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The position  of Project Manager  is addressed to Timorese (fluent in Tetum) but also open to people of other  nationalities that meet the requirements, have a long-term commitment to Timor-Leste, and value the conditions.


Location: Dili, Timor-Leste



SportImpact is looking  for  a passionate,  committed and reliable  person  to manage our  “Sport  for  Life”  project.   The  Project  Manager   is  responsible   for  managing resources for successful project implementation towards maximum positive impact.

The Project Manager will be based in Dili, reporting directly to SportImpact directors. The Project Manager will, among other responsibilities:

  • Implement project management standards and  procedures towards  effective project execution
  • Ensure,  in   coordination  with   SportImpact’s   Administration  Manager,   timely payments  of salaries, fees and expenses to employees, consultants and suppliers working in the project
  • Coordinate with  SportImpact’s Administration Manager to ensure adequate filing systems for  correspondence, invoices and receipts,  and preparation of regular financial reports
  • Ensure appropriate materials, equipment and facilities  are available for  project activities, coordinating with other people as necessary
  • Ensure appropriate records of attendance  in project activities
  • Prepare project  reports  as necessary for  different audiences:  internal,  donors, partners,  etc.
  • Provide project updates and photos for SportImpact’s website, reports  and press releases



The Project Manager should have the following characteristics  and abilities:

  • Passionate about sports, in particular as a tool for human development
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills
  • A strong team player, persistent and resourceful, committed to generating top- quality   work  and  strong   positive   impact,  always  creating  opportunities  and solutions
  • Selfdriven, able  to  work   autonomously  and  committed  to  making   things happen, engaging others as appropriate
  • Fluent in Tetum and English or Portuguese
  • Able to  manage  multiple workstreams,  tasks and  teams  effectively,  ensuring project timely execution with high quality and results


Good candidates will also  feel strongly identified with SportImpact’s values:

Empowerment: We listen to communities and help them pursue the future they choose – for as long as necessary, not more.

Sustainability: We develop innovative  solutions and business models to make projects sustainable, replicable and scalable.

Impact: We assess impact and control  for unintended consequences, continuously making adjustments to maximize positive long-term results.

Collaboration: We bring multiple stakeholders together and openly collaborate,  sharing knowledge, experience and resources to create value.

Integrity: We have zero tolerance for corruption, abuse, discrimination or any other unethical  behaviors.

Fun: We care for everyone we work with and always have fun!




SportImpact focuses on delivering  outstanding impact  while  providing everyone  in the team with a pleasant, balanced and rewarding work life. This includes

  • Continuous learning  opportunities,  through on-the-job feedback  and formal reviews, as well as internal knowledge sharing and potential external training
  • Entrepreneurial environment,  where  everyone  has the  opportunity to  take initiative and drive projects
  • Compensation and annual leave according to local market standards
  • Flexibility to discuss work arrangements according to staff’s interests



Please  send  your   CV and  cover  letter   sharing   your   motivation  to  work   with

SportImpact to



SportImpact is a social enterprise promoting human development through sport. We empower communities in developing  countries  to develop  sport  programs  that

stimulate happier,  healthier,  more  productive,  self-determined and  fulfilling lives. Our vision is to use the power  of sport to create a peaceful  and developed  world, with equal opportunities for everyone. Learn more on

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