CARDNO PNDS – Finance Officer- CD 22 November 2013




Job Title: PNDS – Finance Officer


Job Reference Number

Position no. SS22

Job Type

Locally Engaged Staff (Timor-Leste nationals only)




Job Location: Australasia; Timor-Leste; Dili


Job Summary

The Programa Nasional Dezenvolvimentu Suku (PNDS), or National Program for Village Development, is a new, nation-wide community development program of the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL). Launched in June 2012 and valued at $300 million over eight years from 2014, it will contribute to rural development by funding the ‘missing link’ to services – basic village infrastructure – and provide jobs and training.

The Government will provide each village with an annual grant of around US$50,000 to plan, construct and manage their own small scale infrastructure projects.

An Inter-Ministerial Committee and Technical Working Group, representing key ministries (Finance, State Administration, Health, Education, Agriculture, Public Works and the National Development Agency), are being established to oversee the implementation of PNDS. A PNDS Secretariat within the Ministry of State Administration supports these bodies and is responsible for the implementation of PNDS.


The Australian Government is assisting the Government of Timor-Leste to develop the PNDS through the PNDS Support Program managed by Cardno Emerging Markets.


We currently have a vacancy for the position of Finance Officer.


Key Responsibilities

  • Assist with financial disbursements to ensure all expenditure is in accordance with the operations manual, approved policies, procedures and guidelines, and are recorded in the cashbook.
  • Using Excel, assist with the monitoring of program expenditure against budget line items.
  • Assist the Finance Manager to develop financial reports and provide advice, particularly in areas relating to expenditure and forecasts.
  • Perform monthly reconciliation of accounts as required.

  • Administer cash on hand (e.g. petty cash) and ensure it is fully accounted for and reconciled with financial statements.
  • Monitor operational advances to ensure timely acquittals.
  • Maintain the accounts filing system to ensure it is efficient and orderly and enables information to be retrieved efficiently.
  • Record proper coding and accounting treatment of all financial transactions.
  • Manage procurement and value for money calculations of program assets, recurring office supplies, travel and per diems.


The Terms of Reference and Selection Criteria for the Finance Officer can be found by clicking on the link: Terms of Reference.


Other Requirements

Please click on the Terms of Reference for selection criteria and how to apply.


Employee Benefits

To be contracted to August 2014.



a) By email: email your application with the reference “SS22 – Finance Officer” in the subject line to


For further information about this position:

Email with the reference “SS22 – Finance Officer” in the subject line.


Closing date: 22 November 2013, 5.00pm Dili time.

Late applications will not be considered.



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