Australian Volunteer-Administration Management Systems Mentor-CD 6 October 2013



Administration Management Systems Mentor

Dili, Timor-leste

·         Do you have a strong belief in human and constitutional rights in an emerging democracy?

  • Can you provide skills in the fields of finance, HR, staff training and general administration?

Founded in 2009 as a result of the security crisis in 2006, the mission of  Fundasun Mahein (FM) is to assist in increasing the legitimacy and capacity of the Timorese security sector through citizen participation in the development of relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

With just 11 staff members they have been making a remarkable contribution, with examples of activities including:

  • Reports and commentary on the policy, legislation and budgets associated with the security sector.  Includes daily debate blog; weekly information & monitoring blog; biweekly topical analysis articles; quarterly strategic papers.
  • Creation of a website to act as a platform for FM-produced material in addition to an archive of reports, papers and scanned newspaper articles relevant to the security sector from other sources

The organisation has requested an Australian Volunteer to work with them to:

  • Strengthen existing and/or establish new financial, human resource, logistic and general administration systems suitable for a small organisation
  • Provide mentoring and training to the administrative staff to develop their capacity and confidence to independently manage the administration systems (financial, human resource, logistic and general administration) to support the organisation

To meet the needs of the Director and staff, the volunteer will bring with them well developed skills in the various components of administration and management systems of a small to medium organisation – financial, human resources, logistics and general administrative.

In addition to professional expertise, volunteers need skills in training & developing others, applied awareness and sensitivity to cross-cultural communication, patience, tolerance and flexibility. They manage with good humour the daily challenges of working with very limited resources.

If this request sounds like a good match for your skills and interest, please download the detailed Position Description from the link below:

ContactFor enquiries, please contact Paul O’Hare on 61 3 9279 1784, or email All applications must be submitted online.

Pre-departure briefing

You must be available to attend a pre-departure briefing in Melbourne on 11-13 December 2013.



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