RDTL – Ministério do Planeamento e Investimento Estratégico – Secretariado dos Grandes Projectos – Executive Secretary – CD 18 de Maio de 2015



I. Job Title : Executive Secretary

II. Job Reference : RDTL-MPIE-MPS-2015-010

III. Terms of Reference : Attached

IV. Application procedure

Applications need to be addressed to the MPS Office at Hudi Laran, Fatuhada, Timor-Leste, or to email address, mps.jobs.apps@gmail.com, no later than 17:00 hours Timor-Leste time on Monday, the 18th day of May, 2015.


Applications should include (a) a covering letter (b) a detailed resume of no more than 7 pages.


Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.





Term of Reference


Position           : Executive Secretary

Reference       : RDTL-MPIE-MPS-2015-010

Reporting to   : Coordinator of MPS

Classification : Technical Contract

Duration         : One Year with a 3 Months Probation Period (with possibility of extension based   on performance assessment and the need)

Division          : Major Project Secretariat, Ministry of Planning and Strategic Investment


I.             BACKGROUND

The Government of Timor-Leste has established an Infrastructure Fund since 2011 to finance major projects identified by the Line Ministries responsible for their planning, implementation and management. The Major Project Secretariat (MPS), under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Council of Administration of the Infrastructure Fund (CAFI), to which the Major Projects Secretariat provides technical and management support services.  To provide these services, the Major Projects Secretariat consists of the following main units: IF Management Unit, Payment Unit, Planning/Project Appraisal Unit, Loans Unit, Public Private Partnership Unit (PPP) and Database / Reporting Unit.

Further to restructure of V Government Constitutional in February 2015, the MPS has shifted to the Ministry of Planning and Strategic Investment while Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Loan Unit remain with the Ministry of Finance. Hence, the main duties of MPS still in the area IF Management Unit, Appraisal & Budgeting Unit, and Database & IT Unit.



The Executive Secretary will provide secretarial and administrative assistance work to MPS Coordinator.



The Secretary shall undertake the following tasks:

  • Receive, screen and log correspondence, reports, etc and forward to the appropriate units or program officers. Follow-up to ensure that replies are timely or that action is taken with the established deadline;
  • Prepare briefing materials for MPS Coordinator for use on official trips or special meetings;
  • Screen, assess and refers telephone calls and enquiries to appropriate staffs; provide information on variety of questions such as the office’s program and activities as well as sensitive information; coordinate and expedite office wide responses to sensitive telephone and written enquiries on behalf of the MPS Coordinator;
  • Maintains MPS Coordinator’s calendar and schedule appointments and meetings and make tentative appointments on his behalf; brief the MPS Coordinator on matters to be considered prior to scheduled meetings;
  • Prepare informal translations and may act as interpreter;
  • Maintain and update office’s filing and reference system including confidential files, performance evaluations reports, and records of disciplinary actions;
  • Take dictation and/or draft correspondence on a variety of subject matters, ensuring that spelling, punctuation and format are correct, type correspondence, documents and reports, some of which are highly confidential;
  • Record, transcribe, develop and distribute minutes of meetings for Board of Directors level and Management level on time;
  • Identify and extract information from various sources and prepare briefing notes and/or resume for inclusion in correspondence and reports; drafts moderately complex correspondence and review all outgoing correspondences for composition and style as well as grammatical accuracy, factual correctness, and adequacy of treatment as well as adherence to MPS Procedures;
  • Coordinate the secretarial services of the office , assign priorities, monitor work in progress and control deadlines; assess work performance and resolve problems;
  • Maintain policy, confidential and general management files;
  • Provide and facilitate the President in the administration areas such as travel arrangements (visas, airport pick-up, air and hotel bookings), administration arrangements (pouch, registration invoice, arrange MPS trainings/workshops etc);
  • Receive and interact with incoming visitors; liaise with internal staff at all levels; interact with external clients;
  • Perform other related duties as required.



  • Organizational and planning skills;
  • Good communication skills in proper manner and good attitude;
  • Information gathering and monitoring skills;
  • Problem analysis and problem solving skills;
  • Judgment and decision-making ability;
  • Initiative, confidentiality, team member, adaptability;
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.




  • Completion of first university degree;
  • At least two years of progressively responsible support work experience in general secretary and administrative work;
  • Excellent English, Portuguese, Tetum, Indonesian languages skills both speaking and writing;




The performance of the Executive Secretary will be assessed by the Director of Major Project Secretariat, using the Performance Appraisal System put in place and carried out by the Ministry of Planning and Strategic Investment.

There will be a probation period of three months.


One thought on “RDTL – Ministério do Planeamento e Investimento Estratégico – Secretariado dos Grandes Projectos – Executive Secretary – CD 18 de Maio de 2015

  1. hau juliao dacosta klosan oan husi bere mau no inan bi-liba moris iha dili becora mai rekere ba ita bo,ot sira karik vagas nebe,e fo sai husi meinistrio planamento iha fatu-hada hudilara dili,tuir informasaun nebe,e hau hetan.
    Durasaun eskola
    1. SD.N 13 Ailok tinan nen (6) ramata.
    2.SMP.N1Laulara tinan tolu(3) ramata
    3.SMA.N1Laulara tinan tolu(3) ramat
    4.Univrsidade,PGRI NTT Kupang tinan ha,at ramata.
    Esperencia servisu
    1.Iha sertifikado, Esperencia servisu iha ermaos saleciana komoro dili.
    2.Iha sertifikado, Organisasi GMKI.
    3.Bele komputador, mikrosop work,pawer point no exsel,

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