The Board of Klibur Domin Foundation in Tibar is seeking a suitable person to replace the current Director who has held the position for over 10 years.    The Director is accountable to the Board of Klibur Domin (KD) for overall management and the achievement of strategic objectives, including service delivery and financial targets.


The Board will make an initial appointment to the position of Deputy Director for 6 months.  During this time the appointee will work alongside the current Director, and will have the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of the Director’s role.



In 2000, Ryder Cheshire Australia (RCA) established KD to accommodate and support patients with low dependency health issues, mainly referred from Dili National Hospital.   In 2003 KD registered as a Timor-Leste Non-Government Organisation.  It now employs around 40 staff.


Klibur Domin currently has three main areas of activity:

  • Low dependency inpatient health care/clinic: Up to 50 Inpatients are provided with accommodation, good nutrition, supervision of medication, health education and therapy programs, and transport to referring hospital/clinics for treatment and review.   Common inpatient conditions include early stage TB, orthopaedic or neurological conditions and kidney disease requiring renal dialysis.  A four bed ward provides intensive inpatient care to people with Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB).   Children with disabilities stay at KD with family members for therapy, respite and support.  Up to six elderly people with disabilities and no family support are long-term residents.  KD also offers medical and nursing care to local community members, and emergency transport to hospital in Dili.
  • TB Program: The community outreach TB program supports the Ministry of Health in implementing the national strategy to reduce the incidence of TB.  Activities include training and support of staff and community volunteers,   case detection, treatment monitoring and community education.   Currently the program covers Liquisa district, and may expand to other areas if funding allows.   KD’s laboratory tests for TB using microscopy and the advanced technology of GeneXpert for the western districts of Timor-Leste.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program: The CBR Program supports people with disabilities in Liquisa and Ermera districts.  The aim is to ensure that all people have equal opportunity to participate in community activities and services.  The CBR Program educates clients, families and communities about disability; supports children with disabilities to attend school; provides physiotherapy and mobility equipment; assists with medical check-ups; modifies homes and schools to improve accessibility; and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.


The Board of KD is responsible for setting overall goals and strategic planning and monitoring progress towards achieving objectives.    The Board appoints and reviews the performance of the Director.  KD’s Board has four members who bring knowledge and experience in policy, health, disability and advocacy, legal and financial areas.  The current Chair is Dr Rui Araujo.  The Director attends Board meetings and is responsible for support and follow-up.    The Director reports directly to the Chair and Board of Management


Organisational Structure

KD staff work in five teams:  TB Outreach, Inpatient Services, Community-Based Rehabilitation, Finance/Administration, and Support Service, The Manager of each program reports to the Director.   In the future it is hoped to appoint a General Manager who will focus on program development and coordination, while the Director focuses on strategic planning and external relationships.    The Program Managers form a senior management group to work with the Director to plan, implement, monitor and review policies and programs.  Long-term volunteers (mainly from Australia) provide mentoring and support to staff in specific areas, and short-term volunteers assist with a range of projects and activities.


Accountability and funding

KD receives funding from a range of sources, and attracting funds remains a constant challenge.   Ryder Cheshire Australia provides ongoing funding for the operational costs of the Inpatient Program, with support from the Ministry of Health for the MDR-TB component.  The CBR Program is funded by the Timor-Leste Government Ministry of Social Solidarity.  The TB Outreach Program has been funded by international charities from US and UK.   Over the years RCA and other international donors have funded many building and other projects.    Each of these donors/funders has specific accountability requirements, so reporting can be quite complex and time-consuming.   It is hoped that in the future the Government of Timor Leste will accept responsibility for funding more of KD’s activities.






The Director is accountable to the Board of Klibur Domin for overall management and achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives, including service delivery and financial targets.



