PDHJ-UNDP-Information Technology Consultant – Website and Databases-CD 26 de Setembro de 2014

Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project

Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project


Capacity Development of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice Project

Provedoria de Direitos Humanos e Justiça

Rua de Caicoli—Dili, Timor-Leste

No.Ref.:        010  /PDHJ /2014


  1. Position Information



Job Code Title:                                Information Technology Consultant – website and databases

Pre-classified Grade:                      N/A            

Timeframe:                                    up to 30 working days (1 October – 31 December  2014)

Supervisor:                                     Director General of PDHJ and  UNDP Project Manager


II. Organizational Context



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is engaged in long term capacity development Project of the Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ). The PDHJ is the national human rights institution (NHRI) of Timor-Leste.


Building upon the existing human rights knowledge and skills which have been developed through the implementation of the UNDP-OHCHR Capacity Building Project for the Provedoria (2007-2009), the current Project (2010-2014) continues to strengthen the PDHJ’s human rights mandate, the department of public assistance, the four new PDHJ regional offices and the development of the PDHJ’s legal capacity. The project also provides support to the PDHJ institutional planning and management which is seen as crucial to the effective fulfillment of the human rights mandate.


The Project has the following main outputs:

  1. PDHJ staff are able to conduct legal analysis, are knowledgeable about Human Rights concepts and understands how these concepts are applied in their work
  2. PDHJ has effective and efficient institutional structures and management systems
  3. PDHJ has effective information and knowledge management systems.


This role relates to outputs 2 (website) and 3 (knowledge management databases).




III. Functions / Key Results Expected



Reporting directly to the Project Manager and in coordination with the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice and the PDHJ Director General, the IT Consultant will undertake the following tasks:


Website tasks (est. 4 days)

The PDHJ has developed a website in wordpress with the Project’s support.  After testing of the website by PDHJ, a few minor issues need to be resolved prior to the launch of the website in late October 2014.  The consultant will need to update PDHJ staff on the resolution of these issues and reflect the changes in the PDHJ’s website manual.   The PDHJ also requires a standard administrative procedure to govern the use of the website which should be developed in collaboration with PDHJ staff.  Three PDHJ staff also require training on how to use and update wordpress.  These website-related tasks are the immediate priority because the PDHJ wants to launch its website in late October 2014.


TPE database tasks (est. 13 days)

The PDHJ also has a training, promotion and education database in wordpress to enable PDHJ to record data relating to trainings, promotions and education activities (TPE Database).  Currently the forms used in the database incur a cost, which is not sustainable for the PDHJ and the database is not secure; it can be accessed and modified online.  After testing by the PDHJ, several improvements are required:

  • New fields;
  • A new form for ‘training’;
  • The TPE database needs to be both free and secure, whether by converting the TPE database to an open source system or by identifying free forms within wordpress (preferred option);
  • The TPE database needs to be linked to the PDHJ server;
  • The forms (currently 10) need to be converted to a free source;
  • The TPE database requires improved search functions and data mining capabilities (including linking data sets and data disaggregation capabilities);
  • Ensuring the integrity of data already inputed into the TPE database during the conversion / revision process;
  • Support PDHJ through the testing phase for these changes and make required modifications.


KM database tasks (est. 13 days)

The PDHJ requires a knowledge management database (KM Database) preferably using the same software as the TPE database).  The purpose of this knowledge management database is to provide a repository for key institutional documents for PDHJ.  The KM Database should be free and secure and sit locally on the PDHJ server.   The database should have search functions.  The prototype can be developed in conjunction with the UNDP Project Manager and the consultant will be required to consult with PDHJ staff during the testing phase and make the required modifications.   The consultant will be required to produce a KM Database manual for use by PDHJ staff (Tetun).


Translation of documents from English to Tetun can be provided by the UNDP Project upon request if the consultant does not have Tetun drafting abilities.


The consultant will work closely with PDHJ staff but will work under the direct supervision of the UNDP/PDHJ Capacity Building Project Manager and report to that Project Manager.
The UNDP Project closes on 31 December 2014, so it is essential that these tasks are completed by 31 December 2014.




IV. Impact of Results


  • The conclusion of the PDHJ website, creation of a standard administrative procedure, updating of the manual and communication of these updates to staff will enable the PDHJ to maintain and update its website and to disseminate information cheaply and quickly (particularly to Dili based and international audiences).
  • Refinement and improvements to the TPE database will allow the PDHJ to accurately track its training, promotions and education services, to report accurately and effectively on this service delivery and to target its service delivery to best meet the needs of its target groups.
  • Creation and conclusion of the knowledge management database tasks will allow the PDHJ to store and retrieve essential working documents, improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery.




V. Competencies



  • Ability to liaise closely with the UNDP Project Manager and PDHJ staff to develop information technology solutions that are useful and appropriate to PDHJ and sustainable for continued maintenance and use by PDHJ staff;
  • Ability to draft clearly and concise documents to support capacity development interventions (such as manuals for websites, standard administrative procedures etc);
  • Ability to work in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  • Ability to work under pressure against strict deadlines in a challenging working environment.





VI. Recruitment Qualifications




Bachelors degree in information technology, software engineering or similar.


  • At least 3 years experience in programming in PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL
  • Demonstrated evidence of successfully delivering similar databases and websites including a wordpress website;
  • At least 1 years’ experience in capacity development work, such as coaching, mentoring, training and others;
  • Experience writing technical documents (manuals, standard administrative procedures) to explain how to use and maintain IT systems in clear and simple language (English, Tetun an advantage);
  • Experience working in post conflict countries and/or Timor-Leste an advantage;
  • Experience working in a public institution in Timor- Leste (particularly the PDHJ) a clear advantage.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluent in English language skills
  • Ability to communicate in Tetun a clear advantage.




VII. Signatures-  Job  Description Certification


Incumbent  (if applicable)




Name                                                                   Signature                                         Date

Supervisor  (Director General of PDHJ)




Name                                                                   Signature                                        Date

Supervisor (UNDP PDHJ Programme Manager)




Name                                                            Signature                                        Date


Those interested in this position can send an updated curriculum vitae (with list of references), financial proposal and a letter addressing selection criteria to joella.marron@undp.org


Only completed applications in English will be considered.


The UNDP Capacity Development Project for PDHJ will only contact those shortlisted for an interview.


Applications can be submitted until Friday 26 September 2014 – applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


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