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CSO Partners Capacity Assessment Grid


The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) is implementing an Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program in Timor-Leste under a Grant Agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The EVAW Program goal is to reduce the proportion of women who have experienced violence, and to better meet the needs of women and children affected by violence. The objective is to improve outcomes for women in prevention, support services, and access to justice by improving capacity in key ministries, reducing levels of violence, improving services, and strengthening judicial processes serving the needs of women survivors of violence.

EVAW is currently providing support to five CSO partners under the Services and Access to Justice Pillars. The program is continuing to work along the lines of the accompaniment model used by the Justice Sector Support Facility (JSSF) in its work with both government and non-government partners. The program acknowledges that organizational and institutional strength is critical to good program and service delivery and has been working with partners to undertake organizational assessments and develop milestones in relation to governance and program implementation.

Program staff are required to conduct regular site visits to partners and to be readily available to meet with partners to discuss implementation of the grants. The Foundation is also supporting the partners through field visits focusing on particular financial management issues identified through both program and finance monitoring.

In 2015, the Foundation is also assisting CSOs to organize external evaluations and external audits. The Foundation will need to identify technical support acceptable and trusted by each organization. Addressing organizational needs will be done through a mixture of mentoring support from program staff (including Program Finance staff) and trainings. Short term technical assistance will be brought on as required and as appropriate for the different organizations, and on the job training and mentoring will be provided as required.

The program wishes to build on the organizational assessments of partners conducted by JSSF and the program that bridged JSSF and EVAW, Support to Essential Services for Ending Violence Against Women (SESEVAW), including the capacity assessment grid applied by JSSF in November 2013. The Foundation will develop detailed plans for addressing issues identified in the assessments through the grant agreements. Individual plans will be developed for each of the CSO grantees addressing different needs identified with clear milestones identified by the Foundation and the partner. The Foundation is providing general support focusing in particular in the following areas: human resources, financial management, operations policies, and governance arrangements, for the following five core partners.

The following table provides details of the TAF partner CSOs to be assessed.

No. Organisation Project Title Project Location
1 Asistensia Legal ba Feto no Labarik (ALFeLa) Legal assistance for women and children All districts
2 Casa Vida Shelter for child victims Dili
3 Psychosocial Recovery and Development in East Timor (PRADET) Medical examinations, counselling, referral and emergency accommodation:

Fatin Hakmatek Dili

Fatin Hakmatek Suai

Fatin Hakmatek Oecusse

Fatin Hakmatek Maliana

Fatin Hakmatek Baucau



Suai Referral Hospital

Oecusse Referral Hospital

Maliana Referral Hospital

Baucau Referral Hospital

4 Uma Mahon Salele Safe house for victims of violence and ‘Hope Centre’ Covalima
5 Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP) Court monitoring, parliamentary monitoring and legislative analysis, and public information on access to justice Dili, Baucau, Suai and Oecusse district courts


The Asia Foundation is looking for a consultant to assist in developing a capacity assessment grid to assist in working with CSO partners in building their organizational capacity. The capacity assessment grid is designed to serve multiple purposes:

  1. a) M&E baseline and tool for re-assessment;
  2. b) the process of designing and administering the grid will help to raise awareness about the importance of organizational strengthening, and gain agreement with partners about what will be of value to assess; and
  3. c) the results will be used as data to focus and define developmental priorities with partners, build ownership and ultimately ensure the organizational development effort is agreed and well targeted.

The consultant will provide practical help in developing tools and adding descriptors for each of the capacity indicators.

The consultant will work with national program officers to assist in making the tool a part of a broader developmental strategy that engages partners in the self-diagnostic process. The process will be consultative and build on existing and ongoing relationships. The consultant will help the national program officers to facilitate this consultative process and continue it through organizational support to partners.

The consultant will work with the national program officers, and the partners to complete the capacity assessment grid for each partner. The consultant and national program officers will conduct a workshop with all five partners, and then meet with them separately to complete the capacity assessment grid.

The consultant will work with the EVAW M&E team to ensure the Capacity Assessment Grid forms the basis of a tool to monitor capacity development outcomes. This will include advising on indicators of capacity, and future assessments.



  1. Completed descriptors for each indicator in the Capacity Assessment Grid for five partners.
  2. Facilitation of workshop with the five partners and EVAW national program officers from ATJ and Services Pillars to explain the capacity assessment grid, and agree on questions and indicators of capacity.
  3. (Together with national program officers) one-on-one meetings with each of the partners to agree on the level of capacity for each of the questions, and identify actions required to assist the partner to move to the next level of capacity.
  4. Completed capacity assessment grid for each partner, with recommended actions to assist the partner to achieve higher level of capacity on each question by July 2017.
  5. Written report identifying organizational development priorities for each partner.



10 days



The consultant will be supervised by Sophia Cason, the Organisational Strengthening (OIS) Coordinator and Access to Justice Coordinator, EVAW Program.



  • A minimum of ten years professional experience in a combination of public sector management and organizational capacity development, including experience in a developing country context;
  • Experience working with civil society organizations in a developing country context;
  • Experience in working with civil society organizations to improve organizational capacity;
  • A tertiary qualification in a relevant discipline (Masters desirable).



  • A personal commitment to promoting gender equality and to modelling personal behaviours consistent with program focus;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a cross-cultural setting;
  • A commitment to working respectfully and collaboratively with individuals and organizations at a range of levels;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.



Expressions of interest must be submitted no later than 19 June 2015 containing the following information:

  • Cover letter outlining prior relevant experience and contact details of two referees.
  • Curriculum Vitae.

Applications should be submitted to Dian Wahyu Saputri – email

Questions regarding this TOR may be directed to Sophia Cason, OIS and Access to Justice Coordinator, Ending Violence Against Women Program, The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste. Email:


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