applicants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (CV, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills, etc.).


Qualification requirements are:

  1. Academic degree in Education and/or related field;
  2. Candidates should be a mother tongue (first language) of the Tetum Dili (INL/Tetum orthographic);
  3. Has studied translation principles
  4. Experience in translating materials from English , Indonesian or Malay into Tetun or respective mother tongue, or vice-versa.


Interested eligible applicants may obtain further information and a copy of the Terms of Reference from the Management Strengthening Project at the address given below.

The email subject heading must be referencing the job title: Translator for Mother Tongue (Tetum)

Interested applicants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 09:00 to 17:00 hours of local time.

The Expression of Interest together with your latest curriculum vitae must be delivered to the email address given below by 17th April 2015.


Attn: Mr. Danino da Cunha

National Director of Procurement

Ministry of Education

Democratic Republic of East Timor

Vila Verde, Dili

Tel: +670 3311035

E-mail:  and


Please download the Full TOR here:Terms of Reference for Tetum Translator

BELUN – Ofisiàl Peskizador no Advokasia – CD 17 de Abril de 2015


NGO Belun

NGO Belun


“Oportunidade Hamutuk ba Hametin Kbi’it ho Belun”

NGO Belun organizasaun nasionál no Independente. Belun harii iha tinan 2004 hodi partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolve no hari nasaun Timor-Leste. Vizaun mak Sosiedade Timor-Leste iha kbi’it kreativu no kritiku hodi hametin dame ba dezenvolvimentu. Atu alkansa vizaun ida ne’e Belun implementa nia misaun hodi Serbi Sosiedade no Prevene Konflitu ho integridade no inovativu.

Agora dadauk, Belun buka maluk nasionalidadeTimorense ida hodi halao servisu nu’udar“Ofisiàl Peskizador no Advokasia”. Pozisaun Xavi ne’e husi parseria Belun ho International Development Research Centre husi Pais Canada iha implementasaun Projetu Avaliasaun ba Mudansa Lejitimidade ba Setor Seguransa.

• Fatin Servisu : Hela metin iha Dili no viajen Ba-Mai Munisipiu.

• Durasaun: Tinan ida, maibé durante fulan tolu hanesan serbisu probatoriu.

• Salariu: USD 750. Kna’ar no Responsabilidade.

Favor download nia informasaun detalha hodi klik iha nee: Vaga Peskizador no Advokasia.

Ministério da Solidariedade Social (MSS) de Timor-Leste – Assessor / Consultor na área do Planeamento – Deadline 24 de Abril de 2015

Ministério da Solidariedade Social (MSS) de Timor-Leste

Ministério da Solidariedade Social (MSS) de Timor-Leste

Termos de Referência

Planeamento Estratégico e Operacional


No âmbito das competências que lhe são atribuídas pelo VI Governo Constitucional de Timor-Leste, o Ministério da Solidariedade Social (MSS) pretende contratar um assessor\consultor na área do Planeamento, no quadro do reforço institucional e edificação do Estado.

Ancorado no plano estratégico de desenvolvimento 2011-2030 e nos planos de longo, médio e curto prazo do MSS e, sob a orientação do Director Nacional de Finanças, Aprovisionamento, Logística e Media (DNFALM), pretende-se que o assessor\consultor preste apoio técnico ao planeamento estratégico e operacional do MSS em articulação com a sua programação financeira, aperfeiçoando o quadro já existente.

Pretende-se que a assistência técnica aposte no desenvolvimento de capacidades da equipa alargada do Plano em estreita coordenação com os órgãos e serviços do MSS, em particular com as direcções nacionais e delegações territoriais. Espera-se que esta capacitação privilegie uma metodologia participativa e que tenha como ponto de partida a análise e reflexão acerca do processo, procedimentos e instrumentos de trabalho em uso pelos serviços, no sentido de garantir um Planeamento mais integrado e eficaz e, consequentemente, uma melhor prestação das políticas, programas e serviços no domínio da protecção social e solidariedade.


