Handicap International-Project Officer (Liquiça)-CD 08 de Setembro de 2014

Handicap International

Handicap International


Handicap International, is an International NGO specialised in the field of disability and development with objective to support people in situations of disability or vulnerability, whatever may be the cause and the environment underlying that situation (extreme poverty, exclusion, deficient social and health systems, serious violation or denial of basic rights, natural disasters, violence and armed conflict). For more information on Handicap International please visit web site at www.handicap-international-id.org

Handicap International (HI) implemented in 2011 a comprehensive assessment process on disability and inclusion in Timor-Leste. It involved DPOs (Disabled People Organizations) established in Timor Leste as well as local and international NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) working for People with Disability (PWD). The National Directorate for Social Assistance of the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) in charge of the inclusion of persons with disabilities at national level as well as the Inclusive Education Unit of the Ministry of Education were also consulted.


On the basis of this process and with the formal recommendation of MSS, HI initiated action through the “Advocating for change” project in two domains:

  • The first is the design, in close collaboration with MSS, of a technical support process for the elaboration of a National Action Plan on Disability supporting the implementation of the National Policy for the Inclusion and Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disability, approved by the Council of Ministries in May 2012.
  • The second is the immediate launching of capacity-building activities for DPOs to become active counterparts for MSS in the implementation of the National Action Plan on Disability.

In 2013, with the active participation of 9 ministries and civil society, and the technical support from Handicap International, MSS completed the elaboration of the National Action Plan on Disability 2014-2018. The Action Plan was validated by all ministries and starts to be implemented through their sectoral plans and budgets in 2014. Simultaneously, Disabled Persons Organizations and local NGOs, worked together to identify and collect good practices for the inclusion of persons with disabilities, and use them to advocate for the effective implementation of the National Action Plan.


Building on the achievements and evaluation this experience, the “Advocacy for Change- phase 2” project combines the continuation of activities at national level towards the implementation of the National Policy, with direct support to individual persons with disabilities in Liquica district, provided by HI and local DPOs:


1/ Technical support to the setting-up of the National Disability Council (CNDPD). The Council is part of the priorities defined under the National Disability Policy of 2012. The project will work with MSS and other actors, to support the creation of the National Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its operational start.


2/ Capacity- building to DPOs in terms of organisational management and coordination so that DPOs function institutionally and technically at national and district level; by strengthening their technical expertise in advocacy and in planning and legislative processes; and by developing and documenting good practices to feed into such advocacy initiatives.


3/ Support to individual persons with disabilities in Liquica, by HI and local DPOs. By developing self-help groups in their sucos and building capacities, these persons will become subjects of change and ultimately gain participation in community activities. In addition, young persons with disabilities will be supported to attend vocational training through access to relevant services and a personal accompaniment.


4/ Support technically selected TVET service providers to develop skills in enrolling and training persons with disabilities. Facilities and tools will be also made accessible to ensure a comprehensive inclusion process and support the promotion of inclusive TVET to other actors.

HI is currently looking for a position for its office in Liquica, Timor Leste:


Position Title             : Project Officer

Location                     : Liquiça, Timor Leste

Closing date              : September 8, 2014



Under the line management of the Project Manager who is based in Dili, the Project  Officer will work closely with the partners of the project in Luquica: Suco leaders, Disabled People Organizations (DPO) and vocational training organizations. S/he will also supervise the Project Facilitator in identifying people with disabilities (PwD) and development of self-help groups of PwD at community level in Liquica.


The tasks required to ensure he/she can meet with the objective of the project are:


  1. Collect baseline data with the target groups and partners
  2. Draft Terms of Reference and budget for activities
  3. Manage and organize awareness-raising sessions, trainings and workshops with communities, DPOs, NGOs and service providers
  4. Organize technical support to Tibar Vocational Training Center for the accessibility of facilities and tools
  5. Supervise the direct support to persons with disabilities and development of self-help groups provided by HI Project Facilitator and partners in Liquica district
  6. To represent the project in front of local partners and authorities in Liquica
  7. Prepare and maintain the partnership relation with third parties/stakeholders
  8. Monitor and report the progress of the activities to his/her line manager (monthly and quarterly reports)
  9. Assist the Project Manager in preparing quarterly and annual report (documented and analyzing findings)
  10. Carry out additional task in line with project’s objectives



DUTY STATION: The Project Officer will be based in Liquica, Timor Leste.




*Bachelor Degree

*Minimum 2 years practical experience in the field of disability & support to civil society

*Minimum 2 years experience working in INGO



* Bachelor Degree in Sociology or any other relevant major

*Experience in local planning process


* Analytical skill


Initial contract will be for a period of 8 months

Handicap International is an equal opportunity employer and

particularly encourages persons with disabilities to apply


Any interested candidates should send their motivation letter together with CV and references less than 200 KB and no later than September 8, 2014 to:


Administrator of Handicap-International

Email to : afctimorjobs@handicap-international-id.org

(please put in reference in Subject: PO – Liquica, Timor Leste)


Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Residents of Liquica will be highly appreciated.


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