Plan International in Timor-Leste – ECCD Community Facilitator (2 Positions) – CD 26 de Outubro de 2015

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Vacancy Announcement

ECCD Community Facilitator (2 Positions)

A great opportunity for young female (and male) graduates to serve the children of Timor-Leste! We strongly encourage women to apply. Plan offers competitive salaries and long-term career opportunities.

Purpose: Plan Timor-Leste is committed to assisting children, young people and their communities in the realization of their rights through both direct program interventions and evidence-based advocacy. ECCD is a key component of Plan’s interventions in Timor-Leste and the main purpose of this role is to responsible for the ECCD program implementation activity in the community.

Dimensions of Role:

Based at the Ainaro (Maubisse) District Office with some travel within Timor-Leste.

The Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Community Facilitator will need to work closely with the ECCD District Coordinator, and District Manager inAinaro  (Maubisse) and other program staff based inMaubisse

Typical Responsibilities – Key End Results of Position:

  • Facilitate community (girls and boys, women and families) to be able to achieve their development needs
  • Facilitate community in project planning, project implementation
  • Capacity building of community Facilitators
  • Conduct community meeting
  • Prepare work planning and report to ECCD District Coordinator
  • Conduct monitoring and mentoring to ECCD activity implementation in the area responsibility


Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours which we seek

  1. University education with an appropriate qualification for the role
  2. Significant long term experience in education projects
  3. Experience in training of  children and young people and understanding of participatory children adult learning principles
  4. Commitment to working with children and young people
  5. Commitment to work in rural communities
  6. Commitment to equal respect for women
  7. Demonstrated skills and experience in planning, monitoring, report writing
  8. Spoken and written English a major advantage
  9. Able to ride motorcycle


  • Plan does not tolerate child abuse. All Plan staff and consultants are selected and employed in line with the conditions of Plan’s Child Protection Policy. These include appropriate reference and background checks.
  • Applications will not be acknowledged. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No correspondence or telephone calls will be entered into.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to attend panel interviews and other selection procedures. These may include tests on English, mathematics and observation of organizing activities with children.

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS:  Monday 26th October 2015                                                                                                                                                                        


  • resume/CV
  • cover letter explaining why you are applying
  • names and contact details of three referees


To or by hand to Plan, Rua Nu’u Laran No.20, Bairo dos Grilos (near Xanana Sports Centre, opposite CNRT office), Dili, Timor-Leste or to Plan District Office in Aileu and Maubisse

WaterAid – Deputy Country Representative (National Postion) – CD 30 de Outubro de 2015

WaterAid-TL Office

WaterAid-TL Office


Job Title: Deputy Country Representative (National Postion)

Place of Work:


Dili, with regular travel to Manufahi and Likisà Municipalities






Full time


40 hours/week


Reports to:


WaterAid Country Representative


Start date:                                 6 Nov 2015

Explanation of Role

WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. We work with local partners to help communities access safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). And we use our experience and research to influence decision-makers to do more to provide these vital services. WaterAid has been working in Timor-Leste since 2005 and our vision is that all Timorese should have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030. WaterAid is able to provide great training and educational opportunities, good working conditions, and the opportunity to join a highly motivated and award winning team. It is a requirement of this role that you are able to commit to up to 4 weeks international travel per year. The role also requires travel to rural and remote parts of Timor-Leste.


This position involves supporting WaterAid Timor-Leste’s Country Operations, Country Strategy Development, Management and Implementation, with a long-term strategy for the position to be a strong contender for a potential future national Country Representative position. The role will largely focus on supporting and managing the Policy and Campaign teams, Program Support, Capacity Building and Operations Team. The position supports the development and achievement of WaterAid’s country strategic objectives and effective operations in order to promote and secure poor people’s rights with regards access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation and to support local partner organisations and service providers in developing their capacity to deliver effective WASH and behaviour change programmes.

