Conservation International – Marine Field Officer – CD 26 de Agosto de 2016

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program

Conservation International, Timor Leste Program


Conservation International, Timor Leste-Program


Position Title: Marine Field Officer

Term:  Fixed-term

Location:   Dili

Position Description

The Marine Field Officer will work closely with the Marine Program Manager in project implementation, partnership development and maintenance, and donor/organizational reporting. This position will provide day to day field logistics, administrative support, and community/stakeholder engagement, to ensure successful implementation of the projects.

The Key Responsibilities for this position are:

•     Support and assist the Marine Program Manager in ensuring effective and efficient implementation of all marine projects assigned to this position, including coordination with CI staff, partner communities, government, and other stakeholders.
•     Work closely with Marine Program Manager in developing the project’s detailed workplan and reporting against the progression of the work plans.
•     Work closely with the Marine Program Manager in developing and strategizing the implementation of planned activities and initiate onsite interaction with targeted communities and project partners.
•     Participate in monitoring and evaluating the implementation and impact of project activities.
•     Work with the Operations team to ensure efficient and cost effective use of CI equipment and resources while applying internal systems, structures and standard operating procedures.
•     Support an organizational culture that reflects our full spectrum programming values, theory of change, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation.
Support in facilitating learning and sharing on key issues for advocacy, adoption and/or replication of best practices.
•     Liaise with communities and local authorities on a day-to-day basis and ensure active engagement of stakeholders to mobilize resources, and coordinate activities.
•     Successfully submit on time monthly reports to supervisor, and donor reports when required.
•     Collect data and information from the field/providing input in the completion of the progress reports and potential projects.


Required skills and capabilities:

•     A background in fisheries, natural resource management, protected areas, biodiversity, coastal engineering and/or the demonstrable ability to understand complex scientific issues.
•     Experience working with coastal communities
•     Sound experience of working on environmental and community development issues either in an NGO or the public or private sector.
•     Substantial skills and field experience of monitoring and evaluation, capacity building.
•     Excellent presentation, communication and facilitation skills.
•     Specific expertise in certain aspects of community development through biodiversity protection and sustainable livelihoods, would be an advantage

 Preferred Skills:

· Work experience with an international organization or government based in the field

· English and Tetum preferred

Working Conditions:

·      This position is 90% based in the field

·      Occasional travels to Dili


·         Demonstrated ability to work effectively with all levels of employees and partners in a team setting.


 To apply for this position, email CV and Cover Letter to

Applications Deadline: 26th August 2016

Only short listed applicants will be notified)


US Mission – Public Affairs Assistant (Fix Term – One year with probation of 3 months) – CD Open Until Filled

Public Affairs Assistant (Fix Term – One year with probation of 3 months)


U.S. Mission Dili, Timor-Leste


Public Affairs Assistant (Fix Term – One year with probation of 3 months)

OPEN TO: All Interested Candidates / All Sources

POSITION: Public Affairs Assistant

OPENING DATE: June 22, 2016

CLOSING DATE: Until Filled

WORK HOURS: Full-time, 40 hours/week

SALARY: Ordinarily Resident (OR): FSN-7 $8,692 per annum (Starting salary) Not-Ordinarily Resident (NOR): FP-7 $35,364 per annum (Position Grade to be confirmed by Washington)

Please download the TOR here–> 2016-13-public-affairs-assistant

UN-Women- NATIONAL CONSULTANT – CD 11 de Agosto de 2016





Terms of Reference





Duty Station:


Home-based (Dili)
Application Deadline: 11 August  2016
Primary Category: Gender Equality
Type of Contract: Contract for Consultant (CFC)
Languages Required: Tetum/English
Starting Date :
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)
1st of September 2016
Expected Duration of Assignment: Between 1st of September 2016 to 31st of August 2017


  1. Background and Context

The UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, the empowerment of women, and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action, peace and security.

Gender mainstreaming is one of UN Women’s primary areas of work in Timor-Leste as mandated in its inception, recognizing gender-responsive planning and budgeting as integral to good governance. To promote gender-responsive planning and budgeting, UN Women works throughout the annual planning cycle at national and decentralized levels with the women’s machinery as well as key line ministries, parliamentarians, civil society organizations, academia and other institutions.

