Timor-Leste English Language Program (ETELP)-English Language Teacher Trainer (EXTENDED) – CD 03 de Dezembro de 2014

Timor-Leste English Language Program (ETELP)

Timor-Leste English Language Program (ETELP)

Vacancy for English Language Teacher Trainer

Timor-Leste English Language Program (ETELP), funded by Australian Aid, has a vacancy for an in-service Teacher Trainer to start in January 2015 on a one-year contract.

ETELP, in collaboration with UNTL-FEAH, INFORDEPE and INDMO, is currently delivering an in-service training program for English teachers in secondary schools in Ainaro and Manufahi. The program is prepared in Dili with regular intensive teaching visits to the districts.


The Trainer will undergo a two-month training and probation period before assuming duties as a Master Trainer in March 2015.



  • Open to Timorese nationals only
  • Bachelor Degree, in English, English Education or Education
  • At least 1 years’ teaching experience.
  • High level of proficiency in English (IELTS 5.0 or equivalent)
  • Basic computer skills (MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel) with willingness to expand IT skills
  • 2 x references
  • Willingness to travel regularly to districts
  • Maximum age 35
  • Good health (doctor’s certificate)


Desired Qualities:

  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Dedicated to communicative and student-centred English language teaching
  • Familiar with the new Timor-Leste National Curriculum for English


Interested applicants should send a letter of application, a current CV, and contact information for 2 references to:

      Mr. Julio Pereira Martins, INSET Manager

     Email: julianto_17@yahoo.com

     ETELP Office: UNTL-FEAH, Liceu Dr. Francisco Machado, Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Dili

Deadline for Applications: Wednesday 3rd December 2014.


Please note that referees who have observed teaching performance are preferred. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview in December 2015.


Final selection will be based on:

  • Interview
  • English Proficiency Test
  • English Teaching tasks

Care TL-Fasilitador-CD 27 de Dezembro de 2014

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste



Eksternalmente & Internalmente

CARE International iha Timor-Leste – CITL


Projetu                                  : UDNP-SSRI

Pozisaun                                : Fasilitador

Grau                                       : E

Salario                                    : $365.00 kada fulan plus benefisio seluk tan

Fatin Servisu                         : Liquica, Ermera no Baucau

Relatorio ba                          : National Programa Manager

Periodu kontratu                 : Dezembru 2014 to’o Abril 2015


CARE nudar organizasaun Internatinal Umanitariu, ho visaun atu haforsa feto no labarik feto sira atu luta hasoru moris mukit no lori mudansa iha ikus ba sira nia komunidade. Ami servisu iha nasaun liu husi 80 iha mundo ne’e. Ami servisu ho parseiro atu realiza resultadu ikus atu marjinaliza ba komunidade.

CARE ninia patriomoniu boot-liu maka ema sira. CARE International iha Timor LEste (CITL) iha ekipa oi-oin ho profisionais sira nebe’e iha dedikasaun no talentu no servisu hamutuk hodi fo impaktu ba tempu naruk nian.

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CARDNO PNDS –Training Development Adviser-CD 10 de Dezembro de 2014



PNDS – Training Development Adviser


Job Reference Number

Position no. PC30

Job Type

Locally Engaged Staff




Job Location

Australasia; Timor-Leste; Dili

Job Summary

Cardno Emerging Markets is seeking energetic and enthusiastic candidates to work as part of a team of highly skilled as part of the PNDS Support Program.

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EIROS GROUP – Quatro Pocicoes (Re-Advertised) – CD 28 de Novembro de 2014

 Eiros Group

Eiros Group




 Position  Download TOR  Closing Date
 Admin and Finance Job Vacancy Admin and Finance Job Vacancy  28 de Novembro de 2014
 Executive Secretary Job Vacancy  Executive Secretary Job Vacancy  28 de Novembro de 2014
 Research and Business Deveolpment Job Vacancy  Research and Business Deveolpment Job Vacancy 28 de Novembro de 2014
 RECEPTIONIST  Recepsionist Job Vacancy 28 de Novembro de 2014

The Asia Foundation-Sub-awards and Compliance Manager-CD 05 de Dezembro de 2014

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

Job Advertisement

Title                            : Sub-awards and Compliance Manager

Program                     : Finance Unit

Unit                             : Timor-Leste Office

Supervises                  : Program Finance Staff

Reports to                  : Finance Manager

Contract Duration    : 1 year (full time), with possibility for extension based on funding


Summary of position

Under the direction of the Finance Manager, the Sub-awards and Compliance Manager (hereon after the “incumbent”) will manage an assigned portfolio of grants/sub-awards from proposal, post award to closeout; ensure full compliance of all grants/sub-awards with donor regulations; oversee monitoring and financial reporting of partners; oversee grant/sub-award payments; provide training and capacity building to partners; manage 4 program finance staff and coordinate with programs, grants, finance and management teams.


