ChildFund TL- Consultant CD 23 de Maio de 2014



ChildFund Timor Leste

Terms of Reference for Consultancy


End-of Project Evaluation of the ChildFund Timor-Leste Project: 

Improving Health Outcomes for Children in Covalima District


Supported by ChildFund Australia and AusAID


1.     Invitation


ChildFund Timor-Leste invites Expressions of Interest from selected consultants to lead the end- of-project evaluation of the ChildFund Timor-Leste Maternal Child Health Project in Covalima.


The evaluation will focus on identifying where the project has been successful and where ChildFund can strengthen or enhance its work in this or similar areas. This will include not only the assessment of technical aspects, but also the methodologies/approaches used as well as the ways to mobilise local communities and other stakeholders for project implementation.


ChildFund Timor-Leste is seeking somebody with experience in maternal and child health initiatives in Timor-Leste. The successful consultant should have appropriate knowledge and experience of rural development projects, and demonstrable experience in program monitoring and evaluation.


2.     Background


ChildFund Timor-Leste has worked in the country since 1990. It has been implementing different health-related projects in Timor-Leste since the establishment of its country office.  Currently, it delivers programs in health, education, nutrition, food security, water and sanitation across Bobonaro, Covalima, Lautem, Liquica and Manatuto districts, providing over 200,000 children with the support they need to take greater control of their lives and their future.


ChildFund Timor-Leste’s health program aims to build the capacity of the local and national level Ministry of Health service providers to achieve their national and local health indicators for preventing and treating diseases, to raise awareness on basic health topics at the community level, improve family practices for the prevention of common childhood illnesses, and connect organizations and communities together to promote the health and well-being of Timorese vulnerable Timorese children and their families.  ChildFund Timor Leste manages maternal and child health projects in the above 5 districts through local partners and in Covalima district through this grant. 


This assessment will focus on the project in Covalima entitled “Improving health outcomes for children in Covalima Project”. This project was made possible through the funding support of AusAID through ChildFund Australia.


The project commenced in January of 2011, in 30 villages (sucos) – which are made up of 149 sub-villages (aldeias) of all 7 sub districts of Covalima District. The goal of the project was to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with childhood illnesses. It has two objectives and each objective has corresponding outputs expected to be delivered during the three-year project period.



To increase the knowledge of mothers and community members on prevention of childhood illnesses such as malaria, diarrhoea, and respiratory diseases

·         Output 1.1: Baseline (and Endline) established around knowledge, practice and coverage

·         Output 1.2: Number of communities mobilised and participating

·         Output 1.3: Number of community volunteers identified and trained

·         Output 1.4: Community volunteer outreach undertaken in communities

·         Output 1.5: School children demonstrate improved health knowledge and behaviour

·         Output 1.6: Improved malaria prevention practices for pregnant women and children under five years old



To improve maternal and child health care in 17 health facilities through orientation on community IMCI and enhanced supervision.

·         Output 2.1 : Health workers implement IMCI in villages

·         Output 2.2: Health workers equipped with MCH knowledge and appropriate practice of care for mothers and children

·         Output 2.3: Health workers develop capacity to supervise health facilities and community volunteers

·         Output 2.4: Neglected maternity centres rehabilitated or maintained


ChildFund Timor-Leste and ChildFund Australia is committed to critically evaluating the development interventions it undertakes and to learn from its work on the ground. ChildFund Timor-Leste would like to acquire lessons that would improve its implementation of the same project in Covalima.


Findings from this evaluation will also provide knowledge and information that will be useful to other communities, districts, countries, project stakeholders and other interested organisations. In particular, ChildFund is interested to reflect on which programming techniques contribute to sustainability of programs once NGO intervention has ceased.  The evaluation will also serve as a learning experience for program staff from Timor-Leste.


3. Objectives and Scope of the Evaluation

The overall objective of this evaluation is to assess the extent to which the objectives of the project have been realised; ie. to assess the impact of the 3.5 year MCH project. The evaluation will focus on identifying where the project has been successful and where ChildFund can strengthen or enhance its work in the delivery of health programs. This will include not only the assessment of technical aspects, but also the methodologies/approaches used as well as the ways to mobilise local communities and other stakeholders for project implementation.

The recommendations and findings of this evaluation will be used to guide future ChildFund Timor-Leste health interventions. Specifically, the consultant will:


·         Assess the achievements of the health interventions in Covalima program areas, particularly in relation to improving the health outcomes of children in this project;


·         Analyze changes using the baseline study and endline study on knowledge, practice and coverage (KPC)


·         Analyze reasons for success, and constraints to achieve them, including assessment of technical aspects, the methodologies/approaches used in all steps of the project cycle, and strategies for mobilising different stakeholders in the implementing process to achieve project outputs and desired outcomes;


·         Draw lessons and practical experiences achieved through the implementation of this project and provide recommendations for further improving the quality and impact of ChildFund’s health interventions;


·         Identify mechanisms to sustaining project activities at the village and sub-village levels at the end of the project and ChildFund intervention.


4. Key Tasks:

The key tasks to ensure that the consultant(s) will achieve the above mentioned objectives will be to:

·         Develop an overview of the evaluation approach detailing the process and methodologies to be employed to achieve the objective of the consultancy. It should include field visits, meetings, interview schedules, and important time schedules for the evaluation exercise. This will be presented to ChildFund Management Team for review and further inputs.

·         Undertake desk review of the relevant project documents that include the Project Proposal, Baseline, and, Project Implementation (quarterly and annual) Reports, and any other relevant documents.

·         Design data collection methodology as per policy documents, international evaluation standards and relevant analytical framework(s).

·         Design, develop, critique (with project team) and refine data collection tools including translation to the local language.