To achieve its objectives, and ensure a high quality response capacity on gender mainstreaming, the Project on Institutional Strengthening for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Timor-Leste supports the implementation and tracking of gender commitments made by the Government of Timor-Leste. These are outlined in the Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030 and the Programme of the Fifth Constitutional Government 2012-2017, informed by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States.

Upon request of the Ministry of Finance, UN Women is seeking a national consultant to provide technical support to the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Timor-Leste on gender-responsive policy development, especially in the areas of planning, budgeting, finance and civil service reform.



  1. Overall objective of the assignment

The overall objective of the proposed consultancy is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Office, and Civil Service Commission on Gender Responsive Budgeting and Planning, and develop practical tools for the strengthening of gender mainstreaming in the Government systems.

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ANPM – TL – Various Pocicoes – CD 25 de Agosto de 2016



Vaga Serbisu

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais (ANPM) hanesan instituisaun publiku, ne’ebé estabelese ho dekretu lei No. 1/2016, loron 9 Fevereiru, alterasaun dahuluk husi dekretu lei No. 20/2008 loron 19 Junu kona ba Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo, ne’ebé iha responsabilidade atu maneija no regula atividades petroleo no mineiro iha area Timor Leste, iha tasi laran no iha rai maran inklui area konjunta ba desenvolvimentu petróleo. Agora dadaun ANPM hakarak rekruta tan Profesional Timor Oan nain sanulu (10) ba pozisaun hanesan tuir mai ne’e:

  1. Specialista Lingua Portugues (Portugues Language Specialist)

Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei lee no halo tradusaun ba dokumentus official, material, ho lian Portugues ba Ingles no Ingles ba Portugues no mos garantia katak konteudu no intensaun iha textu orginal mantein hanesan nafatin. No mos sei apoiu serbisu tradusaun ba Prezidente ANPM no diretor sira wainhira iha tempo enkontru no mos telekonferensia nian.
Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee .

  1. Jerente – Mineral Legais no Komersiu – Pozisaun 1 (Manager Mineral Legal & Commercial – 1 position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei jere, superviziona no kontrola serbisu funsionarius Legais no Komersiu no mos planu no desenvolve instrumentus legais no komersiu nian atu jere atividade minerais.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee.

  2. Ofisial IT – Sistema Administrador – Pozisaun 1( IT Officer – System Administrator, 1 Position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei ezekuta kualidade garantia serbisu lor-loron nian ba iha atividade operasional server iha infraestrutura IT ANPM nian no mos estabelese no mantein solusaun operasional IT, instalasaun, konfigurasaun no mos sistema administrador nebe relevante ho prosedimentu.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee .

  3. Ofisial Infraestrutura no Registu Dadus – Pozisaun 1 (Instrastructure and Data Registry Officer – 1 Position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei estabelese centru registu husi infraestrutura Downstream no publika registu iha lisensa nian. No mos mantein no jere informasaun ne’ebé sei fo sai iha registu publika no centru registu husi infraestrutura Downstream nian.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee.

  4. Ofisial Jeolojikal – Jeologia Estrutural & Jeotektoniku, Pozisaun 1(Geological Officer – Structural Geology & Geotectonic, 1 Position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei halo no lidera atividade mapa jeolojikal nian no fornese idea ba iha analisa estrutura jeolojikal nian ba geo-modeller durante halao modelo jeolojikal.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee.

  5. Asistente Explorasaun Jeofisika – Pozisaun 1 (Exploration Geophysics Assistant – 1 Position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei fo asistensia ba Jerente Esplorasaun Jeolojia no Lisitasoens ho ofisial relevante atu jere informasaun dadus teknikal hodi planu no halao atividade explorasaun nian no mos arkivu dadus jeolojikal no jeofisika nian hodi bele kordena ho operador sira, no foka liu ba tekniku jeofisika nian husi esplorasaun.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee.