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Moris Rasik Timor-Leste – Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Staff – CD 26 de Outubro de 2015


Fatin Servisu:  Dili – no halao viagem ba Distritu


Relata Ba: Manajer SDU


Anuncio Vaga Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Staff


Kona-ba Servisu

Moris Rasik (MR) agora buka hela Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Stafff nain ida (1) atu servisu hamutuk ho Manajer Dezenvolvimentu Staff no advisor. Servisu ida ne’e inkluimos prepara no dezenvolve kurikulu no oferesse treinamettu ba Staff MR hotu ne’ebé sei oferese husi Manajer no advisor ho ninia grupu iha SDU laran.

Fo konsiderasaun hodi gasta tempu barak liu sai husi Dili ba visita iha kualker eskritoriu (eskritorio MR iha distritu hamutuk 12 iha Timor laran tomak) ne’ebé MR iha inklui mos hela iha distrito kalan ida ka liu kalan ida depende ba nesesidade servisu ne’ebé iha.


Kona-ba Kna’ar no Responsablidade

  • Hamutuk ho Manajer no adviser, dezenvolve matadalan treinamentu nian bazea ba nesesidade MR
  • Fo treinamentu ba staf SDU inklui mos staf regional, manager sira no staf edefisiu sentral (HO)
  • Ajuda halo seleksaun ka dezenvolve material no sasan inklui matadalan treinamento, sasan visual (tools), no referencia servisu konaba peskija (refere ba ALP (Prinsipio Ema Adulto Aprende), Kna’ar Fasilitador no Kna’ar Treinador, nsst)
  • Ajuda atu follow-up hodi halo observasaun no avaliasaun atu determina treinamento no workshop hotu ho effektivo liu husi halo evaluasaun iha kontiudu ka prosesu bazeia ba resultado perfoma husi Partisipantes sira

Kompetensia Requirementu ba posisaun ida nee:

  • Minimu nivel edukasaun strata ida (S1) ho esperiensia servisu tinan ida iha NGO
  • Iha abilidade atu aprende no aplika ALP, Kna’ar Fasilitador no Treinador, nsst
  • Iha abilidade atu involve partisipante sira atu identifika sira nia nesesidade treinamentu
  • Iha abilidade atu ajuda hodi evalua nesesidade treinamentu (bazeia ba nesesidade NGO)
  • Iha abilidade atu aprezenta no fahe informasaun ho efektivo ba ema adulto ho fiar an.
  • Hanoin ne’ebé hatudu ho hahalok kona-ba Pro-Ativu (Maneja aan rasik)
  • Prontu servisu iha distritu pelumenus ho tempu 60%
  • Iha karta kondusaun ba motorizada (SIM)


Informasaun seluk ka iha perguntas ruma kona-ba pozisaun ida ne’e bele haruka liu husi e-mail ho pergunta espesifiku ba; ka kontaktu numeru HP +670 77301936 / +67077417091.


Bele hatama CV (Maximu pagina tolu) seidauk persiza sertifikadu relevante no karta aplikasaun tahan 1, no bele haruka mai iha eskritorio sentral Timor Plaza lantai 3 ka haruka liu husi e-mail;  antes data; 26 de Outubro de 2015, oras 08:00 dader hanesan tempu ikus liu (dead line).

Dili; 15 de Outubro de 2015.

CARE TL – Ofisial Monitoring no Evaluasaun (M&E) no Approvisionamento – CD 19 de Outobro de 2015.




Internalmente & Externalmente

CARE International iha Timor-Leste – CITL


Projetu                                                  : HANDS

Posisaun                                                : Ofisial Monitoring no Evaluasaun (M&E) no Approvisionamento

Grau                                                       : D1

Salario                                                    : Husi $536 kada fulan plus benefisiu seluk tan

Lokasaun Servisu                                 : Dili ho viajen frekuentamente ba area Servisu nian

Lina kordenasaun                                : Jerente Projetu LLM, Adjuntu Projetu LLM

Relata ba                                               : Adjuntu Jerente Projetu

Periodu Kontratu                                                : 26 de Outobru 2015  to’o 31 de Outobru 2016


CARE nudar organisasaun  internasional umanitariu, ho visaun atu haforsa feto no labarik feto sira atu luta hasoru moris mukit no lori mudansa iha ikus ba sira nia komunidade. Ami servisu iha nasaun liu husi 80 iha mundu ne’e. Ami servisu ho parseiro atu realiza resultadu ikus atu marjinaliza ba komunidade.

