ADRA Timor-Leste – Kitchen Garden Training Office – CD 25 de Setembro de 2015




ADRA Timor-Leste – Kitchen Garden Training Officer


Purpose of position
To improve the production of local vegetables, (and potential nutrition and income indicators) of rural communities in Viqueque district of Timor Leste by implementing a small scale kitchen garden project.

Only applicants with agriculture / kitchen garden experience will be considered for this position




Contract Period

6 month contract

Starting no later than 1 October, 2015 and finishing 31 March, 2016. 


Role dimension

1.      Develop material using MS Word for a Kitchen Garden Training Manual

2.      Implement the kitchen garden program in Viqueque District in Uma Tolu.

3.      Work to develop System of Rice Intensification (SRI) resources for ADRA Timor Leste

4.      Conduct ongoing follow up visits in communities after the completion of training events throughout the life of the project.

5.      Represent ADRA Timor Leste at meetings, and workshops related to the health sector at; local, national or international levels or as assigned by the Country Director / program manager.

6.      Act responsibly in the job assigned and practice good conduct according to the ADRA Timor Leste Policy Manual or staff handbook.

7.      Undertake any other tasks that may be delegated by the ADRA Timor Leste Program Manager that are in keeping with the scope of the role.

The main topics expected to be taught by the Kitchen Garden Training Officer may include;


1.      Community / kitchen gardens (what are the goals and the positive results, how to use it to improve nutrition and economic sustainability),

2.      Agriculture-nutrition linkages (the importance of good nutrition),

3.      How to improve nutrition levels, as well as the plant’s nutrients,

4.      Soil management (what is soil, planting planning, digging methodology),

5.      Water management (watering plant, irrigation),

6.      Compost (how to transform organic material into compost, the assets of compost),

7.      Seeds preparation (seed selection, seed harvesting, seed preservation) and seedlings

8.      Planting crops (field preparation, planting season),

9.      Plant maintenance (fencing, watering, fertilizing),

10.  Pest control (what is a pest, pest prevention, mites, recognizing these pests),

11.  Harvest (harvest time, crop harvest),

12.  Marketing management (agriculture products, input and output production

Additional activities project activities may also include,


1.      Conducting needs assessments and holding regular community meetings

2.      Skills on facilitation and managing groups of persons

3.      Knowledge on how to write reports and make basic evaluations of project activities 

Major challenges include working as part of a team, including collaboration with the Country and Field Offices, and engaging in continuous professional development and actively seeking to continuously improve program processes and outcomes. May be asked to work in remote locations.


Essential knowledge, skills and abilities

1.      Experience in training design, delivery and presentation of Horticulture / Kitchen Garden activities.

2.      Experience in conducting training and organising community based workshops.

3.      Good presentation skills and ability to communicate to varied audiences, including those with limited literacy.

4.      Ability to work well under pressure and to deadlines.

5.      Ability to prepare and work within budgets for planned training activities.

6.      Excellent community engagement skills.

7.      Demonstrated ability to work as a part of a team, organise work and supervise others.

8.      Flexibility, adaptability and willingness to take on tasks and learn to apply new health and hygiene methodologies in community settings.

9.      Uphold the values of the organisation

10.    Ability to communicate in Tetun Terik (and possibly English) – oral and written.

11.    Be willing to undertake travel within Viqueque and to Dili as required by the project.


Gender Policy: Women are encouraged to apply for this position.


Job Location: The position will be based in Uma Tolu, Viqueque District.


Applications for the position are due on 25 September 2015 at 12:00 pm. Candidates fulfilling the criteria may send in their application along with a copy of their Curriculum Vitae and full contact address to the following email addresses: and


or deliver to:                ADRA Timor Leste,

Rua Hudi Laran, Dili,

Phone: 3310515

Only short listed candidates will be notified and applications will not be returned. Only applicants with agriculture / kitchen garden experience will be considered for this position


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