Bolsa de Istudu-Chevening in Timor Leste-CD 15 de Novembero de 2014

Chevening Scholarship in Timor-Leste

Chevening Scholarship in Timor-Leste

Chevening in Timor Leste

Chevening Timor-Leste

Chevening Timor-Leste

Applications for 2015/2016 Chevening Scholarships in Timor-Leste are now open, and will close on 15 November at 23:59 GMT.

Chevening Scholarships are awarded to talented professionals who are potential future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers.  The scholarships not only offer financial support to study for a Master’s degree at the UK’s leading universities, but the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global network.

The following awards are available in Timor-Leste

What can I study?

For Chevening Timor-Leste Scholarships, we accept applications from a wide range of subject areas, and particularly welcome applications in the following fields:

  • Conflict Resolution/Prevention
  • Justice Sector Reform
  • Economic Diversification

What does a Chevening Scholarship in Timor-Leste include?

  • A monthly stipend
  • Travel to and from your country via an approved route
  • An arrival and excess baggage allowance
  • A thesis or dissertation grant
  • The cost of an entry clearance visa
  • Tuition fees up to £16,500

There is also a global Chevening fee cap of £13,000 for MBA and Master’s in Finance.  If the tuition fees of your chosen university course exceed this amount, you will be required to fund the remainder of your tuition fees.

How do I apply?

  1. Please read this important information before you apply.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Apply page to submit your application.

The Chevening programme in Timor-Leste is run from the British Embassy in Jakarta. Should you be shortlisted for interview you will be required to travel to Indonesia to attend your interview.


Source–> Chevening Website



3 thoughts on “Bolsa de Istudu-Chevening in Timor Leste-CD 15 de Novembero de 2014

  1. I like this opportunity all i read. hopefuly I get a change to study
    I will do my best for what I wish !
    Thanks for this in formation.

    Futhermore I would like to say I love this opportunty if I get it ,I will always find solution for my studies .

  2. I’ve read this imformation!
    I was really happy when I read this aplication.
    This is good Opportunity for me to add my idea
    And i hope that i can do the best for the agreements,

    Thanksfull for Aplication

  3. Dear Team I have check the website I don’t know when I log into the apply page it doesn’t showed the application page but it said the page is not found.

    I would be very appreciated if someone can help me with this.

    Many Thanks

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