Internal Foundation Contacts

Daily contact with the Finance Manager, program finance staff and program staff.  Regular contact with relevant Foundation staff as needed.


External Contacts

Regular contact with local partners


Job responsibilities

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Plan International in Timor-Senior Education Program Manager-CD 09 de Dezembro de 2014

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Vacancy Announcement

Plan International in Timor-Leste

Senior Education Program Manager


Plan International in Timor-Leste is growing! We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated Timorese national development professionals interested in careers with a major international children’s NGO.



Plan, one of the world’s largest children’s INGOs, works with children and poor communities in 48 developing countries.

Plan has been working in Timor-Leste since 2001, helping children and youth to access their rights to education, health, livelihoods and protection.

Plan has no religious or political aims or affiliations. Visit www.plan-international.org  and/or

http://plan-international.org/where-we-work/asia/timor-leste, for more information;


Plan is an equal opportunity employer and this position is open to Timorese National only. We strongly encourage applications from women, members of ethnic groups and people with disabilities. Plan offers competitive salaries and long-term employment opportunities for all posts.


The Program;

Plan Timor-Leste’s Education Program, comprised of an ECCD Project, Inclusive Education Project and a future Basic Education Project, focuses on Aileu Districts and Maubisse Sub-District. The Program also initiates and supports education and child development related research. Managers and staff contribute to national level basic education, ECCD and inclusive education policy and practice development. Plan aims to strengthen gender equality in education and safe, non-violent school, community and home environments for children.


Dimensions of Role:

Financial measures or statistics relevant to post such as budget; list of direct and indirect reports

·         Member of Country Management Team

·         Supervises 2-3 Project Managers

·         Manages relationships with NGO partners

·         Responsible for budget of $500,000+ per year

·         Manages narrative reporting to donors

·         Manages relationships with Plan Finland, Plan Germany and Plan Australia

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STVJ Camea – Tres Pocicoes – CD 05 de Dezembro de 2014




Rua :Camea, Haslaran, klinikaBecoraniasorin – Dili, Timor Leste     Mobile ; +670 77246037    ,  Email: stvj.camea@gmail.com




STVJ CAMEA hanesan sentru formasaun professional n’ebe durante ne’e  servisu hamutuk ho guvernu TL no mos  parseiru internasional sira hodi halo formasaun professional ba Juventude sira nomos formador sira iha TL laran tomak.

Agora dadaun STVJ Camea persija ema nain tolu (3) pozisaun (2) ba formador (interna ba ema nain ida no externa ba ema nain ida), no pozisaun (1) ba servisu administrasaun finansa.

Rekerimentu principal ba formador:

  1. Lisensiatura/finalist iha area edukasaun ka ekivalente (ba formador)
  2. Iha sertifikadu III ka IV konaba formasaun no avaliasaun (prioridade)
  3. Iha esperiensia minimu fulan neen hanorin ka halo formasaun
  4. Hatene koalia, le’e no hakerek baziku ba lian Ingles no Portugues
  5. Atitude professional hanesan formador
  6. Hatene uza komputador iha programa office

Rekerimentu ba Administrasaun Finansa:

  1. Lisensiatura/ finalist iha jestaun finansa ka administrasaun
  2. Iha esperiensia minimu fulan neen iha area refere
  3. Hatene uja komputador iha programa office excel no data base
  4. Hatene koalia, le’e no hakerek baziku iha lian ingles
  5. Atitude professional


Ba maluk sira nebe’e iha interese, bele submete CV no karta aplikasaun ba iha enderesu STVJ Camea nian iha Clinika Becora nia Sorin  to’o data limita 05/12/2014. Ami sei fornese salariu nebe’e sufisiente ba ita bo’ot  sira nia servisu. Ami enkoraza no fo prioridade mos ba maluk feto sira.


Prosesu rekrutamentu:

  1. Submete CV no karta aplikasaun tuir data nebe iha hahu husi 18/11/2014 to’o 05/12/2014
  2. Liu selesaun ba CV no karta aplikasaun
  3. Sei tuir prosesu selesaun intervista
  4. Kompleta kna’ar probatoriu iha sentru masimu fulan tolu.

Bele kontaktu liu husi Email iha leten ou HP iha leten.

CARDNO PNDS –Field Support Team Coordinator-CD 05 Dezembro 2014



PNDS – Field Support Team Coordinator

Job Reference Number

Position no. PC41

Job Type

Locally Engaged Staff



Job Location

Australasia; Timor-Leste; Dili

Job Summary

Cardno Emerging Markets is seeking energetic and enthusiastic candidates to work as part of a team of highly skilled as part of the PNDS Support Program.