  • Support the Board
  • Assist the Board to develop a strategic plan to deliver its objectives
  • Provide regular reports to the Board on progress against the Strategic Plan, and recommend actions to address identified issues and problems.
  • Provide advice to the Board on strategic opportunities for activities and funding
  • Prepare agendas and reports for Board meetings and follow up Board decisions
  • Oversee development of policy and program proposals for approval by the
  • Manage the preparation of budgets and submissions for approval by the


  • Organisational Management


  • Staffing
  • Recruit and manage staff to deliver programs and services in line with the Strategic Plan
  • Establish and regularly review the organisational structure to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in implementing the Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of staffing policies and that these are implemented
  • Oversee the process of annual performance appraisals for all staff., including providing training to managers
  • Provide leadership to employees and volunteers to maintain a culture of respect and concern for patients and each other, and a commitment to KD’s values
  • Develop and implement a staff development program in line with the Strategic Plan
  • Ensure that all staff are able to participate in planning and review activities, through general staff meetings, team meetings and informal communications.
  • Work closely with the Senior Management Group to ensure open and transparent communication



  • Programs and Activities
  • Support Program Managers to develop and implement annual work plans and budgets for each program
  • Maintain a process for regular review of all programs and activities, involving relevant staff and managers.
  • Identify barriers to efficient and effective program implementation, and work with staff and other stakeholders to develop action plans to address these

3    Advocacy and Networking

Establish and maintain relationships with relevant government departments and NGOs, community groups and other stakeholders in order to

  • Promote Klibur Domin and its programs
  • Identify opportunities for new activities or funding
  • Identify opportunities for co-operation and coordination with other organisations and programs



The Director operates with autonomy on all matters pertaining to the day to day operation of Klibur Domin and matters for which responsibility has been assigned to the Director by the Chair or Board of Management.


The Director is accountable to the Board of Klibur Domin for

  • Efficient provision of secretariat services to the Chair, Board and sub-committees.
  • Klibur Domin’s performance as assessed against its strategic goals.
  • Expenditure of Klibur Domin funds in line with the approved budget.
  • Delivery of Klibur Domin policies and procedures.



  • Tertiary qualification in a relevant area such as management, business, public administration
  • Previous experience in a senior management position
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement policy and programs
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in all or most of health service management, strategic planning, human resource management, fund raising, financial management
  • Previous experience in the health and community development sector highly desirable.



  • Highly developed written and verbal communication abilities in Tetun and English, including public speaking and negotiating skills with a broad range of audiences.
  • Strong analytical and leadership skills, and the ability to develop and motivate staff, local communities and volunteers
    • A sound knowledge of economic and social development in Timor-Leste.
  • Good computer skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel
  • High level of self-motivation and time management skills.



All KD staff are appointed in line with the classifications and salaries specified in the Government of Timor Leste Classifications for General Career Regime and Directors and Heads of Department and Sections.

The Director position is graded at the level of Director General, with a salary range of $765 – $850 per month.  The successful applicant for the Director position will be appointed on a 6 month contract at the starting level of $765 per month.  If the Board is satisfied with the appointee’s performance after the 6 months, a 3 year contract as Director will be offered, with a salary of up to $850 depending on qualifications and experience.  The appointee will have a fully maintained vehicle for work-related and private use, and the option of rent-free accommodation on KD’s premises once the appointee takes up the long-term role as Director.


The Board will undertake an annual formal performance appraisal, and provided this is satisfactory the initial 3 year contract will be renewable with negotiated tenure.


Other conditions are as for Government employees.   Note that although hours of work are nominally 44 hours per week, the Director is expected to be flexible and work such hours including out of usual business hours as needed to conscientiously execute the duties of the position.


A security check will be carried out prior to appointment.




For more information please call the KD Director Joaquim Soares on 77232016 or the Chair of the Board, Dr Rui Araujo on 7735 3366.


Applicants should submit a written application including a cover letter and CV.  The application should address each area of responsibility listed in the position description (supporting the Board, managing programs, managing staff, advocacy and networking), as well as previous experience and qualifications, personal skills and abilities.


Applications close on 30 January 2015. 


Short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.



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