Independent Jesuit Region of Timor-Leste – COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER – CD 15 de Setembro de 2016

Independent Jesuit Region of Timor-Leste

Independent Jesuit Region of Timor-Leste



Companhia de Jesus (the Jesuits), founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola with a group of companions in 1540, first set foot in Timor Leste as early as 1897.  The first missionary enterprise of the order was in Soibada and later on established parishes and apostolic works in other parts of the country.  In more recent decades, the Jesuits used to run the diocesan seminaries in the country in early 60s up to about late 90s.  The diocesan school Colégio de São José was entrusted to the Jesuits until 2011 and the new Jesuit school Colégio de Santo Inâcio de Loiola was established in 2012 and Instituto São João de Brito in 2015.  There are other works of the Jesuits in Timor including the Jesuit Social Service (JSS) and the media arm Casa de Producão Audiovisual  (CPA).  The Jesuits have been engaged also in pastoral works in the parish in Railaco, and the Apostleship of Prayer being propagated in the whole country.  Formation of candidates and young seminarians who are aspiring to become Jesuit Priests and Brothers is also on-going.  There are many works and the Jesuits are looking for means to communicate effectively the impact thus far of these works.  In this light, the team is looking for a talented and enthusiastic communication officer who can perform the task of writing stories and gathering of news and features from the field in order to promote the Jesuit mission local and abroad.

Come and join this community of Jesuits and lay partners!  We are currently looking for a full-time COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER who will be in-charge of the following:


  1. Preparing portfolio of stories showing the impact of the various works of the Jesuits in Education, Pastoral Ministry, Formation, Social Apostolate, and Social Media.
  2. Creative lay-out and format for these stories accompanied with photos and videos, if necessary.
  3. Maintains a data-base of potential and existing end-users of these narratives.
  4. Presents these stories to the different directors of works for validation and to the Superior of the Region for final approval.
  5. Maintains an image data bank as well as video archives and acts as liaison between the Jesuits institutions and international funding agencies and partners as regards sharing of these photos and videos by request.
  6. Assist in preparing creative lay-outs of brochures, annual reports, posters, advertisements, and other collaterals for some institutions of the Jesuits in the Region.
  7. Maintains the Facebook and Website of the Region.  Assists in some postings in various social media accounts of some institutions by request.
  8. Assist in providing updates and stories to the Socius of the Region for the internal newsletter of the Jesuits.
  9. Performs other minor duties delegated by the immediate supervisor assigned by the Superior of the Society of Jesus in Timor Leste.


Job Requirements 

  1. Male or Female
  2. Not more than 35 years old
  3. Graduate of any Communication and Information Technology-related degree
  4. Preferably Timorese and proficient in English, Portuguese, Indonesian and Tetum
  5. Preferably with experience in communications and writing fictions and non-fictions
  6. Extensive computer skills and knowledge or easy to be trained on Adobe and Mac-based cross-applications and various media applications (e.g. Photoshop, Publisher, Apple Photo, Adobe Premier, Final Cut)
  7. Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  8. Strong in communication and interpersonal skills
  9. Adequate managerial skills and willing to be trained
  10. High attention to detail and good analytical and creative mind
  11. Willingness to take active part in the Jesuit mission


Apply and submit your resume accompanied with an application letter and various scanned copies of credentials.  Application is open until 15th of September 2016.  Only those who qualify and make it in the short list will be contacted.


Email to:, with the subject heading:  COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER


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