Mercy Corps – Project Engineer – CD 13 de Dezembro de 2014



For “Project Engineer”


Mercy Corps is an international, non-governmental humanitarian relief and development agency that exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. Mercy Corps works in 40 countries, and has been present in Timor – Leste 2007. Mercy Corps’ current work in Timor-Leste focuses on agriculture & food security, disaster risk reduction and climate change, and Energy Poverty.


MERCY CORPS IS LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS. Interested applicant can send CV and Cover Letter no later than 13 December 2014 to email or 3312726 / 78294807 or send it directly to Mercy Corps office at Rua Dr. Barros Gomes (next to NCBA/CCT Clinic), Bidau – Lecidere, Dili.



Mercy Corps has received funding from the Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Foundation to implement a 3-year integrated disaster risk reduction (DRR) and economic development program, called Managing Risks through Economic Development (M-RED).  This program is be implemented in 3 districts of Timor – Leste: Dili, Ermera, and Ainaro.  M-RED aims to reach approximately 2,000 households in 30 communities with mitigation measures that reduce vulnerability while also linking to local markets to increase incomes or contribute to broader community economic strengthening.  By economically incentivizing DRR mitigation measures, the program hopes to demonstrate a new approach to sustainable DRR that is market-driven.

Mercy Corps takes a market development approach.  This is characterized by a focus on acknowledging that the poor are participants in market systems, understanding their role as producers, consumers and laborers in these complex systems, and facilitating systemic change by identifying and leveraging capacities and incentives of market players to address underlying causes of market system dysfunction.  The aim is to address income poverty by improving the core market relationships and transactions, supporting functions, and rules/ regulations of a market system to improve access and terms of access of the poor.

[Describe overview of job mission GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY:

The Project Engineer will be responsible for overall planning, designing, implementation and supervision of small scale mitigation work and ensure quality implementation within in stipulated time and cost. S/he will be responsible for building capacity of implementing partner staff (technical supervisor) for the quality implementation and supervision of small scale mitigation. This position is under supervision of the National Program Manager of M-RED, working to achieve program objectives and targets. The Project Engineer will work closely with District Coordinators in each target district, providing technical advice and supervising engineering interventions in each project location, and across different target areas and markets.  The project engineer will also provide technical input for the integration of small scale mitigation work with market or economic development component.


Key responsibilities include identification of small scale mitigation techniques that can contribute to disaster risk reduction and also has economic incentive. This will require development of training package and tools as required to the context of project districts. The Project Engineer will lead the capacity building for local partner and communities including assisting them in implementation of construction works. S/he will search for different resources and explore different best practices on small scale mitigation works existing in the country and identify best intervention for MRED project.



  • Coordinate small scale mitigation activities together with District Coordinators, partner staff, ensuring high quality performance and program delivery focused on planned results.
  • Undertake problem assessment and conduct research/studies to identify small scale/low cost mitigation measure having economic incentives.
  • Develop training curriculum, strategy and tools for small scale mitigation activities.
    • Develop reports of studies carried out to identify high value bio-engineering species and low cost effective bio-engineering techniques
    • Develop guideline for bio-engineering works that can contribute for economic development of community.
    • Develop technical design and implementation guideline and train partner.
  • Organize training to partner organization and communities on different small scale mitigation techniques.
  • Develop detail process and procedures for the implementation of small scale mitigation work and training partner staff and communities.
  • Identify and work with related government/non-government agencies and facilitate community linkage to access resources and technical support.
  • Work together with District Coordinators to develop and maintain relationships with district implementing partners.
  • Prepare monthly progress reports and submit to National Program Manager.


Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Prepare monthly work plans which adhere to the overall M-RED project objectives and activities and assist local partner staff in doing the same.
  • Coordinate with DM&E team to develop tools and facilitate its implementation to collect feedback, capturing and documenting learning.
  • Organize regular field visit to ensure implementation of mitigation work is being done with desired quality and within stipulated time and resources.
  • Review the progress reports received from the local partner staff and provide feedback/ suggestions either independently or in conjunction with the PM

Other Support

  • Ensure that MC operational policies and procedures are followed, while ensuring downward and upward project efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  • Manage good relationships with project stakeholders, including local NGO partners, GoN officials, community officials, and colleague agency officials
  • Ensure that innovative approaches, good practices, particular challenges, or good results are documented to support agency learning.
  • Participate and contribute to joint initiatives, training activities and media events organized collectively by the M-RED implementing partners country-wide or regionally, as required
  • Conduct him or herself in manner so as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and so as not to jeopardize its humanitarian mission



  • Minimum Bachelor degree in civil engineering
  • Experience of designing and implementing Bio-Engineering intervention.
  • Minimum three years’ experience with community-based program.
  • Experience working with local NGO, government officials and integrating them into program implementation.
  • Experience building capacity of diverse team.
  • Strong organization and communication skills.
  • Strong writing/spoken English.
  • Strong skill on training design and facilitation.
  • Ability to search different resources to develop innovative approaches.
  • High level of computer skills required.
  • Good level of spoken English is required.
  • Willingness to travel frequently to remote areas. Competence riding a motorbike preferred.

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