  6. Risku no Konformidade Auditor – Pozisaun 1 (Risk and Compliance Auditor – 1 Position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei ezekuta fizkalizasaun internal ba problema nebe’e akordu tuir lei, regulamentu, politika, prosedimentu inklui orientasaun no elaborasaun iha relatoriu ba supervisor. No mos reve no ezekuta risku avaliasaun annual iha ANPM no komunika ho diresaun relevante atu halo elaborasaun relatoriu.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee .

  7. Ofisial Konteudu Lokal – Aprovizionamento PSC, pozisaun 1 (Local Content Officer – PSC’s Procurement, 1 position)

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei reve sasan operador sira no serbisu aprovizinamento nia aplikasaun nebe baseia ba lei nebe’e vigora no rekoela resultado avaluasaun no prepara relatoriu ba diresaun.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee.

  8. Motorista – Support Staff – Pozisaun 2 ( Driver – Support Staff – 2 positions )

    Kandidatu ne’ebé manan iha vaga ida ne’e sei fornese serbisu motorista ba ANPM no mos kontrola no ajuda Ofisial Administrasaun iha Diresaun Serbisu Koperativus atu atinji objetivu organizasaun nian.

    Favor baixa nia Termu Referensia hodi klik iha nee .

Ba ita boot sira ne’ebe interese ba pozisaun sanulu (10) ne’e, bele haruka ita bo’ot sira nia dokumentu sira hanesan CV aneksu ho sertifikadu Universidade (transkrisaun no sertifikadu), Kartaun Eleitoral ka Kartaun Bilhete Identidade (BI), inklui Cover Letter ne’ebé esplika ita bo’ot nia abilidade profesional ba pozisaun refere. Dokumentos hirak ne’e haruka ba diresaun Rekursu Umanu ANPM nian ka liu husi karta elektronika/email
Ita boot sira nia aplikasaun no CV ka resumu tenki hakerek ho lian Ingles no inklui mos lista pesoal nain tolu hanesan referensia.

Ba informasaun klaru liu tan kona ba kriteria esensial no termu referensia serbisu ba vaga sanulu ne’e bele kontaktu diretamente ba iha eskritoriu ANPM nian iha Palacio do Governo iha Diresaun Rekursu Umano nian, ka kontaktu liu husi numeru telefone: 332-4098 ka email ba iha Bele mos download termu referensia serbisu ba vaga sia ne’e iha ANPM nian website: ka

Vaga ne’e sei taka iha loron 25 Agusto 2016, tuku 05.00 lorokraik. ANPM sei kontato deit Kandidatu sira ne’ebe maka pasa ona iha prosesu short-listing.

ANPM promove oportunidade serbisu hanesan ba jéneru hot-hotu iha Timor-Leste. ANPM mos investe iha Dezenvolvimentu kapasitasaun ba Rekursu Umanu sira.

Dili, 10 Agusto 2016

Dores Vilanova
(Ofisial Rekursu Human)




Instituto de Petróleo e Geologia – Instituto Público (IPG) – Anuncio Vaga de Servicos


Instituto de Petróleo e Geologia – Instituto Público (IPG)

Anunsiu vagas

1 day ago

Download (PDF, 657KB)

Termu de referensia ba vagas mensionadu iha leten;

Download (PDF, 188KB)

Download (PDF, 121KB)

Download (PDF, 131KB)


Ba informasaun detalha por favor visita IPG TL nia website: –>


Fonte: IPG.TL

Ministerio das Financas – IT Scholarship Re-Advertisement – CD 12 de Agosto de 2016

Ministerio das Financas

Ministerio das Financas

Ministerio das Financas-TL


Employment Opportunities

All vacancies in the Ministry oF Finance
(Please refer to MoF Recruitment Guidelines HERE!)