CARE ninia patrimóniu boot-liu maka ema sira. CARE Internasional iha Timor-Leste (CITL) iha ekipa oi-oin ho profisionais sira ne’ebé iha dedikasaun no talentu no serbisu hamutuk hodi fó impaktu ba tempu naruk nian.



Ho gia husi Adjuntu Jerente Projetu, Ofisiál M&E no Approvisionamento  sei implementa sistema M&E iha nivel terrenu, monitoriza no asegura katak knaar hotu hala’o ho qualidade no tuir duni tempu ne’ebé determinadu; asegura mós katak atividade sira projetu nian implementa ho kustu ne’ebé efetivu no tuir tempu. Parte seluk sei responsabiliza ba proseso approvisionamento projeckto hodi facilita sosa materais, ekipamentus no facilidades sira baseia ba kodigo konduta no mata dalan approvisionamento CITL nian.

Ofisiál M&E no Approvisionamento ne’e sei responsabiliza ba dezeña no implementa atividade M&E nian iha projetu; monitoriza atividade projetu nian ho regulár; halo vizita supreza/spot check ba eskola sira; rai dadus no halo relatóriu kona-ba atividade projetu nian.


  • Serbisu besik liu ho ekipa Projetu nian no Unidade Programa Kualidade CARE’s nian atu dezenvolve sistema M&E ne’ebé inklui dezenvolvimentu database no tools M&E bazeia ba rekerimentu projetu nian;
  • Asume responsabilidade tomak ba implementasaun planu M&E projetu nian iha terrenu ho gia no supervizaun husi Adjuntu Jerente Projetu;
  • Asegura katak projetu hetan evidensia ne’ebé pontuál no akurat kona-ba atividade ne’e inklui fotografia kona-ba distribusaun, waybill no asinatura husi ema ne’ebé simu;
  • Asegura katak iha file no storage ne’ebé apropriadu ba resibu distribusaun, waybill, fotografia no format relatóriu seluk mak relevante;
  • Halo vizita bebeik ba eskola no hala’o mós vizita surpreza ba eskola – hasoru malu ho administradór eskola, manorin sira atu verifika no koleta informasaun ne’ebé relevante;
  • Lidera data entry, verifikasaun dadus, no prosesu cross
  • Knaar relevante seluk mak ita-nia supervizór fó.



  • Supporta sosa materiais apprendiziagem hodi fahe ba pre-scholar hotu-hotu iha municipio 13, koordena mos ho seksaun provisionamento, logistiko no Financas kona ba aktividades relevante sira. Officiais Approvisionamento sei responsabiliza ba peskiza folin merkadoria, prence livro pedido sosa material (PR) baseia ba matadalan approvisionamento CITL nian, prepara justifikasaun / dokumento supporta  k memo hodi procesa  pagamento ruma wainhira presica. Mantein koordenasaun ho sesaun approvisionamento kona ba PR
  • Quarante tau kodigo nebe appropriadu ba faktura pagamento  no dokumentos addisionais sira  molok hatama ba sesaun Financas hodi reklama pagamento.
  • Mantein koordenasaun regular ho sesaun Financas kona ba oinsa manage plano approvisionamento projekto no update bebeik serbisu approvisionamento nebe attrasa
  • Koordena ho sesaun logistico hodi stabelese Sistema distribusaun material apprendiziagem ba pre-scholar tomak.
  • Halo visita suppreza ba allojamento sira, sasan no gasto gazoel  ba kareta hodi quarante katak gastos hirak nee tuir lolos kodigo konduta CITL nian, no karik akontese malpratika ruma,  koordena immidiata ho seksaun financa no Rekurso Humana kona ba assaun tuir mai.
  • Prontu halo knar addisional nebe’e supervisor delega.


