World Vision PTL – Timor Leste Country Office – PROJECT FACILITATOR (2 POSITIONS) – 19 de Setembro de 2016


World Vision PTL – Timor Leste Country Office

World Vision PTL – Timor Leste Country Office

World Vision PTL – Timor Leste Country Office

Baucau Area Program – Baucau District



World Vision Timor Leste, a non-profit Christian Humanitarian Organization, committed to working with the poor and vulnerable, is seeking qualified national staff to fill the following vacant positions in Baucau as:






World Vision (WV) is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God. The heart of WV’s work is in helping communities build stronger and healthier relationships.


In its ministry, WV uses Development Program Approach (DPA) which empowers communities and local stakeholders to  work  together  towards  child  wellbeing, building  the  local  leadership  and  ownership essential for sustainability.    The DPA aims to improve understanding of local community dynamics, identifying existing development initiatives and development groups, and determining how WV can provide support to these processes.


In its Country Strategy for FY16-19, WV PTL-Timor Leste is committed to pursue the following ministry strategic objectives:

   Ensure children enjoy good health, safe water & improved sanitation

   Ensure children are educated for life

   Reduce gender- based violence

   Enhance community resilience & Livelihood (economic development)



The purpose of the Project Facilitator position is to ensure that the project is implemented, monitored and evaluated effectively and technically sound, based on the project design and budget.


A. Project Implementation

1.   Actively support Project Coordinator and Area Manager and in project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting processes relevant to assigned areas.

2.   Mobilize and prepare communities for smooth project implementation for enhanced impact.

3.   Facilitate and organize various project events/training /meeting in the communities as part of the project implementation

1.   Ensure timely quality, evidence based Project implementation.

2.   Facilitate technical training in according to    the Project Detailed Implementation Plan

3.   Respond timely and actively to the technical training request of the Project coordinator and Area Manager.

4.   Develop TOR, deliver technical training and manage the logistics and finance administration of activities in the sector

5.   Raise awareness and facilitate critical analysis of community issues and opportunities

6.   Ensure that gender analysis, Christian commitment, and child protection are mainstreamed within WV initiatives in their assigned communities.

7.     Assist the project coordinator in facilitating visioning and planning  processes with community members – especially the most vulnerable, and

8.   within community based groups

9.   Develop monthly work plans and weekly activity schedule and submit these to the Project Coordinator.

Project DIP and budget are developed on time


# training conducted to community groups (e.g. farmer groups, women groups, water user groups, ECCD committee)


Activity accomplishment rate within the respective portfolio.


No delay in project implementation more than 30 days


Work plans submitted monthly by the 25th for the previous month





B. Building Relationships


1.   Live among the people, endeavoring to witness to Christ through life.

2.   Build close and constructive relationships and actively learn within partner communities in order to understand their realities and facilitate development processes effectively.

3.   Communicate effectively World Vision’s identity, mission, vision, values and our approach to work in ways that are contextually appropriate and clear.

4.   Ensure that dialogue includes whole communities inclusive of their diversity.

5.   Undertake social networks analysis in order to understand the functions various stakeholders fulfill, power dynamics, potential for partnership and capacity building needs.

6.   Be responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships with key partners, especially relevant government institutions (MoH, MoE, DNAS, DHS, MAF, etc.) especially at Sub District Level and below to secure necessary technical resources to support program implementation

7.   Ensure that partnerships with other development partners are focused on promoting the well- being of children, especially the most


8.   Enable and facilitate networking and

Connections among local stakeholder groups and between local partners and others outside the area. (Local stakeholders groups may include formal and informal community-based organisations, local churches, other faith-based organisations, businesses, other NGOs and local government agencies).



Active participation of the stakeholders groups evidenced by contribution in resources (cash or in kind) in the project implementation and monitoring




C. Technical Quality Assurance


1.   Ensure that the project in its respective sector is technically sound both in design and implementation

2.   Ensure the farmers and the communities are informed with the recent approach/technologies in the sector.

3.   Identify training needs, prepare materials and conduct training forstaff and volunteers.




Minimum technical risk faced by the project


The community confirm the effectiveness of technical intervention of the project





D. Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME)


1.   Assist the M&E Officer and Project Coordinator in data collection for project assessments, proposals, budgets, monitoring and evaluation

2.   Together with the M&E Officer utilize the monitoring system and tools of project implementation and to capture learning.

3.   Support the process of DME (Assessment, Design,

Evaluation) in the respective sector in alignment with LEAP standards and associated guidelines and share lessons learned with communities, development partners and other WV Partnership stakeholders

4.   Submit monthly reports based on DIP and Monthly

Activity Plan.

5.   Maintain up to date records of project documents, agreements, reports, photos, assessment and design and evaluations.

6.   Quarterly reflection and learning at each bases with specialist involvement.

7.   Evidence based intervention (project model standard)

for scaling up

8.   Engage with government, churches for sustainability and scaling up

9.   Well-arranged donor visit / maintaining relationship with donor by showing impact. Meet their expectation, even go beyond that.



Supervisors are satisfied with accuracy and timeliness of data collected.


Quality and timely SAR

and AR


Updated ITT


Monthly Management Report submitted on time







Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

(The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.)



University degree in a relevant technical field (e.g. Agriculture, engineering, health, economic development)  



Knowledge & Skills

Good presentation and communication skills for a number of different audiences Required
Proven time management and organisational skills Required
Literacy in Microsoft Word and Excel Required
Fluent in Indonesian and Tetun, and preferably in the local dialect in area where you are serving Required
English language skills (can read, write and understand English) Preferred
Ability to ride a motorbike and have the license or willingness to learn this Required


A minimum of two years of appropriate professional experience Required
Experience facilitating development projects and/or working with community members.  


Proven leadership ability and experience as a team player  



Work Environment

Be willing to work in a team environment, collaborate with staff in other district offices, and travel and stay overnight at project sites (about 75% of the time).




Go to to get complete job description.  You can also apply it online by Click ‘APPLY FOR THIS JOB’ on the top of the job posting and you will be taken to an application form. Here you can sign up to register an account and complete field required then attach your CV and cover letter. Or you can send your application and CV directly to or you can submit the hard copy of your document to People&Culture Department, Av, Dos Direitos Humanos Estrada de Bidau, Bidau Mota Klaran, Dili Timor Leste


Women are strongly encouraged to apply.




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