Peace Corps Timor Leste – Language & Cross-Cultural Facilitator (LCF) – CD 16 de Novembro de 2016

Peace Corps Timor Leste

Peace Corps Timor Leste


In-Service Training/Reconnect (IST)

Language & Cross-Cultural Facilitator (LCF)


Position title

Language & Cross-Cultural Facilitator (LCF)

Period of Performance (Duration of Contract)

10 working days  (4 Training of Trainers and 6.5 work days)

Approximate dates are:  January 5 – 18.   Includes working half day on Saturday.

Opening Date

November 9, 2016

Closing Date

November 16, 2016

Salary Range

USD 22.87- 38.44 per day based on qualification and experiences



Peace Corps aims to contract a pool of ambitious eager, energetic, and ambitious Language and Culture Facilitators (LCFs) with experience in a range of local languages for training of American Peace Corps Volunteers in January 2017.   At a minimum Peace Corps aims to contract:

–          1 Makasae native speaker

–          1 Waimua native speaker

–          2 Mambae native speakers – from Aileu

–          1 Mambae native speaker – from Ainaro

–          1 Mambae native speaker – from Ermera,  and

–          1 Tokodede native speaker

–          2 – 3  Tetum speakers to teach advanced Tetum

Peace Corps encourages diversity and encourages applicants from districts named above and does not discriminate based on gender, age, ethnic group, sexual orientation, religion.

The Language and Culture Facilitators (LCFs) are responsible for developing and delivering quality Tetum and/or local language instruction for approximately six days.  LCFs will be teaching American Volunteers that have been living and working in Timor-Leste for 3 months.  The Volunteers have basic proficiency in Tetum Language and language instruction at this In-Service Training (IST) will deepen their language training by focusing on language for work purposes or introduce some Volunteers to one of the local languages.


LCFs will work closely with a small group of Volunteers (3-5) throughout a portion of IST. S/he conducts Tetun and other local languages training classes, following the needs of the volunteers, and effectively uses a variety of language training techniques, methodologies, resources and activities. LCFs also work closely with the Language and Cross-Cultural Coordinator (LCC) to design, plan, deliver, and evaluate cross-cultural training activities.

This is a short-term contracted position and requires the LCFs to:

·         Stay and work fulltime at the central training site (to be determined).

·         Attend Training of Trainers 4-days on or about January 5, 6, 9 and 10.

·         Teach 3 – 5 hours of language instruction January 11 – 18.  Note that work includes teaching a half-day on Saturday while Sunday is off.

·         Prepare lessons, teaching materials and interactive lessons during evening and afternoons.  





Before In-Service Training/Reconnect (IST)

·         Learns and understand Peace Corps’ goals, policies, training philosophy and design and evaluation methods.

·         Participates in all Training of Trainer (TOT) sessions and activities prior to IST including language component preparation program and prepares the strategy and scope of the Tetun and other local languages training program.

During In-Service Training/Reconnect (IST)

·         Teaches Tetun and other local languages classes to a small group of volunteers (3-5 volunteers) using a variety of communicative approaches and interactive learning methods. Classes will be taught at the training site for approximately 6 days in a week with 3 – 5 hours a day, including Saturday.

·         Ensures the usage of adult-learning principles and communicative methods for teaching.

·         Listens to Volunteers’ comments and evaluations of language classes and activities; respond to constructive criticism and strive to adapt sessions accordingly.

·         Acts as a resource person for Volunteers on cultural topics of interest. Strives to present objective, unbiased views of Timor-Leste tradition and practices and encourage volunteers to seek out answers to their own questions.


·         Timorese nationals only.

·         Some college or higher education coursework.  A degree is an advantage but not required.

·         Fluency in written and spoken Tetun.

·         Native speaker of one or more local languages, such as Makasae, Waimua, Mambae – Aileu, Ainaro and Ermera and Tokodede preferred, or extremely well-qualified to teach advanced Tetun.

·         Basic English is helpful but not required.

·         Comfortable leading small-group Tetun and other local language classes. Demonstrated experience in facilitating groups an advantage.

·         Willingness to work within a cross-cultural team which includes American and Timorese staff.

  • Prior experience working with Americans and/or experience living abroad is an advantage.
  • Availability for training dates and willingness to stay at training site for dates needed.
  • Organization, clarity of thought, and engaging use of language in written and spoken expression in native language.
  • Personal skills: ability to follow instructions, flexible, patient, adaptable, reliable, sense of humor, sensitivity to gender and diversity issues

To apply for this position please follow all of these instructions closely:

1.       Send your CV (no more than 4 pages) and a cover letter to

2.       In the subject of the email write:  Application for LCF / Indicate local languages you speak

3.       Clearly indicate in your cover letter which local languages of Timor you speak and level of fluency

4.       Clearly state in the cover letter if you are able to work on all of the stated dates of the contract (January 5 – 18 ) and are willing to live at the training site

5.       Along with your CV and a Cover letter write no more than 150 words responding to one of the questions below.  You should choose only one of these questions and respond in Tetum:

A.      Describe to a foreigner who doesn’t know much about Timor-Leste and what you are proud of in your country.  Include specific information about your region of Timor-Leste in your response.


B.      Tell a story about a time when you had to show someone how to do something they didn’t know how to do.  How did that make you feel and did you learn anything in the process?

Your initial application will be judged on:

1.       Ability to follow the instruction and complete all components of the written application process.

2.       Degree to which basic job functions are addressed in the cover (local languages, availability on training dates, willingness to live at the training site).

3.       Quality of response to question below (including organization, clarity of thought, use of language).

4.       Relevance of qualifications outlined in the CV and Cover letter.

5.       Fluency in the targeted languages named above.

Hiring Process: 

After a thorough review of all applicants and submitted materials, top scoring candidates will be invited to a Group Interview & Workshop for further assessment.  Depending on the number of qualified applicants 2 – 3 groups’ interviews will be scheduled the week of November 23-25, 2016.

Closing date: Applications should be received by Thursday, 16 November 2016 by 9am for consideration in the first review. Positions remain open until filled. No phone calls or personal visits related to this vacancy will be accepted. Only those invited to participate in the group interview will be contacted. 


The Peace Corps is an equal opportunity employer.


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