Name: Type: Deadline: Downloads:
Ministry of Finance Information Technology Scholarship Re-Advertisement N/A 1 -12 Augustus 2016 English |  Portuguese |  Tetum |  Indonesian

Original Source–>MOF

ADRA-TIMOR-LESTE – Nutrition Officer – CD 12 de Agosto de 2016


ADRA Timor-Leste – Nutrition Officer


Purpose of position
To improve knowledge of proper nutrition, as well as the uptake of staple crops, local vegetables, (and potential nutrition and income indicators) of rural communities in Viqueque district of Timor-Leste by implementing a life-skills program with various groups in Viqueque District under the LOSA project.

Only applicants with nutrition experience will be considered for this position




Contract Period


12 month contract

Starting no later than 18 August, 2016 and finishing 17 August, 2017. 


Role dimension

1.      Develop material and implement a life-skills (including nutrition) program in Viqueque District.

2.      Conduct ongoing follow up visits in communities after the completion of training events throughout the life of the project.

3.      Regularly coordinate with the Development Facilitator and Field Office Coordinator in the development of schedules for trainings considering appropriate times.

4.      Use residual time to assist in the setup and development / operations of the learning centre.

5.      Conduct the life-skills training at both group level and school level.

6.      Represent ADRA Timor-Leste at meetings, and workshops related to the health sector at local, national or international levels or as assigned by the Country Director / Program Manager.

7.      Act responsibly in the job assigned and practice good conduct according to the ADRA Timor-Leste Policy Manual or staff handbook.

8.      Undertake any other tasks that may be delegated by the ADRA Timor-Leste Program Manager that are in keeping with the scope of the role.

The main topics expected to be taught by the Nutrition Officer may include;

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ADRA-TIMOR-LESTE – Development Facilitator – CD 12 de Agosto de 2016



ADRA Timor-Leste – Development Facilitator


Purpose of position
As an integral member of the LOSA project staff, the Development Facilitator will facilitate activities at the community level, conduct community level discussions, social mobilisation of groups and learning centre members, general responsibility for each learning centre set up and operations.

Applicants with agriculture / kitchen garden experience will be more likely considered for this position


Contract Period:

12 month contract

Starting no later than 18 August, 2016 and finishing 17 August, 2017. 


Role dimension

1.      Assist to develop material and implement various project systems which may include M&E, Baseline, End line, DIP, and other systems and tasks for the LOSA project.

2.      Take the lead at the community level for the implementation of LOSA activities

3.      Coordinate heavily with key community stakeholders in the implementation of community LOSA activities.

4.      Be responsible for the Learning Centre setup and operations at the community level.

5.      Form learning centre management groups, create schedules for learning centre members, sign MoUs at the learning centre level and general LC operations.

6.      Coordinate with the Agricultural Training Officer and Nutrition Officer as to when to implement various related activities.

7.      Regular coordination with the Field Office Coordinator in work plans, and reports.

8.      Be responsible for documenting output achievements as well as beneficiary numbers of those involved in LOSA project activities.

9.      Act responsibly in the job assigned and practice good conduct according to the ADRA Timor-Leste Policy Manual and staff handbook.

10.  Undertake any other tasks that may be delegated by the ADRA Timor-Leste Program Manager / Finance Manager that are in keeping with the scope of the role.

Additional activities project activities may also include,


1.      Conducting needs assessments and holding regular community meetings

2.      Skills on facilitation and managing groups of persons

3.      Knowledge on how to write reports and make basic evaluations of project activities 

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CARE TL – Payroll Officer – CD 05 de Agosto de 2016

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Internally & Externally

CARE International in Timor-Leste – CITL

Department / Project                    : Program Support Unit

Position                                               : Payroll Officer

Supervisor                                          : Accountant

Grade                                                   : D1

Salary                                                    : From $536 per month plus benefits

Location of Work                             : Dili Base with travel to field Offices

Position Report To                          : Accountant

Job Description Prepared by      : FM

Date Job Description Updated   : 18 February 2015

Date Job Description Evaluated                : 18 February 2015

Contract period                                                : 1 year with possibility extension



CARE is an international development and humanitarian aid organization fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities. As a non-religious and non-political organization, CARE works with communities to help overcome poverty by supporting development efforts and providing emergency assistance. We believe supporting women and girls is one of the most effective ways to create sustainable outcomes in poor communities.