  • Graduadu iha edukasaun, estatístika, administrasaun ka equivalente
  • Esperiénsia tinan 3 iha dezeña no implementasaun atividade M&E, liuliu iha programa edukasaun sira;
  • Esperiensia tinan 2 iha approvisionamento, operasional k administrasaun
  • Hatudu abilidade atu uza metodu kuantitativu no kualtativu inklui dezeña kuesionáriu, tékniku survey no metodu partisipatóriu
  • Hatudu abilidade iha hakerek relatóriu no abilidade atu aprezenta dadus husi rezultadu monitorizasaun no servei ho klaru.
  • Demonstra abilidade atu transfere matenek liuhusi treinamentu informal no formal ba staf seluk
  • Matenek komputadór iha programa MS Office, MS Access, Programa Statistikál (i.e. STATA, SAS, SPSS)
  • Hatudu matenek konaba jestaun ba dadus no aplikasaun sira
  • Abilidade exelente iha komunikasaun oral no mós eskrita iha Ingles
  • Abilidade atu maneja tempu, no mudansa sira tuir prioridades no deadline.
  • Iha atensaun di’ak ba detalhu.
  • Bele serbisu ho independente no serbisu hamutuk.
  • Iha abilidade interpersonal ne’ebé di’ak.


Atu rekompensa ba ita boot nia komitumentu, ita boot sei hetan benefisiu husi dezenvolvimentu profesionlismu nian no halo inovasaun ho invairomentu atu muda ita nia hanoin plus pakote benefisiu ne’ebe komprehensivu.


Atu aplika ba posisaun ida ne’e, favor haruka ita boot nia karta aplikasaun no CV ho referensia ema nain rua (Favor LALIKA anexo ho dokumentus seluk) liu husi email KA hatama ba Edifisu CARE Internasional iha Timor-Leste, Bairo Pitte antes 19 de Outobru 2015. CARE sei kontaktu deit ba kandidatu ne’ebe hetan suksesu atu halo intervista.

CARE fo oportunidade ne’ebe hanesan ba staf hotu atu komete ba diversidade servisu nian. Feto mak sei prioridade liu atu apply ba posisaun ida ne’e.

CARE International Timor Leste iha komitmentu atu proteze ba labarik nia direitu iha area nebe ita Servisu. CARE International Timor Leste iha direitu atu buka dadus revista ruma nebe asegura labarik nia ambiente atu bele seguru

Plan International in Timor-Leste – Assistant District Manager-Aileu – CD 19 de Outubro de 2015

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Vacancy Announcement


Founded 75 years ago, Plan is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world.  We work in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty. Plan is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations”. We have been working in Timor-Leste since 2001.

In support of its current growth, Plan International in Timor-Leste wishes to recruits;

Assistant District Manager-Aileu

Plan’s programs in Aileu Districts aim to ensure that children realize their rights to health, clean water and sanitation, education, and protection from violence, abuse and disaster risks. Plan is committed to response in case of humanitarian disaster in the Aileu Districts.

Child Sponsorship is an increasingly important source of stable long-term funding for these Programs. These funds depend on timely and accurate communications with thousands of Sponsors in 16 countries in Europe, Australasia, and North America

The Assistant District Manager will support the District Manager in his/her role generally, but will have a particular focus on managing suco-based Community Mobilization and supporting Community Volunteers in sponsorship communications.


