Nova Casa Fresca – Strawberry Expert – CD 03 de Marco de 2016

Nova Casa Fresca

Nova Casa Fresca


Terms of Reference- Strawberry Expert


Position Title: Strawberry Expert

Contract Duration: 3 weeks

Reports to: Operational Manager of NCF

Location: Dili, with extensive travels to Aileu and Ainaro municipalities



Nova Casa Fresca, located in Colmera, Dili is a prominent local agribusiness company, established in February 2015 with an aim to supply locally produced horticulture products (vegetable and fruits) to Dili based supermarkets. NCF understands the advantage of a growing demand for horticulture products in the country as well as the need for having a strong supply chain to ensure regular supply of good quality products to the market. NCF strives to maintain a strong supply chain based on close cooperation with groups of farmers in Aileu through an out-grower model in order to secure a steady and good quality supply of vegetables in line with demand from the market.

Besides vegetables, NCF has identified strawberry as a potential high value product that is gradually becoming a much demanded product in the local market. As strawberry production is new in the country and not many farmers have the necessary orientation in appropriate strawberry production techniques; NCF is looking to engage a Strawberry Expert to support them on developing their strawberry supply chain which will involve training to farmers on appropriate cultivation, harvest and post-harvest management techniques.



The broad objective of the assignment is to provide advisory support to NCF operations and field staff to manage its strawberry supply chain (particularly around quality control and packaging) and train its farmer groups on appropriate production, maintenance, harvest and post-harvest practices for producing and supplying good quality strawberries that meet market requirements.

Responsibilities of the Strawberry Expert

The assignment will involve field work to guide and assist NCF as per the aforementioned objective. Detailed responsibilities of the Strawberry Expert will include (but not be limited to) the following:


  1. Identification of suitable locations and appropriate strawberry varieties for plantation in Timor-Leste;


  1. Train NCF farmers on appropriate,
    1. Inputs (cultivation technologies/equipments, seeds, fertilisers, etc. necessary for strawberry plantation)
    2. Production (nursery management, soil preparation and fertiliser application, correct methods and time for transplanting, and post-planting maintenance methods including pest and disease control) to reach optimum production volume with good quality
    3. Harvest and post-harvest management (including appropriate time for picking berries, handling of the fruit and grading)
    4. Share international experiences and best practices as examples.

The Strawberry Expert is expected to engage NCF field staff during the training on aforementioned topics. Further to the list provided above, the Expert is also expected to visit existing NCF farmer groups to understand the training needs and may tailor the training programs further in accordance to their requirements.


  1. Train NCF staff on,
    1. Quality control (including appropriate packaging and storage methods to reduce chances of damage and therefore wastage) and
    2. Scheduling of production and management of farm groups to ensure consistency of supply to the market.
    3. Key criteria needed to ensure marketability of strawberries in the end market.
    4. Share international experiences and best practices as examples.


  1. Submit recommended locations suitable for NCF and its producers group to grow strawberries;
  2. Submit a recommended list of strawberry varieties for cultivation by NCF producer groups;
  3. Submit a training manual for NCF field staff and farmer groups as per the list mentioned under “Responsibilities of the Strawberry Expert”.
  4. Submit a brief standard operating procedure for NCF staff to ensure quality control.

All reports and presentations shall be written in English or in the language required by NCF (Tetum or Bahasa Indonesia) and submitted to NCF within a reasonable time frame as specified by the consultancy agreement. All the documents are to be submitted to NCF office in Timor-Leste. The consultant is also expected to submit timesheet during the assignment period.


Duration and location

The period for the assignment is expected to be 3 (three) weeks, preferable to start in March 2016. During the course of the assignment the consultant will be expected to stay in Aileu.


Technical Direction

The Strawberry Expert will be responsible to report to NCF Operational Manager for the submission of deliverables. The consultant should regularly engage NCF’s Operations Manager for technical supervision and where need be NCF will also be supported by its development partner (Market Development Facility) to provide technical direction to the Strawberry Expert. The resources to be provided to the consultant will be discussed at the interview session during the selection process.


Application Requirements

The ideal candidate for this assignment must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold an academic degree (preferably post-graduate) in agriculture, horticulture, soil/earth sciences, crop/plant science.
  2. Excellent academic/professional knowledge on strawberry farming and managing strawberry supply-chain.
  3. More than 5 years of professional experience in implementing and/or managing strawberry production projects in ASEAN countries, preferably Indonesia.
  4. Have experience in designing and delivering training to farmers on strawberry production and post-harvest handling.
  5. Ability to travel and work in remote areas.
  6. Excellent organizational and project management skills.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills.
  8. Good written and verbal communications skills in English, and Tetum or Bahasa Indonesia.


To Apply

To apply, please submit a CV and Cover Letter describing your experiences, understanding of the ToR and how and why you or your institution is most appropriate to perform this task, to: The deadline for application is the close of business on March, 3rd 2016.


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