CARDNO PNDS –Regulatory-Business Process Adviser (GfD)-CD 1 December 2013



Regulatory-Business Process Adviser (GfD)

Job Reference Number

​EMR/DP/GfD/Regulatory-Business Adviser

Job Type

International Development Assistance/Emerging Markets



Job Location

Asia; Australasia; Timor Leste; Dili

Job Summary

​Interim Government for Development Support Services for Timor-Leste (IGDSS)

Regulatory/Business Process Adviser to the Autoridade Nacional de Communicações (ANC)
Program Background:
Cardno Emerging Markets is implementing the Governance for Development (GfD) Interim Support Services program on behalf of the Australian Government. The Australian Government is currently undertaking design of new program of support for Timor-Leste, the Governance for Development (GfD) program. GfD focuses upon:
  • Good public sector management to enable growth and delivery of services that meet Timor-Leste’s development needs.
In order to continue strong engagement from Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) stakeholders throughout the design process and to maintain momentum in relation to successful activities that are currently being implemented under these programs, an interim program phase (called GfD Interim Support Services) commenced in August 2012. This interim phase is expected to operate until the commencement of the new GfD program in late 2013.
The interim program activities need to meet several objectives. These include:
  • ongoing implementation of the activities that have been partially delivered to date under the programs outlined above;
  • implementation of additional activities as identified during the interim phase;
  • maintenance and further development of Australian Government relationships with the GoTL and other Timorese stakeholders; and
  • contribution towards the content and approach of the new GfD design. This includes a particular emphasis on strong ownership of the new governance program by the GoTL.
​Cardno is recruiting a Regulatory/Business Process Adviser to the ANC to work on the IGDSS program.

Under the Telecommunications Decree-law, Autoridade Nacional de Communicações’ (ANC) functions and duties will include:
  1. carrying into effect the objective and provisions of the Telecommunications Decree-law;
  2. monitoring and regulating the Timor-Leste telecommunications sector under the Telecommunications Decree-law;
  3. advising the Minister in connection with Government policies relating to telecommunications;
  4. managing the registration of persons wishing to provide telecommunications services and operate telecommunications networks and granting radio spectrum licences;
  5. monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Telecommunications Decree-law and regulatory measures made under it;
  6. resolving disputes among and between service providers;
  7. managing, allocating, assigning radio spectrum, numbers and other scarce resources;
  8. representing the Government on matters pertaining to regional and international telecommunications organisations and obligations; and
  9. performing such other functions and duties and exercising such other powers as are assigned to or conferred upon the ANC under the Telecommunications Decree-Law or any other law or decree-law.
The Government of Timor-Leste is seeking an experienced Regulatory/Business Process Specialist familiar with the telecom regulatory system to provide, in concert with other advisers and under the guidance of the Principal Adviser, strategic advice and operational support to the ANC toward the objectives of establishing the institution of the ANC.

Key Responsibilities

The Regulatory/Business Process Adviser will lead the design and development of operational flows and systems processes for the effective discharge of ANC’s statutory functions and duties based on the requirements of the laws and the best practices of modern regulatory framework and systems.
The main responsibilities include applying a structured process management approach to identify and define ANC’s processes and procedures, developing performance metrics, obtaining approvals, implementing the processes and procedures, and providing consultation and training to relevant regulatory units about the new or improved processes and procedures. Other duties may be assigned.
The range of regulatory processes will encompass but not be limited to licensing, certification, compliance, complaint handling and reporting as well as supporting processes such as accounting, recruitment, and internal documentation.
Selection Criteria
  • Four (4) to eight (8) years of regulatory/business process management or related experience.
  • Excellent understanding of business processes of a regulatory body, in particular, a telecom regulator.
  • Demonstrated experience of developing regulatory processes for a telecom regulator.
  • Experience in managing processes and delivering on strategic initiatives.
  • Project management, including: project planning; project coordination; ability to communicate changes and progress in a project; timely project completion and within budget.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work well in a team environment.
Position details
Commencement: January or February 2014
Duration: 5 or 6 months (depending on the start date), with the possibility of a 6 month extension.
For a full Position Descriptions, downland the Terms of Reference here​.

Other Requirements

Employee Benefits

Remuneration: This position will be remunerated in line with the Australian Government Adviser Remuneration Framework.  It is designated as level C2/C3 (long term) within that framework.


Applicants are required to submit the following:
  • Response to each of the Selection Criteria above;
  • A current CV;
  • copies of relevant qualifications; and
  • names of two (2) referees.
These should be submitted by email to  on or before midnight Dili Time (GMT +9) on 1 December 2013.

Source–>CARDNO Website


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