Counterpart International – REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS – CD 04 de Setembro de 2016

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Counterpart International 





Applications due Sunday, September 4, 2016


(Tetun iha kraik)

The USAID-funded Ba Distrito project will competitively award a decentralization advocacy grant to a non-governmental organization to undertake advocacy and education campaign activities in the Special Administrative Region of Oecusse-Ambeno.  The activities to be implemented by the successful applicant organization must create opportunities for citizens:

  1. to better understand new laws and policies being applied related to decentralization in Oecusse; and
  2. to share their feedback with the policy makers at the region and national level, as well as implementers in the Special Administrative Region of Oecusse-Ambeno.

Outreach activities should target the regional administration, post administration, and suco level.  Outreach must be done on a minimum of 3 decentralization laws or policies affecting the Special Administrative Region of Oecusse-Ambeno.  The laws prioritized for outreach and consultation will be decided in consultation with Counterpart International.  Examples of these laws could include the Law No.9/2016 on Suco Law; Law No.3/2014 on Creates the Special Administrative Region of Oecusse-Ambeno and Establishes Special Zone of Social Market Economy; and Decree-Law No.5/2015 on Statute of Special Administrative Region of Oecusse-Ambeno.


The grant is for a period of approximately 10 months and the anticipated amount of the total grant may be up to $10,000.Applications must be received by Ba Distrito by Sunday September 4, 2016.

For further information, please click here to access the application package online, or email Ms. Jacinta Mendonça, Ba Distrito Grants Manager, at

Thank you!






Prazu ba aplikasaun Domingu, 4 Septembru 2016


USAID nia projetu Ba Distrito atu fornese fundu ba advokasia desentralizasaun ba organizasaun naun-governmental hodi hala’o atividade kampaña advokasia no edukasaun iha Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál Oecusse-Ambeno. Organizasaun ne’ebé hatama aplikasaun ho susesu tenke implementa atividade ne’ebé kria oportunidade hodi sidadaun bele:


1.         komprende di’ak liu tan lei no polítika foun kona-ba desentralizasaun ne’ebé komesa implementa iha Oecusse; no

2.         fahe sira-nia komentáriu ho ema boot husi nivel rejiaun no nasionál ne’ebé halo polítika kona-ba desentralizasaun, no mós ema sira ne’ebé implementa ona polítika sira ne’e iha Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál ba Oecusse-Ambeno.


Atividade divulgasaun tenke fornese iha nivel Rejiaun Adminsitrativa Espesiál, Postu Administrativu, no Suku. Tenke hala’o divulgasaun kona-ba mínimu lei ka polítika desentralizasaun tolu (3) ne’ebé fó impaktu ba Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál ba Oecusse-Ambeno. Lei ne’ebé hili nudar lei prioridade ba atividade divulgasaun no konsultasaun sei deside hamutuk ho Counterpart International.  Ezemplu lei sira-ne’e bele hanesan Lei No.9/2016 kona ba Lei Suku; Lei No.3/2014 kona ba Kriasaun Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál Oecusse-Ambeno no Estabelese Zona Espesial Ekonomia Sosial Merkadu, no Dekretu-Lei No.5/2015 kona ba Estatutu Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál Oecusse-Ambeno.


Fundu ne’e ba períodu maizumenus fulan 10 no tuir planu, orsamentu totál ba fundu ne’e bele to’o $10,000. Aplikasaun tenke hatama ba Ba Distrito la liu loron Domingu, 4 Septembru 2016.


Se presiza informasaun tan, favor klik iha ne’e atu hetan pakote aplikasaun, ka haruka email ida ba Sra. Jacinta Mendonça, Ba Distrito nia Jestor Fundus, iha .




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