  1. Responsabilidades:
  • Contribuir para a harmonização dos diferentes níveis de planeamento no MSS: estratégico e operacional;
  • Consolidar e harmonizar o Plano das diferentes direcções, nacionais e delegações territoriais, e fazer propostas de reformulação sempre que se revele necessário, no quadro dos planos de longo, médio e curto prazo do MSS;
  • Apoiar na articulação entre o plano e o orçamento, nas diferentes direcções e serviços;
  • Prestar apoio técnico à Direcção Nacional de Finanças, Aprovisionamento, Logística e Media no cumprimento das suas funções e elaborar pareceres especializados com particular enfoque nas áreas do planeamento e na elaboração de relatórios;
  • Analisar e avaliar os instrumentos de planeamento, de previsão orçamental, de elaboração de relatórios e de prestação de contas em uso pelos serviços, e propor sempre que necessário a reformulação desses instrumentos ou criação de novos, e promover a sua articulação;
  • Apoiar na revisão\elaboração de indicadores de resultados que permitam acompanhar e avaliar a execução física e orçamental das actividades planeadas;
  • Apoiar na análise de dados (físicos e financeiros) e na elaboração de estratégias e instrumentos que permitam inovar na análise da execução em cada período temporal;
  • Capacitar e formar a equipa alargada do Plano, em contexto de trabalho;
  • Apoiar e acompanhar a equipa alargada do Plano no cumprimento das suas actividades de acordo com os prazos e calendário definido pelo Governo;
  • Colaborar na preparação de orientações, procedimentos e instrumentos de trabalho que promovam a eficácia e eficiência do Planeamento;
  • Contribuir para a melhoria dos produtos apresentados pela equipa do Plano;
  • Elaborar um documento final com recomendações técnicas que promovam um planeamento integrado e articulado com o processo de construção orçamental;


  1. Requisitos:
  • Licenciatura na área das ciências sociais, preferencialmente em economia ou gestão e com pós graduação ou mestrado em área relevante para a função;
  • Certificação em Formação de Formadores por entidade acreditada;
  • Experiência de formação e capacitação de recursos humanos na área do planeamento;
  • Experiência profissional relevante de pelo menos 5 anos de trabalho em departamentos governamentais, nas áreas de planeamento e orçamento;
  • Experiência de trabalho em contextos culturais diversos;
  • Competências reconhecidas de promoção do trabalho em equipa, supervisão, capacidade analítica e superação de problemas;
  • Fluência em língua portuguesa falada e escrita;
  • Conhecimentos de língua tétum serão uma mais-valia;


  1. Vencimento

O vencimento será compatível com a formação e experiência do profissional a ser recrutado.


  1. Duração da prestação do serviço

Prevê-se que a prestação de serviços decorra no período compreendido entre Maio/Junho e Dezembro de 2015.

  1. Formalização e prazo de entrega da Candidatura

O candidato deverá enviar um Curriculum Vitae e uma carta de apresentação, até ao dia 24 de Abril, para:


Rogério Nelson Alves



Jimmy Valente dos Reis

EIROS GROUP – ICT Trainer – CD 17 de Abril de 2015

 Eiros Group

Eiros Group




Titúlu Vaga   : ICT TRAINER
Departmentu : Education and Training Department
Kodigu Vaga   : 200/AVA/EXT/A1/EEI-TL/IV/2015
Data Taka        : 17 Abril 2015
Lokaliza           : Dili, Timor Leste
Nomeasaun     : Sidadaun Timor-Leste


Favor bele download nia detalha hodi klik iha nee: JOB VACANCY ICT Trainer Tetum

Plan International in Timor-Leste – Call for Expressions of Interest – CD 20 de Abril de 2015

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Call for Expressions of Interest:




Plan invites Expressions of Interest from appropriately qualified and experienced consultants for this Mid-Term Review. The full ToR for the Mid-Term Review can be found further down this message.


