CARE TL-ADVERTISING-CD 28 de Agosto de 2014

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste



CARE International in Timor-Leste

National Consultant/ Consulting Firm 

Organization of the First Climate Change Adaptation Conference


CARE International in Timor-Leste on behalf Climate Change Adaptation Working Group (CCA-WG), is looking for an individual consultant or a firm (Timor-Leste nationals, residents or legally registered firms) to organize the First Conference of Climate Change Adaptation: “Learning from each other on how to adapt to climate change”

Individual consultants or firms with proven experience organizing workshops, conferences and/or events, are invited to submit your candidacy. For more information about the scope of the consultancy, please request the TORs from the following e mail address:

The interested consultants or firms should prepare a brief technical and financial proposal (max 2 pages) and submit it together with their personal or institutional CV to the same e mail address ( or at CARE International in Timor-Leste (MAKA’As Project) offices in Bairo Pite, before or on Thursday, 28th of August, 2014.

Only proposals from the individuals or firms that request and respond to the TOR will be considered.



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