GfD – National Program Budgeting Specialists (several positions) – CD 7 de Novembro de 2016

Governance for Development Support Services

National Program Budgeting Specialists (several positions)


Cardno Emerging Markets is seeking Graduates in Public Sector Management, Public Administration, Public Policy or related fields to join the Governance for Development (GfD) program as National Program Budgeting Specialists.

GfD is assisting the Government of Timor-Leste to implement Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms that aim to establish a modern budgetary governance system, improve the overall effectiveness of Timor-Leste’s PFM system and improve delivery of services to the citizens of Timor-Leste.

The Program Budgeting Specialists will work under the direction of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (UPMA) of the Office of the Prime Minister to assist with implementation of the reforms by provide planning, monitoring, evaluation and performance/program budgeting training and support to line ministries and autonomous agencies. The Specialists may be out-posted to certain line ministries for short periods of time.

Applicants need not have prior knowledge of, or experience with, performance and program budgeting concepts, as UPMA and international PFM Specialists will provide the necessary training for the successful candidates.

Initial contracts will be until mid-2017, with the possibility of extension.

The full terms of reference, including further information about the requirements and background to the reform work, is available:


·         by contacting our recruitment team at

Applicants are requested to read the ToR and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Applications close at 23:55hrs Dili time, 7 November 2016.


Cardno is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Cardno encourages women to apply. Cardno recognizes the moral and legal responsibility to provide an equal opportunity workplace by ensuring that all recruitment and selection decisions are based on the best qualified and experienced candidate who can perform the genuine inherent requirements of the position.

Your privacy is important to Cardno.  It is the policy of Cardno to respect the confidentiality of information and privacy of individuals. Personal information provided by you as part of your application (whether oral, electronic, or written) will be collected and processed for the purpose of evaluating your application for employment.  In order to carry out this purpose, your information may be disclosed to appropriate persons in our offices.  Any information we hold will be governed by the most current version of the Cardno Privacy Policy. 

Cardno is committed to Child Protection, Anti-bribery and Fraud prevention in the delivery of our International Development project and programs.  Our recruitment and selection procedures reflect this commitment and will include police/criminal record checks.

An Australian aid project – managed by Cardno on behalf of the Australian Government


Governance for Development Support Services

Espesialistas ba Programasaun Osamentál Nasionál (Pozisaun balu)


Cardno Emerging Markets buka hela graduadu iha área Jestaun Setór Públiku, Administrasaun Públiku, Polítika Públiku nian ka áreas relevantes atu servisu hamutuk ho programa Governance for Development (GfD) hanesan Espesialistas ba Programa Orsamentál Nasionál.

Agora dadauk GfD tulun Governu Timor-Leste atu implementa reforma ba Jestuan Finanseira Públika (Public Financial Management – PFM) ho objetivu atu estabelese sistema governasaun orsamentál modern ida, hadiak liután efetividdades hotu ba Timor-Leste nia sistema PFM no hadiak liután prestasaun servisu ba sidadaun Timor-Leste.

Espesialistas Programa Orsamentál Nasionál sira sei serbisu ho dirasaun  husi UPMA hodi apoiu ba implementasaun ba referoma PFM liuhusi fornese treinamentu, monitorizasaun, avaliasaun no dezenpeñu/treinamentu ba orsaemntu bazeia ba programa no apoiu liña ministeriál no ajensia autónoma sira. Espesialista sira bele mós atu koloka ba iha liña ministerial sira ba tempu ruma karik presiza.

Aplikante sira ne’ebe seiduak iha kuñesmiemtu ba, ka esperiensia iha, dezenphu no konseitus ba orsamentu bazeia ba programa, sei hetan treinamentu husi Espesialista PFM internasional husi UPMA karik nesesáriu ba kandidatu hirak ne’ebé susesu.

Kontratu inisiál sei to’o meadus 2017, ho posibilidade ba estensaun.

Atu hetan termus referensia kompletu, inklui infromasaun detallu kona-ba rekerimentus no ba ámbitu servisu reforma ida ne’e, bele hetan husi:

·         Link:

·         Liuhusi kontatu ami nia ekipa rekrutamentu iha


Husu ba aplikante sira atu lee Termu Referénsia no haktuir instrusaun sira oinsá atu applika


Applikasaun taka iha 23:55 oras Dili nian, 7 Novembru 2016.


Cardno mak hanesan Empregadór Bazeia ba Opportunidade Iguál. Cardno enkorja feto atu applika. Cardno rekoñese iha responsabilidade morál no legál atu fornese opportunidade iguál iha servisu-fatin liuhusi garante katak desizaun hotu rekrutamentu no selesaun nian bazeia ba kandidatu sira ne’ebé iha kulalifikasaun no esperiénsia diak-liu, sira-ne’ebé bele dezenpeña rekerimentus husi provizaun pozisaun ne’e nian.

Ita-boot nia privasidade importante ba Cardno. Iha polítika/regulamentu ida katak Cardno atu respeitu konfidensialidade ba informsaun ne’ebé ita-boot fornese iha ita-boot nia applikasaun (iha formal orál, elektrónika, ka eskrita) sei kolekta/halibur no prosesa ho deit intensaun atu avalia ita-boot nia applikasaun ba empregu ne’e. Atu bele halo ida-ne’e, ita nia informsaun sei fó ba pesoal appropriadu balu iha ami nia eskritóriu. Informasaun sira ne’ebé ami hetan sei governa ho versaun mais atuál husi Polítika/Regulamentu Privasidade Cardno nian.

Cardno mos iha komprimissu ba Protesaun ba Labarik, Anti-Subornu no prevensaun ba Fráude iha ninia servisu hala’o projetu no programa Dezenvolvimentu Internasaional sira. Ami nia prosedimentu rekrutamentu no selesaun refleta komprimissu ne’e no sei inklúi verifikasaun husi polisia/dokumentasaun kriminál nian.

 Projetu Ajudasaun Australia nian – jere husi Cardno hodi Governu Australianu nia naran


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