Dimensions of Role:

·         Direct line manager of Community Mobilization Officers (CMOs) and though them has oversight of Community Volunteers

·         Ensures close liaison with District based staff for Programs (e.g. WASH, ECCD, Youth) for cooperation between Programs and sponsorship

·         Ensures respect for Plan’s Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy, Gender Equality Policy and IT Policy

·         Ensures all activities are in line with Plan’s CCCD approach

·         Directly responsible for all sponsorship communications at Sub-District level, ensuring 100% performance in terms of timely production of all communications items, and of quality (as indicated by the absence of NOIs)

·         Provides other support as necessary to the District Manager


  • We strongly encourage applications from women and from people with disabilities
  • Strong commitment to the equal rights and participation of girls and women is essential
  • Strong commitment to the Rights of the Child is essential
  • Plan does not tolerate child abuse. All Plan staff and consultants are selected and employed in line with the conditions of Plan’s Child Protection Policy. These include appropriate reference and background checks.
  • Applications will not be acknowledged. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No correspondence or telephone calls will be entered into.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to attend panel interviews and other selection procedures.


TO APPLY FOR POSTS …. Send resume/CV with cover letter and names and contact details of three referees, to info.timorleste@plan-international.orgor by hand Plan International in Timor-Leste Avenida Nu’u Laran No. 20 Bairo dos Grilos (near Xanana Sport Centre, opposite CNRT Office), Dili, Timor-Leste or to Plan Aileu District Office.

Any questions can be directed to the above email address or phone (+670) 331 2492.

The Asia Foundation – Consultant – CD 16 de Outubro de 2015

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Improving Lives, Expanding Opportunities




Consultant to develop a Practice Manual and client kits for Asisténsia Legál ba Feto no Labarik (ALFeLa)



The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) is implementing the Nabilan (Ending Violence Against Women) Program in Timor-Leste under a Grant Agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Nabilan Program’s goal is to reduce the proportion of women who have experienced violence, and to better meet the needs of women and children affected by violence. The objective is to improve outcomes for women in prevention, support services, and access to justice by improving capacity in key ministries, reducing levels of violence, improving services, and strengthening judicial processes serving the needs of women survivors of violence.

Under the access to justice pillar, the program is providing core funding support to Asisténsia Legál ba Feto no Labarik (Women and Children’s Legal Aid) (ALFeLa) to provide legal advice and victim advocacy to women and children. ALFeLa is the only legal aid service in Timor-Leste dedicated to providing legal assistance to women and children. ALFeLa principally focuses on legal assistance to women and children victims of crimes, but also provides assistance to women accused of domestic violence in circumstances of self–defence or other mitigating circumstances, and in civil matters involving claims for child support. ALFeLa also conducts legal education and law reform activities.


These terms of reference address the requirements for a consultant to develop a Practice Standards or Practice Manual, client kits and templates for case chronologies and file notes. This work is part of the implementation plan for recommendations from a casework audit of ALFeLa completed in July 2015.

The Asia Foundation is looking for a consultant to:

  • Develop Practice Standards or a Practice Manual for ALFeLa lawyers.
  • Develop precedents (templates) forms for use by ALFeLa lawyers.
  • Develop client kits.
  • Train ALFeLa lawyer on the use of the practice standards, precedent forms and client kits.
  • Train the Director and Legal Coordinator on the supervision of the use of the practice standards, precedent forms and client kits.


