Partnership for Human Development – National Nutrition Lead – 16 de Janeiro de 2017

National Nutrition Lead – Partnership for Human Development (PHD)

Based in Dili, Timor-Leste

Full-time position for 1 year, with possibility of extension


The Program

The Partnership for Human Development (PHD) represents Australia’s long-term vision for enhancing human development in Timor Leste. It brings together the Australian Embassy’s (Timor Leste) diverse activities in health, education, water, sanitation, nutrition, gender equality, disability and social protection into a single program to maximise effectiveness, relevance and performance. This investment in Timor-Leste will work towards Strategic Objective 2 of Australia’s Timor-Leste Aid Investment Plan: enhancing human development. Improved human development will ensure that coming generations of Timorese people are better able to lead, contribute to and benefit from their nation’s economic and social development.

The Position

The National Nutrition Lead will report to the PHD Team Leader and work closely with the Australian Embassy (Timor Leste) to

•        provide strategic and technical advice on the development of nutrition-specific programming

•        support mainstreaming of nutrition activities and indicators across the PHD program


The position will coordinate with key technical specialists across PHD sectors to integrate and coordinate a cross-sectoral approach in the delivery of nutrition specific programming, ensuring related activities are of high technical quality.

The successful candidate will bring:

•        Tertiary qualifications in a related field

•        Experience in managing development programs in the nutrition sector or similar

•        Strong understanding of nutrition and/or food security, especially in service delivery priorities and challenges in the Timor-Leste context

•        Knowledge of global evidence, initiatives and approaches to addressing malnutrition with cross-sectoral methods and partners

•        Capacity to travel frequently to rural communities

•        Fluency in English (Fluency in Tetum and/or Bahasa/Portuguese desirable)

•        Timorese national.

Further Information and How to Apply:

Further information in regards to this opportunity can be found in the Position Description available from the Careers page of Abt Associate’s website at


It is preferred that all applications should be submitted online via the Careers page listed above; should you experience difficulties with submitting your application online, applications may also be lodged through email – in this instance, please insert the job title in the email subject heading.


All applications should include a current CV, cover letter and a response to the key selection criteria.

We welcome all applications, however due to the high volume of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Closing date: Monday 16 January 2017 (midnight AEST)

About Abt Associates

Abt Associates is a recognised leader in the international development sector. Working with our many partners, we implements bold innovative solutions to improve the lives of the community and deliver valued outcomes for our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services from policy to service delivery in the public and private sectors contributing to long term benefits for clients and communities. Operating in remote and challenging environments, we offer innovative solutions, extensive experience in the region, strong technical capacity, and a proven project management track record. We are committed to gender equity in our employment strategies and encourage applications from capable women.

Xefe Nutrisaun Nasionál – Parseria ba Dezenvolvimentu Umanu (PHD)

Baze iha Dili, Timor-Leste

Pozisaun full-time ba tinan 1, ho posibilidade ba estensaun



Parseria ba Dezenvolvimentu Umanu (PHD reprezenta Austrália nia vizaun tempu-naruk hodi hasa’e dezenvolvimentu umanu iha Timor-Leste. Parseria ne’e lori hamutuk Embaixada Austrália (Timor-Leste) nia atividade oinoin iha saúde, edukasaun, bee, saneamentu, nutrisaun, igualdade jéneru, defisiénsia no protesaun sosiál ba iha programa ida de’it atu masimiza efetividade, relevánsia no dezempeñu. Investimentu ida-ne’e iha Timor-Leste sei serbisu ba iha Objetivu Estratéjiku 2 hosi Austrália nia Planu Investimentu Asisténsia ba Timor-Leste: hasa’e dezenvolvimentu umanu. Dezenvolvimentu umanu di’ak sei garante katak jerasaun Timoroan sira tuirmai bele di’akliu atu lidera, kontribui ba no hetan benefísiu hosi sira-nia nasaun nia dezenvolvimentu ekonómiku no sosiál..


Xefe Nutrisaun Nasionál (National Nutrition Lead) sei relata ba PHD Team Leader no serbisu besik liu ba Embaixada Austrália  (Timor-Leste), Nasional Nutrition Lead sei fó konsellu estratéjiku no tékniku ba

·         Dezenvolvimentu programa espesífiku nutrisaun hodi atende PHD nia rezultadu programa ikusliu

·         Apoia integrasaun atividade nutrisaun no indikadores iha setór PHD nia laran


Pozisaun ida-ne’e sei koordena ho espesialista tékniku xave iha setores PHD nia laran hodi integra no koordena aprosimasaun inter-setoriál iha prestasaun programa nutrisaun espesífiku, garante atividae relasionadu hosi tékniku kualidade aas.

Kandidatu ne’ebé susesu sei lori:

•        Kualifikasaun tersiáriu iha área relasionadu

•        Iha esperiénsia profisionál iha jere programa dezenvolvimentu iha kompriensaun forte kona-ba nutrisaun ka área ne’ebé hanesan

•        Iha kompriensaun forte kona-ba nutrisaun no/ka seguransa alimentár, liuliu kona-ba prioritizasaun prestasaun servisu no mudansa iha kontestu Timor-Leste

•        Koñesimentu kona-ba evidénsia globál, inisiativa no aprosimasaun hodi responde ba malnutrisaun ho métodu inter-sektoriál no parseirus

•        Kapasidade atu halo viajen beibeik ba komunidade rurál sira

•        Lian Inglés moos (Moos iha lian Tetum no/ka Bahasa/Portgés desezavel)

•        Nasionalidade Timoroan.


Informasaun Liután & oinsá atu halo Rekerimentu:

Kona-ba informasaun liután favór refere ba Informasaun kona-ba dokumentu Rekerente nian ba pozisaun ida-ne’e. Rekerimentu sira tenke halo online liuhosi ami-nia careers website (

Prefere liu atu rekerimentu hotu-hotu ne’e submete liuhosi online iha pájina Carrers, nu’udar lista  iha leten. Se ita-boot hetan difikuldades ruma ho submete ita-nia rekerimentus online, rekerimentu bele mós haruka liuhosi email iha – iha instánsia ida-ne’e, favór hakerek títulu serbisu nian iha email nia asuntu.

Favór nota katak Ami fó bemvindu ba rekerimentu hotu-hotu, maibé ho volume rekerimentu nian ne’ebé boot tanba ne’e sei kontakta de’it rekerente sira ne’ebé tama iha lista-badak.


Data taka rekerimentu nian: Segunda-feira 16 Janeiru 2017 (Kalan Australian Eastern Standard Time “AEST”)

Kona-ba Abt Associates

Abt Associates mak lider rekoñesidu ida iha setór dezenvolvimentu internasionál. Serbisu ho ami-nia parseiru barak, Abt Associates implementa solusaun inovadora brani nian hodi hadi’ak komunidade sira-nia moris no entrega rezultadu valorizadu sira ba ami-nia klientes. Ami fornese servisu kompreensivu lubuk ida hosi polítika ba prestasaun servisu iha setór públiku no privadu sira kontribui ba benefísiu tempu-naruk ba kliente no komunidade sira. Halo operasaun iha ambiente remotas no susar, ami oferese esperiénsia boot iha rejiaun ne’e, kapasidade téknika forte, no iha rekorde jestaun projetu ne’ebé komprovadu. Ami komprometidu ba igualdade jéneru iha ami-nia estratéjia empregu no enkoraja rekerimentus hosi feto sira ho kapasidade.


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