BESIK-Sanitation Planning and Training Officer-CD August 26, 2013




BESIK Vacancy Announcement:

Position: Sanitation Planning and Training Officer 

The Bee, Saneamentu no Ijene iha Komunidade Phase 2 (BESIK 2), is four-years program funded by the Government of Australia through AusAID to provide assistance to the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (GoTL) for the development of rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene (RWASH) activities in Timor-Leste. Main partners of BESIK are: Ministry of Health (for the ‘demand’ side of sanitation effort) and Ministry of Public Works (Supply side of Sanitation effort). Approaching Sanitation intervention by strengthening Demand, Supply and Enabling Environment, planning and capacity building are important elements of the program.

As part of the planning effort, BESIK has been supporting DNSB and Ministry of Health in developing National Sanitation Strategic Plan as well as Strategic Plan for the 12 districts. A pilot planning process has been done in the district of Liquica, and an international consultant is being engaged in developing plans for all the districts, as well as finalization of national plan. These developed plans will further be socialized, and discussed with stakeholders in each district including ensuring the ownership and further implementation.

Furthermore, to show its commitment towards Sanitation development in Timor Leste, National Director of Basic Sanitation is recruiting Sanitation Officers. These 12 officers will be placed in their respected district and will be responsible for sanitation related works in the district, including supporting development of Sanitation Marketing, provided technical designs of sanitations, coordination and other sanitation related work, both in urban as well as rural area.

To ensure good capacity of these officers, a training program will be developed and implemented to sanitation officers, before their deployment. Training program will be arranged with an accredited training institution and will be a 6 months program, some of which involve the actual work of officers in the field. This training program will include an evaluation and monitoring by the training institution.
In ensuring an effective implementation of these activities, a national will be recruited to be working with BESIK and DNSB.

Responsible to: BESIK Sanitation Advisor 
Works with: BESIK Sanitation team, Chief of Department of Basic Sanitation DNSB, Sanimentors, CDOs, M&E Adviser and Social Inclusion Adviser 
Duration: Commencing September 2013 – 1 year contract
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste with regular travel to the Districts

Key tasks for the position 

  •  Working with DNSB to support implementation of Sanitation District Plan socialization
  •  Support Sanitation Policy Consultant when necessary in preparation as well as implementation of strategic plans, including data gathering and follow ups with district as well as national stakeholders
  • Arrange workshops, meetings at national as well as at district levels in regards to strategic planning processes
  •  Support DNSB and BESIK in ensuring compilation of plan, including binding of district plans
  •  Working with DNSB and BESIK in ensuring effective development of training program, including module development by training institution
  •  Ensuring an effective logistic arrangement for the sanitation officers during training in Tibar, Liquica
  •  Effective and timely reporting
  • Education Skills and Experience Required:
  • • This position is only open for Timorese nationals
  • • Hold a Strata-1 (Bachelor degree) education diploma in related field: Political science, Social science and other sanitation related field
  •  Demonstrated experience in a relevant field: Capacity building, workshop development, training
  •  Demonstrated experience in strategic plan development
  •  Demonstrated experience in capacity building programing
  •  Demonstrated experience effectively supporting government
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively with stakeholders, both at national and district level
  •  Strategic planning skills; and
  •  Facilitation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Desirable:
  •  Experience working in the Sanitation and Hygiene sector in Timor-Leste.
  • Personal attributes
  •  Demonstrable capacity to work well with others particularly peers in team settings and informal situations;
  • Ability to work to achieved a planned targets
  • Desirable behaviours including openness, cooperation, a focus on the wider goals, and able to handle conflict appropriately and constructively;
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, discipline and patience; and
  • Commitment to engaging communities and civil society in processes leading to policy and operational reforms.


Please send your application to BESIK Office, Rua Jacinto Candido, Caicoli Dili,Timor Leste, or by email to Mr. Aleixo da Cruz at by August 26, 2013



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