The Programa Nasional Dezenvolvimentu Suku (PNDS), or National Program for Village Development, is a new, nation-wide community development program of the Government of Timor-Leste. Launched in June 2012 and valued at $300 million over eight years from 2014, it will contribute to rural development by funding the ‘missing link’ to services – basic village infrastructure – and provide jobs and training. The Government will provide each village with an annual grant of around US$50,000 to plan, construct and manage their own small scale infrastructure projects.

An Inter-Ministerial Committee and Technical Working Group have been established to develop PNDS, representing key ministries (Finance, State Administration, Health, Education, Agriculture, Public Works and the National Development Agency).

PNDS Secretariat within the Ministry of State Administration supports these bodies and is responsible for the implementation of PNDS.

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Care TL-Policy Analysis Consultant-CD 03 de Dezembro de 2014

CARE International in Timor Leste

CARE International in Timor Leste


Job title Policy Analysis Consultant
Organisation CARE International in Timor Leste
Location Dili, Timor-Leste
Application deadline Dec. 03, 2014
Type of Contract Consultancy
Language(s) required English required; Tetum preferred
Applications sent to Teresa.Barros@careint.org
Starting Date January 2015
Duration of the contract 16 working days before the end of January 2015

CARE Internasional iha Timor-Leste agora ne’e dadaun implementa programa ida ne’ebé mak hanaran Programa Pilotu Prevensaun Husik Eskola (Programa PPHE). Projeitu ne’e hala’o iha tinan tolu nia laran, no hetan fundus husi Povu Amerikanu liu husi Ajensia Estadus Unidos ba Dezenvolvimentu Internasional (USAID), ne’ebé mak ho nia objetivu atu hadia efektivu husi programa prevensaun husik hela eskola iha nasaun haat iha Asia.


Relatoriu no supervizaun:

Xefe da Ekipa (Team Leader) sei halo relatoriu ba Diretor Projeto nian.



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Moris Rasik NGO-Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Staff- CD 25 de Novembro de 2014






Titulu Servisu: Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Staff

(Total nesesidade Official ema nai’n rua ba Internal & Eksternal)

Fatin Servisu:  Dili – no halao viagen ba Distritu

Relata Ba: Manajer


Moris  Rasik (MR) stabelese  iha  fulan  Novembru  tinan  2000  hanesan  instituisaun  mikro  finansas  ida ne’ebé laos hetan lukru maibe fo atensaun liu ba rai osan no oferese kreditu osan ba feto kiak no feto faluk sira  iha  area  rural  iha  Timor-Leste.  MR iha staff ho total hamutuk 135 ne’ebé distribui iha edefisiu sentral Dili no distrito 12 iha Timor-Leste laran tomak.


Kona-ba Servisu

MR agora buka hela Oficial Dezenvolvimentu Staf nain rua (2) atu servisu hamutuk ho Manajer  Dezenvolvimentu Staf no advisor. Servisu ida ne’e inkluimos prepara no dezenvolve kurikulu no oferesse treinamettu ba staf MR hotu ne’ebé sei oferese husi Manajer no advisor ho ninia grupu iha SDU laran.

Fo konsiderasaun hodi gasta tempu barak liu sai husi Dili ba visita iha kualker eskritoriu (eskritorio MR iha distritu hamutuk 12 iha Timor laran tomak) ne’ebé MR iha inklui mos hela iha distrito kalan ida ka liu kalan ida depende ba nesesidade servisu ne’ebé iha.


Kona-ba Kna’ar no Responsablidade

  • Dezenvolve treinamentu
  • Fo treinamentu ba malu (iha internal SDU nian)
  • Hamutuk ho Manajer no adviser, dezenvolve matadalan treinamentu nian bazea ba nesesidade Moris Rasik
  • Fo treinamentu ba staf SDU inklui mos staf regional, manager sira no staf edefisiu sentral (HO)
  • Halo monitorizasaun ba dezenvolvementu staf unidade (SDU) nia inkluimos staf regional no staf edefisiu sentral (HO).
  • Kna’ar seluk direitamente ho Manajer Dezenvolvimentu Staf




  • Iha kapasidade komunikasaun nian
  • Iha kapasidade halo observasaun profesional
  • Iha kapasidade servisu iha team no kria team work ne’ebé solido iha SDU laran
  • Iha konsensia atu aprende ba malu
  • Iha kapasidade fo empatia ba staf (komprende nia valor)
  • Iha kapasidade hodi analisa (problema, dadus n.s.s.t.)
  • Hanoin ne’ebé hatudu ho hahalok kona-ba pro-ativu (Maneja aan rasik)
  • Iha vontade no hetan fiar atu oferese buat foun (treinamentu) ba staf ho posisaun ne’ebé a’as lui nia (la sente moe ka tauk)
  • Prontu servisu iha distritu pelumenus ho tempu 60%
  • Iha kapasidade uza komputador (liuliu Ms.Word & Excel)
  • Iha karta kondusaun ba motorizada (SIM)

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