CARE’s long term program will focus on women and girls in rural disadvantage areas with four priority areas: SRM Health and Rights, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Women’s Voice and Education.

Position summary:

Payroll Officer (PO) is responsible to manage all matters relate to human resources that handled by Finance department in compliance with CARE, donor and local rules and regulations. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to payroll process and the supporting information, data base management as main source of employee information, prepare any reconciliations between finance system and database system.



The position reports directly to the Accountant.

Key tasks:

  • Timesheet management
  • Leaves management
  • Payroll calculation, payment, reconciliation and journals
  • Tax management
  • Final Payment
  • Database management
  • Data Filling system
  • Staff Insurances
  • Trainings and induction

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ChildFund-TL – Sponsor Relations Manager – CD OPEN UNTIL FILLED





ChildFund International has been serving children and youth, and their families and communities, in Timor-Leste for over 20 years. ChildFund is looking for a motivated, committed, and experienced person to fill in a key national vacancy in the organization.


Title: Sponsor Relations Manager

Division/Department: Sponsor Relations

Location: Dili, with travel to program areas

Reporting Relationship: National Director



The Sponsor Relations Manager will be responsible for re-organizing, leading, and supervising the Sponsor Relations (SR) team in implementing ChildFund’s SR initiatives, policies, and procedures. These include database processing and administration, and compliance to various child sponsorship operational standards. The SR Manager will also support the establishment of clear linkage between program initiatives at the community level and the desired outcomes of sponsorship management.




  • Re-organize sponsorship operational structures in the national office (NO) and program areas, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in sponsorship operations and minimize risks
  • Work with program area and Partner staff to improve the efficiency of sponsorship structures to enhance children’s participation in sponsorship initiatives
  • Lead and supervise SR staff members at the NO and provide advisory guidance to their program area/Partner counterpart, to ensure high impact communication processes that help retain existing sponsors and attract new sponsors
  • Work with program staff to align and coordinate SR activities with life stage program strategies
  • Support the program area and Partners in developing plans, evaluating performance against sponsorship indicators, identifying risks, and documentation of learning
  • Lead in identifying and implementing capacity-building linked to Global Sponsorship orientation on management guidelines, policies, and procedures in SR management
  • Work with SR and program area staff in the review, design, and implementation of strategies, systems, and activities, which promote creativity, participation, and compliance to certification requirements
  • Provide direction in preparing action plans for enrollment as well as for disaffiliation, processing, and completion of materials needed for enrollment. Facilitate the selection and screening of committee members for sponsorship enrollment during the opening of new projects.
  • Oversee proper handling of database, analysis of data available in automated system generated by headquarters, and records of children, sponsors, project affiliates, and NO data.
  • Together with the National Director and Communications Officer, develop a Communications strategy for ChildFund Timor-Leste, which will include end-to-end processes in SR and sponsorship by individual donors
  • Review and redesign the current communications plan on sponsor communications. Ensure embedding sponsorship processes within program, and help repackage sponsorship as program communications, with a strong focus on development education of sponsors on one hand and communities on the other.
  • Single point of contact for internal and external communications. As a member of Senior Management Team (SMT), provide SR statistics and information to SMT, with updates and forecasts as strategic input.
  • Keep donors informed with regular communications on progress and activities, which help them remain informed and connected with ChildFund Timor-Leste and its programs.
  • Liaison with headquarters and ChildFund Alliance members to strengthen communications from sponsored children, their communities, and programs of ChildFund Timor-Leste in general
  • Develop and roll-out a change management and capacity-building plan in context of BRIDGE (Salesforce) for sponsorship modules
  • Manage sponsor and individual donor visits
  • Ensure that basic accountability of programs is assured through anchoring of processes like child verification and verification of participant reporting
  • Facilitate checks and balances that help respond effectively to donor inquiries and raise alerts on missed communications
  • Strengthen Child Protection and gender standards and procedures in program implementation and SR processes
  • Work with program area and Partner teams to ensure that partner programming effectively ensures participation of all targeted children in age-appropriate and life stage-appropriate activities
  • Other duties as assigned by the National Director and SMT

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