Time frame:  The duration of the Mid-Term Review is expected to be 25 working days between May 1st and June 26th, 2015.


Consultant’s qualifications summary:


·         Substantial experience in assessment and evaluation using both participatory and qualitative approaches and quantitative methods

·         Background in practical management of development programs

·         Experience in youth programming a major advantage

·         Experience in community level economic development projects an advantage

·         Knowledge of global youth, human rights and disability rights issues, research and experiences

·         Knowledge of situation of young people in Timor Leste an advantage

·         Fluency in Tetun or Bahasa Indonesia a major advantage

·         Skills and experience in gender and rights analysis.

·         Must write in clear, “plain English”




Interested consultants or consulting groups should submit by email


·         An Expression of Interest not exceeding 4 pages, outlining how the Consultant meets the selection criteria and the proposed Mid-Term Review methodology

·         Activity schedule/work plan

·         CV(s)

·         Recent examples of similar work

·         Financial proposal detailing fees, data collection and other expenses

·         Names and contact details of three referees




  • Strong ICT skills, including Word, Excel and e-communications, are essential
  • Strong commitment to the equal rights and participation of girls and women is essential
  • Strong commitment to the Rights of the Child is essential
  • Plan does not tolerate child abuse. All Plan staff and consultants are selected and employed in line with the conditions of Plan’s Child Protection Policy. These include appropriate reference and background checks.
  • Applications will not be acknowledged. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No correspondence or telephone calls will be entered into.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to attend panel interviews and other selection procedures.




Plan International in Timor Leste


Consultant Terms of Reference


Mid-Term Review(s) of the Youth Empowerment Program


Background on Plan


Plan International (Plan), one of the world’s largest children’s NGOs, works with children, young people and poor communities in more than 50 developing countries in the fields of education, water, hygiene and sanitation, child protection, economic security, health, and emergency assistance. Plan has a strong commitment to gender equity and inclusion of people with disabilities. Plan has worked in Timor Leste since 2001. Visit

Background on the Youth Empowerment Program


The “Youth Empowerment Program” is actually composed of two largely similar grant supported Projects.

1.     The European Union and Plan Germany support the Project “Empowerment and inclusion of marginalized youth in the economic and political development of Timor-Leste”. Its overall objective is that Timorese young women and men, including the most marginalized, participate in decision-making, realize their economic rights and promote peace and social equality.

2.     The Australian Government (DFAT/ANCP) and Plan Australia support the Project “Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”.  Its overall objective (vision) is for “Timorese young men and women, including those from vulnerable groups, to have the capacity and opportunities, both individually and collectively, which enable them to be active, creative and responsible catalysts in the political, economic, social and cultural development of their communities and Timorese society”.

(Plan’s Sponsorship scheme also meets some indirect costs outside project budgets.)

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WaterAid – Policy & Campaigns Officer (TL National Position) – CD 10 de Abril de 2015

WaterAid-TL Office

WaterAid-TL Office

Vacancy Announcement



Water Aid - Policy & Campaigns Officer (TL National Position)

Water Aid – Policy & Campaigns Officer (TL National Position)


Explanation of Role

WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. We work with local partners to help communities access safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). And we use our experience and research to influence decision-makers to do more to provide these vital services. WaterAid has been working in Timor-Leste since 2005 and our vision is that all Timorese should have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030. WaterAid is able to provide great training and educational opportunities, good working conditions, and the opportunity to join a highly motivated and award winning team. The role requires travel to rural and remote parts of Timor-Leste.


This position involves implementing WaterAid’s advocacy program. The position supports WaterAid’s strategic objective of using evidence-based advocacy and campaigns to offer solutions to the challenges that prevent people from accessing water and sanitation services, and to champion effective use of resources.


Email applications to: by 10th April 2015. The subject line of your email should read “Application – Policy & Campaigns Officer”.

For any queries not answered in this document email: 



Please download the details in PDF here: JD_Policy_Campaigns Officer