  1. Practice Standards or Practice Manual to guide ALFeLa lawyers in matters such as:
  • Responsibilities to clients:
    • Standards of service
    • Confidentiality
    • Conflict of interest
    • Communicating with the client
  • File management:
    • Opening client files
    • Organising file contents
    • Storage of active client files
    • Case closure process
    • Archiving client files
  • Practice procedures for different types of cases (criminal, civil, family law etc.)
    • standardised interview forms/statement-taking template
    • seeking instructions
    • specific advice to be provided – including how use of medical evidence, how evidence is given in court, courts processes, how to conduct themselves in court, explaining decision & appeal requirements
    • referrals to other service providers
    • engaging with prosecutors on behalf of the client (if relevant)
  1. Precedents (templates, forms)
    1. standardised interview forms/statement-taking template (new)
    2. engagement letter (existing – may need to be updated)
    3. file notes template (existing – may need to be updated)
    4. template/precedent for case chronologies (new)
    5. letter submitting medical report (existing – may need to be updated)
    6. decision notes (existing – may need to be updated)
    7. case closure forms (existing – may need to be updated)
    8. case closure letter to client (existing – may need to be updated)
    9. case review form – for Legal Coordinator to complete (new)
  2. Client kits (to carry at all times) which will include
    1. standardised interview forms/statement-taking template
    2. engagement letter (2 copies – one for file, one for the client to take away)
    3. other forms/documents needed at the beginning of a file
    4. business card with the legal officer’s phone number (this could be little fold-out card with general information for ALFeLa and space for legal officer to write their name and contact number – if it is safe to do so)
  3. Series of workshops and one on one training of ALFeLa legal officers in how to use the practice manual, client kits and template forms.
  4. Training session with the ALFeLa Director and Legal Coordinator on how to monitor and supervise correct use of the client kit and template forms with ALFeLa management and the Foundation to discuss the key findings and recommendations

All documents will be provided to ALFeLa and the Asia Foundation in soft copy.


25 days of work to be completed by mid-December 2015.

Required qualifications and experience

  • A university degree in law
  • Admission to practice law in a reputable jurisdiction
  • A minimum of five years professional experience in a relevant field
  • Previous work experience in a legal aid organisation or an organisation providing advice and support to victims of crime
  • Demonstrated and up to date understanding of the justice sector in Timor-Leste in particular relating to access to justice for women and children affected by violence.
  • Excellent analytical, communication and report writing skills, and
  • Working level understanding of Tetum.

Core skills and attributes

  • A personal commitment to promoting human rights and gender equality, and to modelling personal behaviours consistent with program focus
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a cross-cultural setting
  • A commitment to working respectfully and collaboratively with individuals and organisations at a range of levels, and
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Expressions of interest

Interested candidates must submit a written expression of interest with an updated CV no later than Friday 16 October 2015 at 5pm to Dian Wahyu Saputri, via email, cc’ed to Sophia Cason, ATJ Coordinator, Nabilan Program on


Questions regarding this TOR may be directed to Sophia Cason.

CARE TL – Consultant – CD 14 de Outubro de 2015

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste – CITL


Title                       Consultant
Duration              10 working days
Location               Dili, Timor-Leste
Reports to           Program Quality Manager
Start date            November – December 2015

  1. Background

a. CARE International (CI)

CARE is an international humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities. As a non-religious and non-political organization, CARE works with communities to help overcome poverty by supporting development projects and providing emergency relief. We know that supporting women and girls is one of the most effective ways to create sustainable outcomes in poor communities. We work in over 80 countries around the world.


b. CARE International in Timor-Leste (CITL)

CARE works to end poverty and bring about lasting, sustainable development in Timor-Leste. CARE places special emphasis on enhancing the roles of women and girls to assure their equality in society. CARE’s commitment to gender equality is outlined in the CARE International in Timor-Leste Gender and Women’s Empowerment Strategy (2013- 2018). CARE works with communities in Timor-Leste to ensure women and girls in disadvantaged rural areas have sustainable and measurable improvement in wellbeing and voice. In order to reach this goal CARE uses a number of approaches including the Women’s Empowerment Framework, engaging men and boys, working in partnership, robust M&E systems and multiplying impact.


2. CARE Gender Capacity Building

CARE International in Timor Leste is seeking an experienced Gender Advisor with training in CARE International’s Gender Equality and Diversity (GED) and Engaging Men and Boys (EMB) modules and experience in EMB and GBV programming. The consultant will be required to provide Training of Trainers to a new staff team in order to support the ongoing strengthening of CITL’s core gender capacity. The consultant will also work with the new Gender Officer to review, strengthen and document CITL’s approach to EMB and GBV in Timor Leste. Finally, the consultant will support the latest CITL gender audit through review of the audit questions themselves, analysis of the responses and developing recommendations.

