USAID’S AVANSA AGRIKULTURA PROJECT – ‘DRR Expert ’ Position – CD 09 de Dezembro de 2016


USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project

DRR Expert ’ Position

USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project is a horticulture value chain activity aimed at addressing the key challenges of rural poverty, natural resource degradation, food insecurity, and under-nutrition. The value chain approach will be applied in achieving increased productivity along key horticulture value chains that include vegetables, fruits and legumes. Through the promotion of sustainable production practices, increased functionality of farmer groups and associations, improved market linkages, and increased availability and access to quality agricultural inputs and services, including access to finance, the project will aim to stimulate and support increased economic activity and growth in targeted rural communities and districts. Sustainability of these interventions will be supported by work to maintain sound policies and enabling environment relevant to the sector, as well as efforts to increase resilience to climate change and improve natural resource management as it relates to farm systems.

People living in rural areas are generally vulnerable to natural disasters. Farmers have poor knowledge about the impact of natural disasters on their land, community and even how it can endanger lives. Since most of the households in rural areas are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, the lack of knowledge on climate change and disasters risk reduction practices makes rural households even more exposed. Lack of knowledge on farming techniques, shifting cultivations or community awareness in maintaining and protecting natural environment represents additional challenges to sustainable agricultural production and natural resources management.  Farmers and communities need to be trained to improve their capacities to cope with natural disasters, especially in disaster risk reduction practices to prevent the negative impacts of landslides, floods, wild fires and other disasters.

USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project is seeking to engage a Consultant to strengthen capacities of human resources and communities in disaster-risk reduction practices.  This Consultant will implement disaster risk reduction training activities and DRR processes in communities, thereby increase knowledge of farmers about the changes caused by climate. The Consultant will work with the community to develop the DRR community process, where communities will learn more and understand the main problems arising from the climate changes and disasters. This process will help communities identify the main disaster-related problems in their communities, making a priority plan and take actions to address the problems.


There are two goals for this assignment:

·         Develop and deliver training on DRR in five sucos;

·         Develop DRR plans for three communities which will identifying priority interventions.  Develop concept notes for priority interventions with budgets.



1.     Research and identify DRR training materials developed for Timor Leste by other donors and government. Work with USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project (the Project) to identify if any or all elements of the training can be applied for the Project;

2.     Develop training manual for DRR adjusted to requirements for Timor Leste;

3.     Select and research data for 15 sucos on disaster frequency;

4.     Implement training at community level, focusing on youth. Five trainings to be implemented, one in each suco.  Trainings will be implemented at the community level;

5.     With the Project, select three communities where DRR plans will be implemented. Work with these communities to develop the DRR plan and priority projects to address DRR concerns;



·         Consultant needs to have demonstrated experience in disaster risk analysis and developing DRR plans

·         Experience designing and delivering training

·         Experience working at the community level in Timor Leste

·         Fluency in Indonesian or Tetun

This program represents a challenging, fast-paced international work environment that demands initiative, flexibility and a willingness to travel for certain aforementioned position. In return, Cardno offers the right candidate a very competitive package and an exciting job that rewards creative thinking and offers an opportunity to develop a deep insight into the functioning of the Timor-Leste economy, and possibly beyond. Please note that the rate of pay will be based on previous salary and local labour standards. For further details please email

To apply please send your CV and a brief cover letter in English. Applications should be emailed quoting “USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project – DRR Expert”, to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. Position is open to Timor-Leste national. Cardno is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to Child Protection in all fields. Successful applicants will be required to provide a police clearance certificate.

The deadline for submission of CVs / Expressions of Interest is December 9, 2016 at 05.30 pm.

USAID’s Avansa Agrikultura Project managed by Cardno



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