Ministerio das Financas-BOLSA DE ISTUDU-CD 11 of October 2013



Ministry of Finance Accountancy Scholarships
Democratic Republic of Timor Leste


The objective of the Ministry of Finance Accountancy Scholarship (MoFAS) is to strengthen the
profession of accountancy and public sector financial management in Timor-Leste.
The scholatrship is available to all citizens of Timor-Leste.
The program is being developed and delivered in cooperation with Flinders University, in Adelaide,
Australia. The University will lead the scholarship selection of candidates and report to Ministry of
Finance on its final outcome. The scholarship selection is expected to be conducted in fourth week of
October 2013.

Type, Level and Number of Scholarships
The MoFAS will provide up to 4 scholarships for undergraduate study leading to a Bachelor’s degree in
accounting or accounting practice.
A balance will be sought in the number of awards offered to men and women.

The Application Process
All applicants must present a written application in English in which they clearly explain their reasons
for applying for the MoFAS and how they will be able to contribute to the development of Ti mor-Leste.
The application must be written in English.
Other required documents are: a curriculum vitae (CV) and certified copies of the following supporting
• Your RDTL birth certificate or passport,
• Contact details: e-mail and mobile number
• Academic transcripts from senior high school
• Senior high school Certificate or equivalent
• A letter of endorsement of good personal conduct from the principal of the School/equivalent
• A letter of endorsement of no criminal records from the Police
• Current employment details (if any)
• Evidence of current English language proficiency (If any) and
• Engl ish translations of these documents.

Download the DETAILS here–>DETAILS


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2 thoughts on “Ministerio das Financas-BOLSA DE ISTUDU-CD 11 of October 2013

  1. O anúncio é feito por um Ministério de Timor, um país da CPLP, no qual o português é, também, língua oficial. Não se compreende, então, o uso da língua inglesa…a menos, é claro, que Timor, sem ninguém dar por isso, tenha perdido a independência…!!!!!

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