  1. Deliverables

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Conservation International Timor Leste Program- Marine Program Manager – CD 16 de Outubro de 2015

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program


Conservation International, Timor-Leste Program


 Position Title: Marine Program Manager

Term:  Fixed-term

Location:   Dili

Position Description

The Marine Program Manager will oversee the marine components of the CI Timor-Leste programs.  They will manage a diverse set of activities and work to ensure that program outcomes and goals further CI’s human development and conservation priorities.

 The Marine Program Manager will works across CI to build strong relationships to advance program initiatives.  S/he will represent CI and work to build alliances with community, government, and external stakeholders who are critical to program success.

 The Marine Program Manager will support the program’s financial well-being by playing a role in identifying program funding sources and developing and managing funding relationships with partners and prospects.  S/he will work with program and HQ staff on proposals and funding initiatives.

 The position will report to the Country Director, Timor-Leste and will manage program and project staff, interdisciplinary teams, and/or outside partners and works under general direction.


The Key Responsibilities for this position are:

·         Facilitate necessary activities to reach the objective of establishing a functional management system for the Protected Area Network (including management plans, management committees, application of legislation, advocate policy to support the management of the PA network, and designation of PA zoning system, and selection criteria) and their official integration into current government planning

·         Provide technical assistance and facilitate the development of local capacity (through training on species identification, monitoring techniques, data collection, and analysis) to provide key marine species data inputs that will feed into local and national management planning.

·         Provide technical assistance on eco-system based management through the collection, analysis and understanding of data and its uses in management planning for sustainable production, extraction, and conservation.

·         Socialize a Marine Protected Area network concept and the benefit of sustainably managed fisheries, and non-extractive economic benefits of MPAs to all stakeholders in Timor-Leste. In cooperation with our main conservation partners and stakeholders identify site options for the establishment of an MPA network including the use of multi-use zoning to allow long term sustainable management under a Seascape.

  • Prepare regular reports on the progress of proposed MPA establishment and implementation, and also necessary communication/outreach products that amplifies the Bali MPA network program’s objectives.

Required skills and capabilities:

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USAID TL- Communications Specialist Position-CD 16 de Outubro de 2015





USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project

‘Communications Specialist’ Position

USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project is a horticulture value chain activity aimed at addressing the key challenges of rural poverty, natural resource degradation, food insecurity, and under-nutrition. The value chain approach will be applied in achieving increased productivity along key horticulture value chains that include vegetables, fruits and legumes. Through the promotion of sustainable production practices, increased functionality of farmer groups and associations, improved market linkages, and increased availability and access to quality agricultural inputs and services, including access to finance, the project will aim to stimulate and support increased economic activity and growth in targeted rural communities and districts. Sustainability of these interventions will be supported by work to maintain sound policies and enabling environment relevant to the sector, as well as efforts to increase resilience to climate change and improve natural resource management as it relates to farm systems.

Cardno is seeking talented, ambitious and energetic professionals looking for their next big career move with an international organisation in the following position:

  • Communications Specialist

This program represents a challenging, fast-paced international work environment that demands initiative, flexibility and a willingness to travel for certain aforementioned positions. In return, Cardno offers the right candidate a very competitive package and an exciting job that rewards creative thinking and offers an opportunity to develop a deep insight into the functioning of the Timor-Leste economy, and possibly beyond. Please note that the rate of pay will be based on previous salary and local labour standards. For further details on each job, please visit


To apply please send your CV and a brief cover letter in English. Applications should be emailed quoting “USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project-Communications Specialist”, to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. Positions are open to Timor-Leste nationals.

Cardno is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to Child Protection in all fields. Successful applicants will be required to provide a police clearance certificate.


The deadline for submission of CV’s / Expressions of Interest is October 16, 2015 at 5:30 pm


USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project managed by Cardno