Fulbright-Scholarship for Advanced Studies in the United States of America – CD April 22, 2014

The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program

Bolsu Estudu ba Estudu avansadu iha Estadus Unidus da Amérika

Embaixada Estadus Unidus iha Dili ho kontente anunsia kompetisaun ba Bolsu de Estudu Fulbright nian ba tinan akademiku 2015-2016.

Programa Fulbright Estudantes ba Rai Liur sei oferese bolsu de estudu ba Timor oan na’in ida atu bele kontinua nia titulu mastradu iha Universidade sira iha Estadus Unidus, nebe sei hahu iha inisiu fulan Augusto tinan 2015. Osan Bolsu de Estudu ne’e kobre mos ba gastus kona ba atu ba no fila husi Estadus Unidus, kustu ba estudu nian no mos livrus, asuransia ba saude nian, hela fatin no hahan.

Prazu atu hatama aplikasaun mak iha loron Tersa-Feira, 22 Abril, 2014 tuku 5 lorokraik. Informasaun kompletu no formuláriu aplikasaun no instrusaun bele hetan iha Embaixada Estadus Unidus Dili ou bele mos dowloand iha Embaixada Estadus Unidus nia sítiu internet ou facebook. Bele mos kompleta formuláriu aplikasaun online ihahttps://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/international/20

Ba informasaun kompletu, imi bele haruka email ba iha FulbrightTimorLeste@state.gov ou hare Embaixada Estadus Unidus nia website iha; http://timor-leste.usembassy.gov/scholarship-and-exchange-programs.html ou bele mos telefone ba iha númeru telefone 3324684 Ext: 2035.


Scholarship for Advanced Studies in the United States of America

The United States Embassy in Dili is pleased to announce the opening of the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Competition for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program will award one Fulbright scholarship for Timorese citizens to pursue master’s degrees at a U.S. university, beginning in August 2015. The grant covers expenses incurred for travel to and from the United States, tuition and books, health insurance, and room and board.

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The deadline for submission of applications is Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 05:00pm. Complete information and application forms and instructions can be picked up at the U.S. Embassy or downloaded from U.S. Embassy Dili Website or Facebook page. The application can also be completed online at https://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/international/20/.

for further information you can email FulbrightTimorLeste@state.gov, check out the U.S. Embassy website at http://timor-leste.usembassy.gov/scholarship-and-exchange-programs.html, or call 3324684 Ext: 2035.

Scholarships and Exchange Programs

The Fulbright Program was established in the United States in 1946 and aims to strengthen understanding and communication between the United States and other nations by funding a variety of educational exchanges. The Program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. The Program has brought some of the world’s finest minds to U.S. campuses and offers Program participants insights into U.S. society anf values. Many foreign Fulbright grantees are early-career professionals who will return to take leadership positions in their home countries.

The Fulbright-SERN Graduate Scholarship is an addition to the traditional Fulbright Graduate Scholarship Program in Timor-Leste with the support of the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture. [PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULBRIGHT-SERN WILL NOT BE AWARDED IN 2014 (for scholarships beginning in 2015); PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE FOR UPDATES FOR NEXT YEAR.]

  • The Fulbright Graduate Scholarship Program awards one (1) scholarship annually to a promising Timorese citizen to pursue postgraduate study (Master’s or PhD degree) in any field.
  • The Fulbright-SERN Graduate Scholarship Program, supported by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MPRM) and the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture will award up to seven (7) scholarships for Timorese citizens to pursue Master’s and Doctoral degrees in fields of study related to the natural resources and energy sector. [PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULBRIGHT-SERN WILL NOT BE AWARDED IN 2014 (for scholarships beginning in 2015); PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE FOR UPDATES FOR NEXT YEAR’S AWARDS.]

You may only apply for one award, and should apply for the award most relevant to your proposed field of study. Your application may, at the discretion of the selection panel, also be considered for another of our graduate awards providing you meet the criteria of that award.

Students selected for both programs will begin their academic programs in U.S. universities the following year. The grants cover expenses incurred for travel to and from the United States, tuition and books, health insurance, and room and board.

To be eligible, you must:

  • have completed the equivalent of four years full-time study at tertiary level and obtained a bachelor’s degree by the time you take up your award, but not yet hold a doctoral degree;
  • plan to undertake full-time postgraduate study or research at a U.S. institution for a period of the award; and
  • meet the citizenship requirements for this award.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue studies as medical students are not eligible. Candidates with medical degrees may receive awards for advanced academic study, but not for internships or residencies. Awards shall not authorize activity for which a license to practice medicine or nursing is required.
  • Preference for Fulbright graduate awards is given to candidates who have not previously received a Fulbright graduate award.

Application Information

The U.S. Embassy in Timor-Leste will announce the opening of the Fulbright and Fulbright-SERN Foreign Student Program Scholarship Competitions each year in March and the closing date is in April.

During the open application period, complete information and application forms and instructions can be picked up at the U.S. Embassy in Dili or downloaded from the U.S. Embassy Dili website: http://timor-leste.usembassy.gov or Facebook page:www.facebook.com/USEmbassyDili. You can also emailFulbrightTimorLeste@state.gov or call 3324684 for further information.

For program application and letter of recommendation forms click on the following links:

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program and Fulbright SERN scholarship applications can also be completed online at the Embark website:

Citizenship Requirements

You are eligible to apply for this award if you:

  • are a Timorese citizen;
  • and are not a permanent resident or citizen of the US;
  • and are not currently living in the US.

Award Conditions:

  • Your award must be approved by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board in Washington, DC;
  • Your award is conditional on acceptance into an approved institution and course of study or research;
  • Your award must be taken up in the American academic year following official confirmation of the award,
  • You will be required to undertake a full medical examination before applying for your visa;
  • Fulbright grantees must travel to the US on an Exchange Visitor (J) non-immigrant visa. A requirement of this visa is that you must return to your home country for a cumulative total of two years at the end of your exchange visitor program before becoming eligible to apply to live in the US. This home-country foreign residency requirement is in keeping with the philosophy of the Fulbright exchange program, that you return to Timor-Leste to share your experiences. Note that you will not be prohibited from travelling to the U.S. for short-term visits on a non-immigrant visa.

Source –> http://timor-leste.usembassy.gov/fulbright-program.html

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