·         Analyze the results of the KPC survey carried out by ChildFund Timor Leste team

·         Carry out data collection for the end of project evaluation, entry, processing, and analysis of the findings from the endline evaluation and the baseline and endline KPC surveys.  Finally, write up the report

·         Present draft report to ChildFund management team for first review before producing a second draft

·         Submit a Final Report to ChildFund as stated in the Consultancy Contract.

5. Key Deliverables

The primary deliverable will be a final evaluation report that describes the outcomes, lessons learned from the project and prognosis of the communities’ capacity to ensure adequate levels of health practices post project. The consultant will submit 4 hard bound printed copies and a soft copy of the End-Term Evaluation Report in two (2) CDs. The consultant will also be required to submit to ChildFund all study materials including soft copies of all data sets both quantitative and qualitative, all filled quantitative data collection tools and qualitative data recording materials and any other non-consumable documents/items that will be used in the course of the planned consultancy


The report should be concise and limited to significant issues. The main text should focus on the findings, conclusions and recommendations, supported by relevant summaries of data collected and citations for any references used in interpreting those data. The main text of the report should not exceed 30 pages. Detailed or un-interpreted data or other supporting materials should not be included in the main text, but may be included in an annex where appropriate.


The report should refer to the evaluation TOR and include the following elements:


§  Executive summary of the main findings including the major indicators of the project

§  Background information about the project

§  Original objectives of the project

§  Methodology used

§  Findings and conclusions

§  Recommendations

§  Appendices


The report should also present findings with reference to cross-cutting issues, particularly gender. The emphasis of this report should be on lessons learned and recommendations, drawing out examples of best practice, and identifying strategies for effective health programming in the future.


6. Duration of the Consultancy

ChildFund Timor Leste anticipates all these evaluation processes and tasks will take not more than 20 working days with effect from  (see end note). The Consultant should develop a feasible work plan/activity schedule covering a maximum of 20 days and submit as integral part of the proposal for this consultancy.


7. Requirements for the Consultancy

To successfully undertake this assignment, the Consultant should meet the following minimum requirements:

·         Academic background in health sciences or related fields with a minimum of Masters Degree qualification

·         Vast experience and knowledge in Maternal and Child Health programming and evaluations. Such experience in rural Timor Leste will be an added advantage

·         Experience in using a range of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods

·         Documented experience in participatory project evaluation & gender analysis

·         Strong analytical and report writing skills

·         Demonstrable capacity to deliver high quality outputs within the proposed timeframe.

·         Demonstrated good understanding of Timor-Leste’s development agenda

·         Proficiency in use of computers, especially latest word processing packages and in the use of EPI-Info and/or other statistical packages.

8. Contractual Responsibilities

8.1 The Consultant

The consultant will be responsible for the following:

·         Prepare and deliver the consultancy services as per this TOR

·         Review project reports and other relevant documents

·         Conduct field visits, interview and other evaluation activities. This will be done in consultation and coordination with ChildFund.

·         Obtain maximum input from major stakeholders such as the project participants, community members, project staff and MoH staff at district and other relevant Ministries of the Government of Timor Leste.

·         Write and present a draft (for review by ChildFund)

·         Make a presentation to ChildFund and, to other stakeholders that include community members, collaborators and donor with the help of ChildFund in a feedback session and then incorporate suggestions agreed on in the Final Draft.

·         Write-up and submit the Final End-Term Evaluation Report to ChildFund on or before June 30, 2014 (see end note).

8.2 ChildFund Timor-Leste

ChildFund will make all the necessary travel arrangements to, from and within Timor Leste, including hotels and ground transportation. It will arrange airport pick-ups and translation assistance as needed and will provide full support on the ground in Timor Leste. It will arrange meeting venues, meals and accommodation, required presentation materials, facilities and equipments and access to all necessary project documents.

9. Expression of Interest

A consultant that meets the above requirements and is available within the time period indicated above should submit the following:

·         A capability statement, including a commitment to be available to undertake the entire assignment within the stated timelines

·         An elaborate methodology and detailed evaluation work plan indicating number of days per tasks

·         Curriculum vitae, highlighting relevant qualifications, skills and experience for the consultancy

·         Full contact details of 2 persons who supervised the consultant (s) in 2 similar assignments within the last 3 years. The details should include current telephone contact, e-mail address, title of assignment undertaken by the consultant, dates when the assignment was undertaken and name of the contracting organization

Please send the above documents on or before May 23, 2014  to:

Dr. Geoffrey Ezepue,

National Director

ChildFund Timor-Leste

Rua Governador Lacerda de Maia,

Vila Verde, Dili, Timor Leste

T: +670-3323828


10. Others


10.1 Management and Reporting Arrangements

The consultant will report to ChildFund Timor-Leste Program Manager. All reports must be written in English and provided in an electronic format (Microsoft Word).


10.2 Confidentiality

All discussions and documents, including tender documents, relating to this TOR will be treated as confidential by the parties.



10.3 Child Protection

The consultant will be required to comply with ChildFund Timor-Leste’s Child Protection Policy and to sign the Code of Conduct Undertaking.

10.4 Insurance

The successful applicant will be required to have in place insurance arrangements appropriate to provision of the requirement in this ToR including (without limitation) travel insurance.


10.5 Acknowledgment and disclaimer

ChildFund, its Board and staff make no expression or implied representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained in this ToR. Nothing in this ToR should be construed to give rise to any contractual obligations or rights, expressed or implied, by the issue of this ToR or the submission of an EOI in response to it.  No contract will be created until a formal written contract is executed between ChildFund and a selected consultant.


Note on date and deadlines: the dates stated in the TOR were all in line with the actual field work being carried out in June 2014;  It is preferred to keep the consultancy within 15 working days



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